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 Post subject: Beaches in New Zealand
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:41 am 
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New Zealand

First, the context. New Zealand is a whole separate country to Australia(!). It's very beautiful, but a long way away from anywhere. During summer (December - March) temperatures are typically in the low 20s, but can reach 30C on occasion. In winter, the southern end of the country is much colder than the north, but in summer the air temperatures can be similar all around the country. Temperatures can be misleading if the wind is strong - New Zealand is situated in the roaring 40s and surrounded by ocean on all sides, so a warm day can be tempered by a cool sea breeze (or gale in Wellington). I visited New Zealand several times from 2008-2015 - information may be out of date but things tend to change slowly in the land of the long white cloud.

New Zealand has a couple of things going for it as a cfnm destination. Very lax nudity laws, and unlike Australia the animals won’t sting, bite, or claw. But there are two significant drawbacks. The summer is mild and short. Depending on where you are, even in the middle of summer the water will be cold - Australia this ain’t. Secondly, there aren’t crowds, really anywhere. New Zealand is blessed with vast natural beauty, and a small population. There are some busy (textile) beaches in the cities, but the expansive nude-friendly places tend to be very sparsely occupied.

A few activists (including one who cycles through the capital city Wellington all the time) have demonstrated in court that it is not illegal to be naked in public in New Zealand so long as there isn’t “obscene behaviour”. A local website lists about 50 New Zealand beaches where nudity is known to occur. These are not “official” nude beaches but if you go there on a sunny day in summer you’re unlikely to be the only person getting naked. That said, there isn’t the widespread nudist culture that you would find in Germany or Spain. Kiwis tend to be nude-tolerant, but rarely nudist themselves.

The greatest number of nude beaches are around Auckland, but these tend to be out of the way. To get to Orpheus Bay, St Leonards Beach, Pohutakawa Bay, or Ladies Bay, is a deliberate choice, and there are few clothed onlookers.

A couple of beaches outside Auckland are worth noting:
    Uretiti Beach, near Whangarei, is a long flat sand beach popular with nudists and clothed walkers a like. On a busy day in summer there might be 100 people naked, and probably a similar number clothed. Northland has 12 known nudist beaches but most are quiet. A naked walk down the length of the beach won’t be frowned upon, and right result in some pleasant conversation with clothed locals.
    Opoutere Beach, on the Coromandel Peninsula, is similarly a vast sandy beach popular with walkers, bird-watchers, and nudists. Hit and miss - there can be 100 people on the beach or zero, but either way the beach is so long (several kms) there is no reason to go anywhere near another beach goer.
    Papamoa Beach, near Tauranga. This beach is near a suburban area, but backed by a large sand dune reserve. Mostly a nude crowd, gay men in the dunes. Sometimes clothed people from the clothed beaches at either end which are continuous with the nude section (a bit like Baker beach if 99 out of every 100 people had stayed home).
    Rabbit Island, near Nelson, is a long sandy beach (a common theme) in one of the sunniest parts of the country. Rabbit Island is accessed from the mainland via a causeway. The middle part of the beach is "busy" textile beach (by New Zealand standards), and either end is known to be nude-friendly. The southern end is popular with gay men, but also with horseback riders - along with the perhaps unique cfnm experience of chatting to a fully clothed woman on a horse. The northern end gets the occasional nudist and the occasional clothed beach walker.
I’m not sure any of these are worth a special trip.

Golden Bay
My pick for cfnm in New Zealand is the beautiful region of Golden Bay, home to hippies, alternate lifestyles, and lots of weed. Crystals, tie-dye, white people with dreadlocks, you get the idea. The largest town is Takaka, which has basically one street. Golden Bay is a tourist area that swells in population over the December - March period with visitors from all over the world. There’s a rumour (I heard it from a couple of locals) that the council bylaws stipulate that clothing is optional on all public land in the region, but I couldn’t find record of that with a quick google search. But the inability to locate such an ordinance doesn’t seem to bother anyone, and there are some grizzled old nudists who insist on taking their clothes off in all manner of places. Takaka is home to the local WNBR, which is far less scandalous than in other places due to the prevailing live-and-let-live attitude. There are a couple of nudist venues including the country's only nudist backpacker hostel. Because of the Golden Bay laid-back attitude, it feels far less inappropriate to be the only one naked there, and visitors seem to feel obliged to tolerate nudism as one of the quirks of the local culture. Other than a few small tourist beaches (Totaranui, Pohara, Tata), I felt comfortable going nude at any beach, in particular:
    Abel Tasman national park is dotted with sandy beaches. Nudism is sometimes practiced and perfectly acceptable on all beaches except Totaranui. You might be the only one nude, or there might be others. There will definitely be lots of clothed hikers wandering past, fascinated by “those crazy Golden Bay hippies” with no clothes. Abel Tasman national park and Tata Beach are both popular places to rent kayaks, and some people will strip off as soon as they're out of sight of the boat ramp and spend the day naked including stops at each beach along the way.
    From Wainui Bay all the way around to Taupo Point nudity is often practiced.
    Milnthorpe Quay, accessed via a causeway, is home to naked hippies and people walking their dogs. You wouldn’t be the first person to walk nude along the long sandy beach from Milnthorpe Quay all the way to Collingwood.
It’s also possible to walk naked in the forest. I’ve walked naked through Milnthorpe Park, as well as from the Wainui Bay carpark to Taupo Point. I spoke to people who have walked the entire northern half of the Abel Tasman Track (~15km) nude. This is where the lack of snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. comes in handy, as there’s nothing to fear from walking nude other than the odd gorse or blackberry bush.

In any of these places you might be on your own. But you might equally bump into some of the many college-aged backpackers from all over the world who will envy your freedom and want to chat about nudism.

Verdict: If you imagine the thrill of showering on San Sebastian beach in Barcelona, surrounded by thousands of clothed tourists…well imagine the opposite of that. If you get your hopes up of cfnm interaction you might be disappointed to find a day entirely on your own. But because there are so few people there, fellow nature-lovers may well stop for a chat, which can lead to much more intimate and prolonged cfnm contact than the quickly passing strangers of a busier destination. New Zealand is a long way to go for cfnm but if you’re in the neighbourhood (and the weather is good) there are some opportunities.

Any other New Zealand experiences or recommendations?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:32 pm 
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That's a lot of beaches for 4.5 million people. In the UK we have 72 listed for 67 million people.
So in NZ the ratio is 1 beach per 90k people. In the UK we have to squeeze onto them as we have 1 per 900k (+/-).



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