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Author:  Brad [ Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

Any information about Blacks Beach (clothing optional beach near San Diego). Directions, logistics, climate, reviews, ratings, warnings, discussions and experiences intended to provide potential travelers with information as to what can be expected and when they should go.


Black's Beach is a secluded section of beach beneath 300-foot high bluffs of Torrey Pines on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, (San Diego) California, United States. It has seen nude usage since the 1960s and is still one of the largest, most used clothing-optional beaches in the Americas. For many years, nude usage was also enjoyed on the beach portion owned by the City of San Diego, which abuts the southern boundary of the State-owned beach located about 100 yards south of the Glider Port trail head (usually marked by traffic cones). However, in the late 1990s, conservative politicians began to enforce the City's anti-nudity laws, so if you now wander onto the City portion of the beach, at the very lease you'll be warned by the beach patrol, or worse, receive a citation. But the portion of the beach wherein full nudity is allowed is almost a two mile stretch, so you have plenty of space to go nude if you like.

Aerial View of Blacks Beach


I have seen published reports indicating that "thousands" go to Blacks on a sunny summer weekend, with one claiming that there were as many as 40,000 one weekend for a protest in the 1970s. But this is untrue, and cautions us against believing reports where the number of beach-goers are "estimated". On one busy summer holiday weekend, I did a very rough head count walking the entire 2-mile stretch. I counted, roughly, about 600 people. With people coming and going during the day, there were probably over 1,000 going on the busiest day of the summer. I'm guessing that, on average, about half that many are typically there on a typical warm summer weekend. Large crowds continue through mid October.

The gender ratio is a negative for Blacks. On average, over 80+% are male, many of whom are there just to gawk and walk up and down the beach (remaining clothed) gawking at any nude female flesh they can find. Because of this, those females that go are often inclined to leave their clothes/swimsuits on. But for the CFNM enthusiasts, it's not necessarily bad to have females going to this beach for solely for the intent to look at naked male flesh. One Yelp review from a woman named Angelina is fairly accurate in describing the environment:


The greatest concentration of clothed females is found in the 100 yard stretch south of the Glider Port trail, where it is no uncommon to see multiple groups of young females keeping their suits on yet surrounded by many naked men laying out side-by-side. Further north, you'll encounter both clothed and nude females, with clothed females being higher in numbers with the exception of the stretch where the locals hang out. In that stretch you'll find the highest concentration of nudists, both male and females. A few hundred yards to the north it begins to get less populated with unoccupied stretches even on the busiest days, until you arrive at the gay stretch. The gay stretch usually has about 150+ people, about 95% being male with about half being nude. It is also not uncommon to see a single or couple of females hanging out on this stretch - there to see the bevy of young naked hunks, albeit gay men.

For CFNM enthusiasts, Blacks offers one of the best opportunities to experience what it is like to be stark naked laying out and walking about amidst plenty of young females wearing sexy two- or one-piece swimsuits. The flatness of the beach also attracts many female joggers who cannot help but to sometimes look down and take notic of your swinging dick as they pass you. Lastly, although you make get some scorching stares from the local nudist nazis that aggregate in the center, in general, Blacks is an erection-accepting beach. Although it is normally not proper nude etiquette ("netiquette") for a nude man to have a visible erection, in my many years of going, I've seen many, many naked men with full erections bobbing up and down as they walk down the beach yet never once have I ever seen anyone say anything to them about it (although I've heard a lot of the clothed females giggle and make jokes about it such as that described in Angelina's Yelp post.


The Southern California coast is fairly temperate. During the winter months, it is often windy and cooler although some days in January and February can be sunny and warm (in the 80s). In early spring through early summer, it can be hard to predict the weather on the coast. The cool waters provide coastal clouds that often only extend a mile or so inland. Thus, one can be 5 miles from the coast, sunny with hardly a cloud in sight, yet on the beach it is completely overcast and misty making it for poor beach weather. Offshore winds sometimes cause the overcast skies to "burn off" by afternoon, but it's not always predictable. Also, one can be enjoying sunshine at the beach in the morning, but a cool cloudy overcast sky can develop by afternoon. There is a condition called "June Gloom" which refers to how this climatic condition can persist through June, and, sometimes into July.

This is not to say that the months of March through June are bad for beach going - only unpredictable. But usually starting in July, the offshore winds become stronger and the warmest, sunniest months at the beach follow in August and September. Due to warm weather in early fall, Blacks enjoys a lot of usage even into the fall months of late September through mid October, but begins to dwindle off as the days grow colder, more overcast and shorter.

The best way to find out if it warrants going to the beach is to follow the local weather for La Jolla, California, or, even better, Torrey Pines Golf Course. Torrey Pines Golf Course can be seen in the above aerial photo as it is borders the bluffs overlooking Blacks. Both weather reports can be found here:

Weather Channel

However, an even better gauge for Blacks is to watch live webcams perched on nearby beaches. From these webcams, you can see a) what the weather is, and b) if there are a lot of beach-goers, and if so, what are they wearing (i.e. swimsuits or sweaters/windbreakers). Live webcams:

San Diego Live - Webcam and Weather
La Jolla Shores Webcam
Del Mar Beach Cam


The southern portion of Black's Beach is known to surfers as one of the most powerful surf breaks in Southern California. The waves gain their power due to the focusing effects of Scripps Canyon, an underwater canyon just offshore in the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park. Because of the sometimes large surf, fast breaking waves, and aggressive crowds, Black's is a dangerous surfing location, advisable for advanced surfers only. For non-surfers, their is a high risk of riptides, particularly in the late spring and summer. From my personal experience, these riptides are worse and more life-threatening than those found on other beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic.

Stingrays are also very common in the shallow waters, so when wading out, shuffle your feat. If your stung, it's extremely painful with the only alleviation coming from hot liquid or hot sand (lifeguards have hot packs for those stung). There are also rattlesnakes in the brush (yes, I've even seen them on the beach!), so be careful when walking through the thick brush at the base of the bluffs.

Lastly, there is debate about whether it is legal for people to be nude at Blacks. For the past 40 years, law enforcement has turned a blind eye to it. Lifeguards are stationed at Blacks and both they and State Park Patrol drive up and down the beach passing hundreds of naked people but never making commentary about it. With that said, if they observe open sex or a lone guy masturbating, yes, they will intervene and either cite them, or in some cases, make arrests. Further, there is a patrol officer that sits on top of the 300-foot high bluffs at the Glider Port constantly looking down at the beach with binoculars. He has a walkie-talkie and keeps in constant communication with the patrols driving the trucks on the beach. His job is to not only look for swimmers in distress, but also illegal activity on the beach such as beach vendors selling beer, pot smokers or guys wanking. However, he and the other patrols leave the beach at 6:00 p.m., which is also the time one is more likely to witness a couple engaging in sex - typically on the less-used stretch of beach further north.

There are many stories I and others have told about Blacks, as well as many photos and videos. They are found in these topic threads:

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CFNM Moments Captured on Film - Blacks Beach:


Actual video showing some of the above CFNM scenarios:

CFNM Beach Day @ Blacks - 6.8.2014
CFNM at Blacks and Erections
Video Showing Groups of Clothed Girls Surrounded by Naked Men

Author:  Tyson [ Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

Brad's report above covers Black's pretty well (and it sounds like he's been far more often than me) so I don't have much to add.

I've been to many nude beaches in the world. Black's stands out as one of the best cfnm beach opportunities for a few reasons:
1. For so strictly following the cfnm convention. Most men are nude. Almost every woman is clothed.
2. It's an adventure to climb down the path, so the crowd skews younger and fitter than many others. I'm sure the university helps - lots of women who looked to be 18-25.
3. Because of the path, most people who make it to the bottom are there because it's a nude beach - either to participate or to watch. A few surfers and hangliders, but the majority come there because its a nude beach.
4. I never once felt like a perv, or someone imposing on others. I don't walk up to people at nude beaches or intentionally sit near people because I figure most people want to be on their own, but even just keeping to myself sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong. But not at Blacks. Blacks feels almost like it was arranged specifically for cfnm - women who want to see and men happy to show.

The busiest and most-cfnm areas are around the bottom of the path and either just to the south (to the end of the nude section) or just to the north. But a long stroll further north and you are still likely to encounter clothed women walking the other way, in no hurry to avert their eyes. I still have the country-born habit of saying hello to everyone I pass, and quite a few wanted to stop to chat with obvious downward glances they didn't try to hide. The beach is very long, so if you like to walk nude you can easily spend an afternoon wandering up and down the shore a couple of times.

I've only been twice, both reasonably sunny days in May. I'll be back in San Diego for work in June so hopefully will be able to update this review then.

Author:  Tyson [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

Blacks beach, San Diego

June 2019 update as promised

I was at blacks beach at least 8 times early this summer. I was staying nearby, and generally working in the morning but free in the afternoon. The beach is still one of my favorites. There seem to have been a few changes which maybe Brad can confirm.

In the morning the beach is less busy, but with some of the best cfnm experiences. There seem to be far fewer nudists and far more clothed walkers getting their morning exercise.

In the afternoon, the beach can have several hundred people on a sunny day. Because it is so long it never feels crowded. The south end of the beach (near the main stairs) and up to the volleyball courts tends to be the busiest, with the most clothed people as well. Near the volleyball courts are the most dedicated nudists, with their tan leathery skin. Further north the crowd thins. There is a more adventurous trail up to the golf course. Then further still the gay section which gets busier again toward the north end of the beach. What I love about Blacks beach is taking a leisurely stroll from one end to the other - depending on your hurry, it can be about half an hour or more each way, enjoying the sunshine and saying hello to passers by. As always there is a large contingent of college students from UCSD which is just at the top of the cliff.

A few changes I noticed this time:

As others have commented, there seem to be an increase in naked women. And groups in different combinations than I’ve seen before. Solo naked women. Naked female groups, naked male groups, and naked mixed groups. Cfnm couples and groups, as well as tfnm, but a surprising number of cmnf. Clothed groups with one naked women. Several naked trans women. Clothed voyeur couples. Several times I encountered a model-quality naked woman walking by herself down the beach - and I didn’t see her getting harassed which was nice.

There are still plenty of clothed women and plenty of cfnm moments, but it’s not as “pure” cfnm as in the past. I always tell people that you shouldn’t go to a nude beach expecting to see gorgeous naked women - but I won’t complain if I do.

As always, there were a few unwanted men at the southern end who approached clothed women and made them uncomfortable, but they seemed fairly few in number and not too irksome.

In previous years it was well worth it to walk the length of the beach, as the north end had lots of clothed female walkers. Because it is less crowded, they seem more likely to say hello and want to stop and chat. There were still some walkers like this, especially in the morning. By late afternoon I saw very few clothed females walking further north than the northern trail. I also saw way more gay activity out in the open on the beach. I suspect the two are related but I’m not sure in which direction the causality runs.

Mostly I just walked from the southern end of the beach until to the northern trail and gave up on the north end. I only went on sunny days (there were a few gloomy ones this year) and had a great time every day. Was very interactive and had lots of conversations, while never feeling like I was imposing (I just nod and say hi while walking, and only stop if the other person starts a conversation or stops too).

Author:  Brad [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

I've only been four times this year, but had similar experiences to yours. The last time I went, however, was on a Sunday and I observed a scenario similar to a couple of years ago - a number of clothed females in groups surrounded by many naked men. That is, not *pure* 100% CFNM as in past years, but fairly close.

I also noticed open gay activity a couple of times too. I saw one lone guy in the gay section - a big muscular guy - sitting in a beach chair naked and openly jacking off. He had a big smile on his face, and the nude gay guys around him were laughing and making comments. I also saw again the horny middle-aged woman who's becoming a fixture. She lays out naked usually just north of the volleyball area. She lays on her back, knees bent and legs spread wide inviting the guys walking buy to have a good look. She rubs her body constantly, he legs, abdomen, then rubs the nipples on her tits then slides her hand down an rubs her clit a few times...always with a wide smile to the guys walking buy.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

Good to know the beach is still the place to be!


Author:  dodo_bird [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

So what's the best month to visit Blacks? I may be making a trip to Southern California and would like to check it out?

Also, is Blacks or some of the beaches near Santa Barbara better?

I am debating staying in either Santa Barbara or San Clemente to Laguna area

Author:  Brad [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

dodo_bird wrote:
So what's the best month to visit Blacks? I may be making a trip to Southern California and would like to check it out?

Also, is Blacks or some of the beaches near Santa Barbara better?

I am debating staying in either Santa Barbara or San Clemente to Laguna area

Best months for So. Cal beaches begin in July thus avoiding the May/gray; June/gloom issue common with beaches. July and August are the hottest and sunniest followed by September. You'll see more people then. However, and a sunny weekend in late March to June, you'll find some of the best looking females in So. Cal. coming out to get the first tan of the year.

Insofar as which are better, they are different, and neither one is "better"; it just comes down to why you're there.

Blacks - largest crowd at a clothing-optional beach in western U.S., maybe the entire country. Extremely public and lots of clothed people mingling with nudists. On a warm sunny day, CFNM is guaranteed.

Santa Barbara - not the same numbers as a decade or two ago. More Mesa seems to be the only recognized nude beach, although nudists still go to some of the others that were "outlawed" by the city council in the early 2000s. But outside of just the beach scene, Santa Barbara is a great place to spend a few days.

Author:  dodo_bird [ Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Blacks Beach - Information, Reviews

Brad, thank you for sharing that info

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