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Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Reviews
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Author:  doug444 [ Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

Brad wrote:
In the U.S., full public nudity allowed by law is very rare. I can only think of a few instances, which includes scheduled events in San Francisco, Hippy Hollow in Austin, and Haulover in Florida, all of which have specific ordinances indicating full nudity is legal. However, all of those are also C/O. Nudity at most public beaches (i.e. Blacks in San Diego) is not officially legal and can be challenged at any time; however, by custom they tend to be C/O.

OK, I was of the impression that most of the famous beaches in the US were actually legal. I've learned something today. :shock:

In Australia we have six states and two territories. There are legal clothing optional beaches in the two territories and five of he six states. The only state without is Queensland, which, ironically is the state famous for its sunshine and beaches :roll: Queensland does have a lot of unofficial c/o beaches to make up for the lack of the good sense to provide legal ones. All the other states and territories have their unofficial beaches as well.

Our best c/o beach is an unofficial one in Queensland - Alexandria Bay. It is usable all year around due to the warm northern winters. Tourists go there in their thousands to escape the cold in the southern states in our winter. Even though it is not legal, the police patrol the beach and keep the perverts under control. I have never heard of the police bothering anyone for simply being naked.

I attended a nude beach carnival at Alexandria Bay many years ago now. I was about five years out of high school and I ran into a girl I went to school with who was standing on the beach in her Police uniform monitoring the event. Happy days. :D

Author:  bchcpl2445 [ Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain

Rien1984 wrote:
For me the absolute highlight of Spain is Formentera, an island next to the famous island of Ibiza.

Why is Formentera so much better you might ask? Well mainly given the beauty of the beaches. Some people call it the European Caribbean and they are perfectly right to do so. The beaches are white and the sea is perfectly clear. Ok, prices are relatively high, but it's absolutely worth it. I'm looking forward already for my next visit (most likely in June).

I have to agree. Playa de Migjorn is on the quieter side of the beach. The Riu Hotel makes it even easier as its "half board". Breakfast at the hotel (RIU) walk along miles of the naturist beach (Migjorn) and pick any number of beachside restaurants for lunch (Vogamari, Es Codol Foradat, La Fragata, Es Cupina), and dinner back at the hotel after dark.

Author:  Australian [ Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain

beachfun wrote:
If it is true, it is not pleasant to be the only nude of the beach. Maybe one day I will go to the "calas" that are in the south of the island, I have heard that in many the nudity is quite accepted.
A "cala" is a normally natural small beach without showers or bar

This is another little thing that annoys me - that nudists are being pushed further out, to even more remote locations, where parking and access is more difficult, and there are no facilities whatsoever. In countries like the USA and Australia we might be used to it, but Spain......come on!!

bchcpl2445 wrote:

I have to agree. Playa de Migjorn is on the quieter side of the beach. The Riu Hotel makes it even easier as its "half board". Breakfast at the hotel (RIU) walk along miles of the naturist beach (Migjorn) and pick any number of beachside restaurants for lunch (Vogamari, Es Codol Foradat, La Fragata, Es Cupina), and dinner back at the hotel after dark.

Even some of the beaches on the Migjorn side of the island are losing their nudist flavour. The exception is probably the beach directly in front of Voga Mari, which is still solidly nudist (except in late July - August I'd guess).

I felt like one I was one of the "perverts" mentioned by Brad earlier :lol: when I was virtually the only person nude on the Es Arenals beach in front of the Riu Hotel, and this was much later in the season too!

Author:  Willy [ Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

Brad wrote:

Good assessment and makes a lot of sense. What do you mean by "The beach is legally nude. Not C/O" - are you implying that nudity is compulsory? If not, and if nudity is simply legally allowed, that would be C/O.

There are beaches/areas that nudity is required. Normally nobody enforces it but it's there to deal with the voyuers and other trouble makers.

The naturist section of Vera Playa is legally nude. You won't get fined if you aren't but you can walk from the front of your apartment door to the beach and back without anybody batting an eye.

Author:  Tyson [ Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

Australian wrote:

Excellent information Tyson, you might want to copy this across to the "Spain" thread too: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1096

Relocated from "CFNM at Public Clothing-Optional Beaches" in "Real Life, Unstaged CFNM Photos & Videos" (thanks Australian)

Ibiza beaches

Ibiza is another of the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea. It was one of the first islands to be known as a party/clubbing destination (since about the 1970s). It was *the* island holiday for british tourists in the 90s. Partying is concentrated in Ibiza town in the south of the island, and Sant Antoni de Portmany on the West of the island. Think alcohol, drugs, loud electronic music, and tourists. Ibiza has become more expensive in the past decade or so, and seems to be attracting more upmarket tourists (probably the 30 somethings who used to go in their 20s). But there are still lots of young people misbehaving. I'm not a huge fan of Ibiza - if you're not a big party-goer, the other Balearic Islands might be preferable for peace and quiet. I only go there because Formentera (see earlier in this thread) doesn't have an airport, so any trips to Formentera start with a flight to Ibiza.

Before the tourist explosion, Ibizans spoke Eivissenc which is a Catalan dialect. Now there is a lot more Castillian spoken, which can be confusing as there are often Catalan and Castillian names for each place. Hopefully you'll be able to work it out as they're usually just spelling variations (e.g. "Platja de ses salines" versus "Playa las salinas").

There are lots of small isolated beaches where discrete nudist is popular on the north and eastern sides of the island that are less densely populated. I've been to three beaches near the main cities that are worth commenting on.

Ibiza town:

The two main clothing-optional beaches near Ibiza town are on opposite sides of the same peninsula and walking distance from each other. Both are about 20 minutes south west of Ibiza town (Vila d'Eivissa), and there is a regular public bus. From the bus stop you can walk a few minutes either west or east to find beaches where nudity is possible.

Platja es cavallet
On the east side of the peninsula (walk left from the bus stop) is Platja es cavallet which is the main nudist beach. It is a long sandy beach with postcard views back toward Vila (es cavallet is Catalan for an artists easel). There is an upmarket bar/restaurant (el chiringuito) at the north end (entrance) of es cavallet that is clothed, then the rest of the beach is very nude and very gay. At the far south end of es cavallet is a beach bar called "Chiringay" which sells overpriced food and drink and pumps out loud electronic dance music. Chiringay also has showers, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas. There are some cfnm opportunities as clothed women will occasionally take a stroll from El Chiringuito to enjoy watching the wildlife. The beach is probably 50% nude and 80% men. More cfnm opportunities the closer you dare go to the bar at the north end (there is no official start or end to the nude section), and the beach becomes gayer and more male the further south you go.

Platja de ses salines
On the other side of the peninsula (walk right from the bus stop) is Platja de ses salines. Depending on which path you take you'll either arrive on the beach at Malibu or Jockey club. Both are bars/restaurants. In summer, Salines is a young, very clothed beach. Lots of tourists trying to recover from the night of clubbing before, and touts selling everything you could imagine. Just to the south of Jockey club the beach tends to be very busy and crowded, then further south past the lifeguard station there is a quiet area. There are usually a few nudists keeping to themselves in this quiet patch (this is where the famous cfnm videos by user name "Okkie" are filmed). Further south the beach gets clothed and very busy again and finishes at La Trinxa beach club. Beyond this is a rocky area with small sandy coves that you have to climb down to - these tend to alternate between nude and clothed depending on the day. If you keep walking further there is a nature area, some scenic views, and if you follow the coast for long enough you end up back at es cavallet right in front of Chiringay.

When I've been at Platja de ses salines, the nudists in (I'll just call it the Okkie section) have all been lying on their towels up on the soft sand, keeping to themselves. I haven't seen a naked person swimming, standing at the waters edge, or walking. I wasn't sure whether we were supposed to be there so I didn't want to be the one to push it. This makes it a bit boring - there's only so long I can sit still before I want to go and do something.

Nonetheless, it feels very exposed and public, which will appeal to some members of this forum. It is a very small section that seems to be nudist by convention (there weren't any signs) that is between two very busy and very clothed sections. There is a constant stream of foot traffic along the beach. Almost everyone who goes to La Trixa or the coves to the south will walk past the Okkie section. These are mostly tourists, including from countries where nudity is very uncommon. If they are walking from south to north (left to right in Okkie's videos) this means they're probably coming back from La Trixa and may well be drunk. These combine for some disinhibited behaviour and extra attention that traditional nudists likely find offensive and members of this forum would probably enjoy. For some reason lots of English tourists assume that no one else speaks English, and I overheard people talking amongst themselves about the nudists. In Okkie's videos you will see young (usually) women parading past holding large cutout letters - these are to advertise each of the dance clubs that are popular in Ibiza, and clubgoers seems to be the main demographic for the beach.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the second biggest city on the island. It also has its share of mega-clubs. I got the impression that while Ibiza town gets a mix of europeans, Sant Antoni seems to be more heavily british. The main beaches near the town itself are all clothed as far as I could tell. About 10 minutes drive further north around the coast is a cfnm option called Punta galera.

Punta galera
There are at least two areas known as Punta galera on the island of Ibiza. One near Sant Antoni, and the other near Portnatx at the northern most tip of the island. This is a review of the one near Sant Antoni - the other is not a nudist beach. To get there, find the road PM812 heading north of Sant Antoni, then take an exit left marked Sa Talaia. Follow this down to the ocean (there are paths to Punta Galera from three different roads - they're each about as hard as each other). Some of the turnoffs don't have names or signs, so don't be surprised if you have to stop and ask for directions. If someone has better directions please post them below. From the carpark is a 15 minute steep path down to the water. Like many spanish beaches, the nude section varies by the day - you may need to explore either to the west or east once you get to the shoreline. My favourite area is around to the east until you reach a stall selling mojitos and a cliff that the daring will jump off into the ocean. Depending on where you want to go, you might need to do some fairly adventurous climbing, and a reasonable level of fitness and good shoes are recommended.

Punta galera isn't really a beach. There's one small sandy area, but mostly its a collection of flat rocks on which to sunbathe. A padded beach mat will be more comfortable than a towel. There isn't a lot of space, and often you need to climb over or past other sunbathers to get where you are going. This makes for a potentially intense cfnm experience as you either try to shimmy past clothed sunbathers at a narrow section of the path, or else have clothed tourists step almost directly over you to get past you. There always seemed to be a dense concentration of bikini-clad females clustered around the few places it was easiest to get into and out of the water. Its mostly clothed, mostly young, mostly british, but with enough very-tanned german nudists so that you won't feel out of place getting naked. The water is crystal clear, the sunsets over the cliffs are spectacular, and the mojitos are good.

There are reportedly other good nudist and mixed options in Es racó d'en Xic and Playa de Aigues Blanques, but I haven't been.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

CADIZ Area. Spain.

So. I will add info later to the photo/video board when back in the UK but I have tried a lot of what is available in this area.
I started out using the Spanish naturism website, as I wanted to try beaches where I wasn’t the only naked person as that’s not my bag.

Playa de Camposoto-
This beach is an example of naturists being pushed away from main beaches. It’s a long walk from any parking down a narrow peninsula separating an island from the mainland to create a natural harbour. There is a dual carriageway, train line and beach on this stretch of land, that’s it. You can walk it from the South of Cadiz about 4 miles or less I’d guess as it was about 7 mins by car. It’s nice and clean and a decent size, though no markings say when you have arrived at the ‘naturist’ bit. I went on a Friday lunch time and it was perhaps 100 people, 80% nude but not one CFNM couple was seen. A few TFNM but mostly all nude. As the peninsula goes nowhere there were no passers by either, just a few people passing by to go fish. No facilities at all. All those there were well prepared with gear. Nice beach but not for CFNM. People all have their phones out constantly so having mine in hand didn’t stand out.
Image Cadiz is about 4 miles to the North. It looks like there are buses too.

Playa de Levante-
This beach is about 200m south of the main beaches of El Puerto de Santa Maria (EPSM). EPSM is nice but arrive before 11am during Spanish holidays or parking is a nightmare. EPSM has a long drag of bars, restaurants, shops and market type stalls with everything you need. This is really a Spanish resort so not many other nationalities about. The bad parking causes an effect I will note later. I went on a Thursday from 11am to 3pm and spent two 30 minute stints in on the nude beach. I walked the whole beach and saw not one NM in the 850m of VERY PACKED regular beach. Once past where the last building is at south of EPSM the bathers thin out then after 150m of near empty beach the nude section starts. Only 30 nude people here, including a full mix of CFNM, CMNF, TFNM and CFCM.
Because of the parking I think a lot of people park to the South and walk to EPSM. This means hundreds walk past the nude beach. Most nudists setup far back to avoid these passers by. But gave me a massive CFNM hour. The local police drive around in their 4x4 but ignored me being naked, despite a double take. Had 5 seconds of panic but my nudity was ignored.
Image Image Image Image Image
Pic 1,2,3 Shows a couple who were bathing nude but he put shorts on as he left the water to pass by all the passers by. He later stripped his shorts off again. The other crappy shots show other nudes on the beach.

Cala del Aceite-
Despite being noted online as nudist friendly and well used. I saw one lone naked older guy ‘hiding’ alone behind a big rock at the far end. Again there were many TF’s, including many stunning Spanish women but that was it. Went on a Sunday at 2pm and parked by pure luck as I arrived as somebody left. Only stayed for as long as it took to check out the whole cove.
I have since learnt that during the Spanish school holidays the naturists don't use this beach much. No reason given.
Image The nude guy I saw was out of shot at the bottom of the pic and not seen from above the cove.

Calas de Poniente- (AKA Cala de Roche I think)
Best for last. The reason this is both beaches is based on what I saw plus comments from Village member WonderWoman. This beach has had naked people on both occasions I have been there. The beach is listed online as Poniente but part of the greater Cala de Roche beach. This is one of 3 coves that link together at low tide but are separate and accessed by well made steps at high tide. The South end has most naked people but also seen TFNM and CFNM all over this beach. There is an isolated mini cove at high tide at South end but at mid to low tide 3 beaches become one and there is a ton of foot traffic passing by. Lots of TF’s and all sorts pass by. Most spot the nudes and smile, gawp, sneak a photo or stop for a better look. Very few play it cool and pass on by.
Took many pics myself here and many groups of women come down and setup in their all female groups (most go topless, one or two go nude). Again hot babes among them.
Many CFCM couples setup among the naked and partially naked people (I swear one family did it not having been paying attention then got all flustered, but stayed on anyway). Lots and lots of TFNM and CFNM to be had. I took one vid of me going for a swim. You have to go out 30m to be able to swim as no shelf. On my return some idiot setup right in line of sight of my camera so a crappy vid (was focussed on the sand not the distance) was made worse and missed a brief chat I had with two women. Both of whom looked at my dick many times (the water was pretty cold by the way :lol: ).
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Pic 1 Shows the beach taken from above to the north. The tide is about 85% in and the secluded part is at the far end.
Pic 2 Shows the secluded part with a handful of naturists but also topless women for TFNM
Pic 3 Shows from another angle with the secluded bit beyond the near rocks, but remember nudists use both sides of this as do textiles. At lower tides you can walk beyond to the next beach.
Pic 4 Another snap taken a minute after Pic2
Pic 5 Shows the secluded part on another day with just one couple all nude
Pic 6 Shows same as Pics 2 and 4 but later in the day
Pic 7 Shows the secluded section. A blue tent just in view had a couple in CFNM and he was getting a HJ but the pics I took didn't work as the sun was shining into the lens too much.
I hope to have one more go at this beach before I leave!


Author:  Australian [ Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

Thanks DTR, sounds pretty good, even if Cadiz is a little off the radar for most of us.

(Seville is a great destination though and not too far away).

When you add your photos, could you also advise how far out of the town of Cadiz these beaches are? You mention a car/carpark, so I'm assuming it is driving distance. That's bit of a deal-breaker for someone like me who prefers footpower, local transport, or a scooter at most.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

DaveTheRave wrote:
CADIZ Area. Spain.

I hope to have one more go at this beach before I leave!


Went setup, put away and went home! Stupid wind was at 25mph and when I looked going up to 45mph and the cove was causing mini tornados of sand. Wondered why parking so easy today. Never thought to look at the wind when 34c (94f) is touted. Fucking wasted morning. Not many on the beach and those there were hidden by wind breakers and parasols all tied down. Could have made a good stretch of Trumps wall with them!


Author:  DaveTheRave [ Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

Above I have added pics and updated information.

Author:  Australian [ Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Clothing-Optional Beaches in Spain - Info & Revi

DaveTheRave wrote:
Above I have added pics and updated information.

Thanks for the photos. I like the look of the third beach, reminds me of the Balearic environment.

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