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Author:  Brad [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Topic: Hippy Hollow, Austin, Texas - Information, Reviews

Any information about Hippy Hollow, a legally-sanctioned clothing-optional lake shore near Austin, Texas. Directions, logistics, climate, reviews, ratings, warnings, discussions and experiences intended to provide potential travelers with information as to what can be expected and when they should go.

History and Legality

For more information on Hippy Hollow, visit: Wiki - Hippy Hollow
Also, government sites that promote the lake's attraction of offering nude sunbathing: Lower Colorado River Authority and Travis County Parks Website

Hippy Hollow is a lake shore on Lake Travis, a man-made large body of water with it's water level controlled by a series of dams. It is a few minutes drive northwest of Austin, Texas, and is owned by a public authority, the LCRA. All of its shores are open to public usage with some requiring a gate fee so as to maintain the parks' conditions and quality.

The area became more popular in the 1960s due to the cultural changes of that era, and after Woodstock, the nickname 'Hippie Hollow' was born. Hippie Hollow was controversial in the 1970s, due to increased skinny-dipping which generated complaints from adjacent landowners. Raymond Frank, the sheriff of Travis County from 1973–1980, determined that the county's law enforcement budget was better spent on more serious offenses, and skinny-dipping activities were generally ignored as long as no other laws were being broken. Eventually, the County Commissioners sanctioned the park goers ability to lay out on its shores completely naked; however, as part of this approval, anyone under 18 was banned from entering the park.

Hippy Hollow is the only legally recognized clothing-optional public area in the State of Texas. The legality of allowing full nudity as well as the ban on minors under 18 was challenged in the courts. The lower court approved by the nude usage as well as the ban on children. The matter was then heard by the Texas Court of Appeals, which affirmed the lower court. The Texas Supreme Court refused to hear the case, thus, the Appellate Court ruling become an iron-clad legal binding on these matters:

CTN vs. Travis County

Gate Fee

There is a $10/day gate fee to enter the park. But this is a good thing. The funds are used to keep the park clean and maintained. The outdoor concrete block restrooms are maintained, and there's fresh water fountains, unlike other nudist spots. Although the parking lot can get crowded, it is of ample size to where one never has to wait to find a spot.

Travis County signage when entering Hippy Hollow from the main road - notice emphasis on encouraging people to enjoy it "naturally" - it reflects the County's view that naturism (nudism) is a positive attribute of the park to be advertised:


County sign posted at parking lot at beginning of trail to the waterfront acknowledging that being completely nude is a customary practice at their park and to be expected.



Wikipedia says the park gets 153,000 visitors per year. But if you average it out, say, spring to autumn as the time most folks will be there, and, that on the weekends is when you'll see the crowds, you'll certainly see several hundred people on a warm, sunny weekend there. And in the 1980s, I had some absolute wonderful CFNM experiences with groups of girls that would go together, all leaving their suits/clothes on yet unquestionably there to look at all the swinging dicks. And the guys enjoyed their presence as much as they did.

Like many such clothing-optional beaches, expect to see the preponderance of users being men, although I have seen some beautiful nude women there from time to time, and because of the newer, cleaner regulated environment, their numbers are a lot higher these days. There is also a large gay element on the north end that further increases the male ratio. The presence of a gay stretch has given the beach a reputation of being a "gay" beach among the Texan redneck "bubbas", that are homophobic - and that's great as it keeps their numbers down.

The University of Texas, which is 30 minutes away, is one of the largest universities in the country with almost 50,000 students. Because of this, it's common to see groups of young female coeds in their late teens and early twenties coming in groups. They will often sit out on blankets, keep their clothes on, and watch the naked boys frolic about. Also, one of the world's largest music festivals is South-by-Southwest, and during this and other festivals common to the liberal Austin area, the shores can get crowded.

The $10 gate fee has had a fantastic effect in protecting the shores from the riff-raft. For decades, transients, vagabonds, druggies and minority gangs would frequent the park's shores scaring off the few ladies that weren't covered in tattoos and had a full mouth of teeth. Apparently, the $10 price tag puts the park out of the reach of those types, and when combined with the park's cleanliness and constant surveillance by park rangers, the numbers of females coming both in groups and by themselves increased tremendously. But again, expect more males than females.

No minors! It is my opinion the ban on minors was a proper thing. It did two things: a) prevents the conservatives and bible thumpers using the proximity of minors to fight and reverse the laws, which is the #1 tactic used when closing down nude beaches, and b) it legally affirms the obvious, that is, open nudity is often a sexual thing, although many family nudists argue in the contrary. By both recognizing it legally and approving full nudity subject to restricting minors access, it makes an enjoyable adults-only environment wherein the sexuality of exhibitionism and voyeurism may be openly addressed and accepted in an enjoyable way absent guilt imposed by the conservatives or nudist nazis.

Author:  Brad [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: CFNM at Public Clothing-Optional Beaches


One of the more erotic CFNM experiences I have had is when I witness, or, am involved in encountering females in a higher legal authority position, such as law enforcement, when I am naked. There are now paved roads that run parallel to and above the rocky beach front, and park rangers routinely walk down this road on foot patrol looking down off the road between the trees and foliage where they can peer down on the naked sunbathers and watch their activities, usually unbeknownst to the bathers. Glass bottles of alcohol, smoking pot, or sexual play - such as a naked guy laying there and jacking off thinking no one can see him - are all things they are looking for, and can lead to citations or worse.

And some of these rangers are female, and some are young and cute. One female ranger told me rangers have a choice of the many Texas parks, but this one requires all rangers to volunteer with a request to work at this specific park as opposed to the many others within the area. Therefore, all the female rangers specifically want and prefer to work in an environment full of naked men as opposed to parks where there is no nudity. Thus, it's not surprising to see the female rangers being friendly and chatty as they stand there smiling as they talk to some naked man asking them a question.

Before the ordinances were passed, it was the general rule to only be nude at the beach area. But per the website, it now is "acceptable" to be anywhere within the park except the parking lot (due to it being visible from the main road that passes by) stark naked, including walking down the parks internal roads. Last time I was there, numerous naked men that enjoy exposing themselves can be seen constantly walking up and down these roads. I have witnessed times when naked guys would stop and talk to these female rangers and I know it was to experience connecting with her while concurrently exposing themselves to her. But these ladies take it in stride, and when I see them smiling and being friendly with such naked guys, I know that don't mind. ;)

If part of the reason they patrol is to peer down from the road above through the gapes in the dense foliage to see if open sex is occurring, it definitely includes one of the more common offenses, and that is to spot nude men masturbating and either stop the activity, or, to arrest them. In recent years, female rangers are often accompanied by a male ranger, but now always. And as I understand it, if she sees observes a naked guy with a full erection, that is not by itself reportable or something she should try and stop.

I have actually seen some these female rangers sneak up and spy through the foliage and watch activities of the nudist to observe any violations, but I never saw an actual exchange like the following occur. However, I have heard weird encounters between the female wardens and male nude bathers does happen, and I wonder what occurs when one of those ladies do see a guy laying out naked on a large rock openly jacking off, what she does about it. Given that I too have personally seen guys stroking it, I am confident that these ladies constantly, if not routinely, spy on men laying out completely naked with their hard wet dicks in their hands stroking furiously.

So think about it - tax dollars are paying these female rangers to watch naked men jack off....what a job!

Thus, confronting a naked guy laying there jacking off is something that does not bother them at all, and, one might think it may even be an attraction for some of the females that choose Hippy Hollow.

Ficticious?? Story:

I wrote a story that might have happened if that female ranger I saw spying on the naked guys on the beach had seen one jacking off. It is very plausible, and may have indeed have happened before.

One day she looks down and sees a fellow laying on his back between two boulders, completely naked. Thinking no one can see him, he's jacking off furiously. She slowly sneaks up closer to where she's just a few feet away and while he can't see her, she can clearly see his erect dick in his hand and watches him stroke it for a while. She doesn't alert him immediately, but instead watches him and his technique, seeing how he holds his balls and his grip on the shaft as he strokes it. She notices precum glistening around the hole in the tip of his penis and right as he begins to tense up and she knows he's about to squirt his sperm all over, she confronts him with a loud voice:

"Hey! Stand up, right now!" She then walks up to him.
He: "I..I..I..wasn't doing anything..."
She "Yes you were. I just watched you masturbate".
He: "No I wasn't, I was just putting on suntan oil"
She: "I've been standing there 10 feet away watching you the whole time."
He: "No, I wasn't!"
She points down to his erection that in turn is pointing at her. "Do You see that? You're dick is hard and I can even see your sperm now drizzling out of it. Still deny it?!"
He - having been on the verge begins to ejaculate right in front of her.
She: "Well then, there you go...too late...go ahead, let it all out."
He - on the verge of tears and frantically begging her: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! PLEASE, please don't report me!"
She: "Alright, since this is your first time I will just give you a warning, but don't masturbate anymore!"
He thanks her profusely and she then turns away while a big smile comes to her face. She thinks: "I love this job!"

Her mercy with him prompts him to whenever in the future he walks naked by her on the road, he always gives her a nice, thankful smile and a courteous yet respectful hello. She responds with a smile, delighting in her authority over him.

Author:  Brad [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: CFNM at Public Clothing-Optional Beaches


Original post - 5/23/11; repost from VSFW

A bit of disclosure -

Part of the reason for me revisiting this story was this past weekend I was back in Austin. On Sunday I went back to Hippy Hollow.

I was pleased to once again be standing there stark naked talking to yet a different female park ranger. She was in her twenties, and friendly, but her uniform, badge and her side arm right there for easy reach made me nervous - she could arrest me on the spot if I did anything wrong.

I was asking her the "rules" to make sure I understood them, indicating I was out of town. She said "one of the great things of this park is that you can be naked anywhere in the park once I got past the parking lot". So I then asked her "so my being naked here on the main road talking to you, is, well, acceptable?" She said "Absolutely, it's perfectly acceptable" and smiled. She then said it was important to note that being "nude" is perfectly acceptable, but being "lewd" is not.

She said this park was the only one like it and folks could come and enjoy the "beauty" of being nude. As she said it she was looking at the shoreline with about half a dozen naked guys laying out. We chatted a bit and when I asked her if she liked working this specific park because of all the nudity she said that she loves her job and only works this park in the summer when it's crowded. She said that the parks service asks for preferences of parks to work at and she said this was her favorite, then turned and smiled at me.

What was fantastic for me was that this girl was downright enthused about her job, and being around so many naked men daily. I did not press it, but I'm sure she enjoyed being a voyeur as part of her job, even to the point of specifically requesting this park to work at for that purpose. Her response to me was not only accepting that I was standing there with my cock and balls dangling right in front of her, but that it was "cool" I could do that.

I would like to say she looked like Angelina Jolie, but then I'd have to label this one fiction. She was average looking, a bit on the heavy side, but, her enthusiasm far made up for it.

The story I wrote about a female ranger catching a masturbator actually happens, and she indicated that she had arrested naked men for "touching themselves". Later during my trip I noticed a guy that was definitely a Ranger Rick type, and was obviously hoping to catch a couple or some guy being what they deemed "lewd", so be careful if you go.

On a final note, I find this a great find for CFNM enthusiasts. Here is a girl that has a vocation similar to those girls that enter locker rooms and interview the athletes. The difference is the volume of nude men she is around is far greater. It is analgous to her, say, working in a men's locker room all day and talking to the men as they shower and parade about in the nude...and she loves it!

Author:  Brad [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: CFNM at Public Clothing-Optional Beaches

Rodney 5/23/11

Brad, I just posted one of my college experiences on another thread, but I will repeat an observation I made there, namely that most women, once they get over the initial shock at seeing nude men, and once they realize they are not at risk, quickly get used to the male nudity and accept it as normal and natural, to the point where they get disappointed if males try to cover up.

The park ranger's comments only confirms this observation.

Allan_C. 5/24/11

Yes, that has been my experience too. I would go so far as to say it has been virtually universal in my experience with respect to female doctors, nurses, masseuses, and miscellaneous female friends and acquaintances. It is really remarkable. Not long ago, I asked a close female friend who is in her early 60s (and with whom I occasionally sleep) this question: do adult women like to see naked men? Her answer: yes, she and all of her friends now and at various stages growing up from childhood to senior citizen status have liked and continue to like seeing naked men and especially penises -- flaccid or erect -- and balls. The only thing that has changed she said is that as she got older she got more comfortable admitting it, to herself and later to others. Furthermore, she did not really know why she found them interesting because most of the time she was not interested in having sex with them. She went on to say that she thinks it is as built in for human females as liking "tits and ass" is for males.

And I have another woman friend, a past lover, who is a practicing psychotherapist. She said much the same thing. In fact, she said, she sometimes uses how open her female patients are about male genitals as an indicator of how repressed or guarded they are about their own feelings about sex and men in general.

Brad - 5/24/2011

Thanks for the input on this. I agree with Rodney and Allan C. What I found wonderful about this female county officer was that here was a woman in a position of power while also loving the fact that she had a job that everyday put her in a position wherein she was surrounded by naked men, each day a different group of them.

The paved road that is above and parallels the water front is narrow, just one lane and maybe 10 feet wide. I was walking behind her at one point, maybe 50 feet, following her as she walked her patrol last Sunday. The road is about 1/2 mile in total. She wore dark reflective sunglasses, which of course is normal, but I'm sure she liked wearing them as she could look wherever she pleased and no one would know where.

During the last 1/4 mile, one enters a more gay area, and, an area where it is almost exclusively men. I also think a lot of these guys enjoy enjoy exposing themselves gratuitously by walking naked back and forth on the road.

Besides this female park officer, I didn't see a single female on the road, clothed or otherwise, only men. However, there were many, maybe a dozen on the road itself that walked passed us. And every single man walking towards her and passing right next to her was completely naked - I found that somewhat arousing in that if one guy had been clothed, it would have made the situation more mixed, but, in this situation, ALL the men were stark naked that walked by her, and that was delightful to me.

Although under other circumstances it would be a dismal to not have females, I found it a wonderful CFNM experience seeing this young woman being approached by one naked guy after the next with their penises and balls on prominent display in front of her swinging as they passed her. Several said hi to her and smiled and she returned it. One tall thin guy had particularly low hanging balls that hung far below the tip of his penis and as they swung to and fro as he walked towards her, I saw her head instantly veer down in the direction of his crotch clearly evidencing she too was looking at his balls watching them swing as she passed him.

She would peer down from time to time and look at some of the nude men on the banks observing them, clearly attempting to see if they were masturbating. I was praying she would catch a guy stroking his cock as I would have loved to see her approach him, point it out to him what he was doing and watching the interaction - naked male masturbator caught red handed (or rather wet handed) sporting a wet stiffy right in front of her then pleading with her not to bust him and hear their discussion, but no such luck. However, I know such has happened to her as she had told me it was a problem and arrests were made for men doing it, although I would like to think she would give him only a warning the first time she catches a naked guy jacking off in front of her - he'd definitely owe her gratitude and no doubt be nice to her from that point forward. It was on her return and as she came close to me that I (while only wearing sandals) stopped her and asked her my questions (discussed above) and we chatted about the "rules" of being nude. I was holding my towel, but kept it rolled up by my side to make sure my cock was not covered and to give her an opportunity to look at my goods too if she was so inclined.

I encourage any of you reading this to go experience it yourself if you're even in the Austin area. Just make sure you're not wearing anything when you talk to one of these female officers, as I would like to think they prefer it that way! ;D

Author:  Brad [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:42 pm ]
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Anothernaked1 06/02/11

Another true experience I had with a Rangerette at Hippie Hollow.

First, some background for the people who have not been to Hippie Hollow. Hippie Hollow is a narrow park between the county road and the lake that generally runs east west. It has a large parking lot at the west end and then between the parking lot and the water is park itself. Once you park, you walk down to the sign where it is posted that nudity may be encountered. This is at the west end of the park. The park is fairly heavily wooded with Oaks and scrub mesquite. Here also is where an improved roadway starts that runs east west through the through the park generally following the pattern of the shoreline. The Rangers can drive their vehicle down this road and you can walk on this road (naked as the day you were born once past the sign). This road continues east about three quarters through the park and ends at the beginning of the gay area. The trees and plants continue on both sides of the road. On the south side of the road the trees and such go to a point where to where they come to an abrupt stop and it becomes the rocky ledges. The trees are very thick in places so it can be hard to see the road, if you can at all, from where the trees stop. There are also two restrooms next to the road, one near the entrance and one about the midway point in the park. At this time the lake was very low so there was probably a good twenty or thirty yard to the water from where the trees stopped. The contour of the land drops at a fairly steep pitch from the road to the water as well.

As usual had stripped off and was laying out nude for a while just beyond the second bathroom. At some point, I had gotten board and decided to go for a walk. When I go for a nude walk at there I always put on my Tevas (because of the rocks) and take my car keys, but nothing else, leaving my clothes, towel and everything else there. Well maybe I will take a beer. So, I started to walk along the shore near the water towards the west end of the park back toward the entrance. There were some people along the beach, a few couples and some singles. As I past these people I was enjoying this CFNM aspect of my walk.

As you round the last inlet going west of the lake the shore becomes fairly straight so you can see pretty far. As made this last turn I could see two Rangers, one female and one male, just out of the trees where the beach starts. As I was probably a hundred yard away from them and another thirty yards below them, I was really not close enough for any real good CFNM experience. Then, I saw them turn and go up and disappear through the trees toward the road. I thought “Darn missed a good opportunity there.” I figured that they were going to leave and I would not see them again.

I reached the extreme west end of the park and walked back up to the start of the road. As I stepped out on the road to go back east to my stuff, I could see the two Rangers about one hundred yards down the road talking outside of their vehicles. The vehicles were facing down the road to the east. When I am about a fifty yards away, the female Rangers stops talking to the male Rangers and walks to the rear of her vehicle and leans up against it putting her elbow on the vehicle and resting her head against her hand. At this point she is blatantly staring at me walking nude down the road straight toward her with a smirky big grin. For some reason, absolutely no one else is on the road between her and the beginning of the road, so it very obvious that she is staring at me.

I am thinking she must not be stationed here or she would definitely not be making a big production of looking at a naked guy walking on the road, as naked guys are generally a dime a dozen. As I get closer, she maintains her pose and I continue walk straight towards her totally naked making no effort to cover-up or turn off the road, which I could have easily done. But this was too hot to back down an inch and I was going to milk it for all its worth. Also, knowing that it was perfectly legal for me to stark naked where I was, what was she going to do? As am about twenty feet from her, I realize she is trying to shame me or embarrass me by staring at me. What she doesn't realize is this is only turning me on even more and I am having the thrill of a life time and at the same time trying to fight off a raging boner. While I do become a little more inflated, I am fairly successful in this.

As I pass her, I politely say “Hi”. She returns with a “Hi” and just continuing to smile that smirky smile and stare at me. I just kept on walking and rounded the curve. Then, from behind me I hear the Ranger trucks coming up from behind.

As the road is narrow there, I continue to walk in front of her truck, giving her a good view of my ass, until the road widens enough for me to step out of her way. Then, they continue on to the second bathroom where there is enough space for the trucks to turn around. They both turn around and leave.

I realized that she was probably not stationed at that park and was not used to the open nudity. I think she was a little shock at the brazenness of my walking directly toward her, but it was too exciting to pass up. Also, she was the one who was openly staring at me (generally considered poor form in a clothing optional/nude environment). Finally, it was obvious that she was voluntarily at a clothing optional beach. Think back on it, I still can't help but think how cute it was that she thought she could embarrass me for being nude in front of her.


You did an excellent job describing the park and the same scenario I encountered. I think the females officers that work the park have different attitudes and perspectives. Some may be intimidated when a man walks up to them naked, some may feel he is intentionally flaunting or exposing himself for her reaction, and some, like the one I chatted with a couple of weeks ago, was in my opinion a voyeuristic woman that enjoyed looking at all the swinging dicks passing her, and told me how "beautiful" it was people could be naked.

To reiterate, when I asked her if it was acceptable for me to walk down the road naked, she said "absolutely", and furthered it by saying I could be nude anywhere in the park I wanted except those areas where I could be viewed from outside of the park, which included the parking lot. She said wants I step onto the trail from the parking lot, I could strip naked and be that way anywhere I wanted. As she said this, she had a friendly smile on her face, all the while my dick and balls were exposed to her.

I did notice a change that I did not notice a few years ago, and that is, the rangers seemed to patrol in pairs - a male and female. The males bother me in that they have that pious "I'm the law, and you must do as I say, and you're weird!" Yet, these same rangers seemed to walk up to every girl there that was topless and nude and seemed to be lecturing them about the rules, even though they were not violating any. The reason? The male rangers (I call them "Ranger Ricks" were just as much pervs as the rest of us and wanted to talk to naked ladies. It was at that time when the female ranger was standing by herself and her male counterpart was down talking to the ladies that I talked to her. I think she probably enjoyed the "turn about is fair play" and was glad she too could be talking to naked people of the opposite sex.

Again a caution - the Ranger Ricks hide in bushes and will sneak up behind you. I was sitting there putting on suntan lotion on my chest and stomach when I saw one staring at me from behind and although he couldn't see what I was doing, he just and shook his head and said "Don't" as if I was intending to slide my hand down and wack away. He was implying that I was just going to sit there in front of the world to see and masturbate. It REALLY pissed me off, and I waved the suntan tube at him and asked "Oh, is suntan lotion illegal here, or is it mandatory we get burnt?" It leads me to believe the Ranger Ricks are desperate to snag any male they might even assume is perving out as to justify their own existence in being able to perv out themselves and walk along the rocks and chat (flirt?) with the naked ladies. We've all seen this at nude beaches with certain guys that act like the beach police and try to regulate it to be proper as they think it puts them in a social group and way of thinking that the ladies have - their ultimate goal is to use it as a way to get at the naked ladies.

Here is a photo of Hippy Hollow. You can see the road that parallels the water. The length of the bottom yellow line is about 1/2 mile. I got this off Google Earth, and if you zoom in, you can even see some of the nudists. My guess is this was a weekday given the smaller crowd:


Hippy Hollow photos

View of beach from road

Another view of the beach from the road

The female rangers are often on these same rocks as this guy, and I've had conversations with them wearing the same suit he is.

Three ladies at Hippy Hollow - it is common to see ladies come in groups like these three, yet not even wear bathing suits, evidencing their blatant voyeurism (cuz you don't see groups of clothed ladies like this at the other textile beaches). With a friendly smile and nice request, if you give them your camera it is guaranteed these type of ladies will love to take your picture with them - you naked, them not - just be prepared when they whip out their *own* camera for photos of you *they* will keep! In the 1980s and when I was in great shape, there were many times when I'd be naked and approached by clothed girls with cameras and one would ask "can I take your picture?" My advice is never let them take it with just you - if they are in the picture too they are less likely to post it in blogs (but regardless, only do it if you are unconcerned if it is on the Internet, which is why I wear shades and a hat).

When I'd go alone, I personally like to sit near these groups of girls or ladies, as if you keep in shape, a conversation is sure to strike up, and you can spend the rest of the day hanging (literally) out naked with clothed females, and they love it.

This guy is standing at the restroom area with photographer standing on main road. On a busy day, there are crowds walking down the road about 10 feet behind this guy. It's perfectly acceptable for you to be completely naked here or anywhere else and you'll see a lot of other naked men walking down the road - however, it is doubtful you'll see any of the women you're sure to pass on the road nude or even topless.

Author:  Brad [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Hippy Hollow - Information, Reviews

My First CFNM Experience (or one of them...)

Hippy Hollow, Austin area, Texas - Early 1980s

I have a number of CFNM experiences that were highly erotic that happened during my college days in Austin, Texas out at Lake Travis. As you probably know, since the hippy generation of the 1960s, the liberal Mecca in Texas has been Austin, and it's lake shores have seen a tradition of nude usage ever since. Adding to the delight of this situation is the large University of Texas in Austin which has over 50,000 students, half of which are coeds. Every year a good percentage of these coeds come to Lake Travis to witness the states most famous (and only) clothing-optional spot, Hippy Hollow. Hippy Hollow is now a legally sanctioned beachfront that allows full nudity anywhere within this county park.

I have tried to think of my very first truly, total CFNM experience, and a number come to mind. But one in particular stands out as the first, was transformative, and I still remember the experience. I was there for the first time one sunny weekday afternoon after my classes. Even though I knew they existed, I was all the same shocked and amazed that there existed a place where people would go to a public venue, strip completely naked and do so in front of anyone...the entire see. The thought of it was both erotic, but a bit scary. "Isn't this weird? Isn't this what a pervert would do? What will a girl think of me if I do something perverted like this in front of her?" were all going through my brain. But shouting them down was "And isn't this erotic as HELL!"

I had adopted a stray puppy that I'd taken with me. The puppy "Bud" was a cute German Shepherd/Labrador mix, and an absolute chick magnet. As bud and I walked down the trail still clothed (me that is, not Bud), I saw three drop-dead gorgeous coeds from U.T. on a flat rock, that turned out to be in the sorority Tri Delta that was known to have the hottest babes on campus. They all had their suits on. Knowing there was a textile beach two miles away, there being here clearly was a sign they wanted to see the "sights" (as in penises and naked male butts). They had not seen me coming, and I knew I would be walking past them. The rocky trail meant I would literally almost have to step on their towels as I passed them. I stopped, stepped back behind some rocks where they could not see me, then had an internal debate. Do I stay clothed, let them see Bud and go "Awwww!" and sit and chat with them, maybe get a phone number? Or, do I strip completely naked, walk past them and do the same thing, although the chance of a naked guy getting their phone numbers would probably not be an option - they'd think I was some kind of perv, but, maybe liked it for the moment.

I kept debating internally until finally I told myself "You've always fantasized about this, and if you don't, it will just remain a fantasy. Go for it!" That final voice won out. I started to strip down and my heart was beating so rapidly and so loud, I thought they could hear it. I was then stark naked. I even wanted to take my socks and shoes and watch off off because I wanted to make sure every bit of my naked body was on full display. I put my things in a back pack I had been carrying, then, stepped onto the trail towards them.

Once my mind was made up and I was now walking toward them, naked with my dick swinging to and fro, it was a feeling I'd never had before. I'd only been nude in front of just a few girls in my life during sex, only in private, and, they too were nude. The thought hit me I was naked just as i was when taking a shower, yet walking in this bizarre state of undress towards three beautiful, clothed girls I had never met before and in a public venue. I had never felt so naked in my life. It was like that dream where you're in school then realize you're naked, yet this was the real thing - I was about to be totally, completely stark naked in front of female classmates that I'd never met before. The feeling was like a cold bucket of water thrown on me and my heart was pounding - my feet kept walking towards them as though on auto pilot I could not control whereas the rest of me kept thinking "I can't believe I'm doing should stop...this will be VERY weird...stop NOW!". But my feet would not listen and kept taking me to these three goddesses sitting on their beach towels. Then, when i was about 15 feet away, it was too late to turn back, one turned and saw me coming right at them while Bud marched with me at my feet extremely happy about the whole world and everything in it.

As she looked at me she froze with the recognition of being approached by a stark naked young man. I was in great shape, buff, a gym-rat, so my ego got a boost when I heard her say softly to the others something like , "Oh wow! Check out what's coming our way". All three turned and were looking at me, and their eyes gravitated first downward to my dick and balls, with the realization they were looking at my penis and testicles sent a shock wave my body while awakening my libido. Then, they looked downward at Bud. Thankfully, my little ambassador Bud was intent on meeting this girls as he lunged with pure happiness at their sight. The girls were now saying in unison "Awwwww, what a cute puppy!". Bud lost all self control and raced over to them, his entire body wagging as he licked each girl with puppy kisses as the giggled and touched him. When I said "How's it going?", I was aboslutely relieved when all three responded with friendly, warm and eager greetings with big smiles. My fear of being rejected and scorned for approaching them naked was conquered, and my thoughts began to immediately readjust to the new order of things - I was now the naked guy with three gorgeous girls, and we were all perfectly fine with it!

So my fantasy was being realized. I was now standing at the foot of their beach towels, with my genitals on full display at all their eye levels. "What's his name?"...."Bud." "Aww, he's SO cute, how old?"...."three months, I think, I rescued him". "Aww, that's so nice of you to do that."

I then asked them if we could join their little party, and the response was "Sure!, absolutely!" (Bud, I'll never forget what you did for me that day little buddy!) For the next hour or so, I remained buck nekkid with three very pretty, clothed coeds. We talked, we laughed, we became friends. It was clear all of this was a new experience for them too. Back then, there was no Internet, so their exposure to adult male nudity had been very, very limited. I would catch them eyeing my package every once in a while - one blonde in particularly was virtually ogling my genitals as though trying to record every nuance of my penis and balls. This last one really got me aroused, and at one point when she realized I caught her staring at my dick, I then intentionally turned my hips towards her as though to communicate to her I was absolutely okay with her looking, so much so I was now presenting them to her for even closes inspection. As she continued to look, I felt my penis throbbing and beginning to stiffen, and my realizing that her watching my penis transform to an erection thereby her clearly seeing I found her looking sexually arousing just added fuel to the erotic fire that was evolving.

We eventually broke the ice and talked specifically about the nudity, and the fact that they too were newbies to Hippy Hollow. They talked openly about seeing naked guys, and admitted it was fun and a thrill to see the many penises and balls all about them. I learned that all three, unfortunately, had boyfriends, which I'd expect given their looks. At one point when i stood to go get Bud from falling off a rock, one even said "you have a cute butt" and touched it as the other too laughed. As I turned to thank her, another erotic thrill shot through me realizing these three beautiful girls were now staring at my naked butt right in front of them.

They eventually had to leave to meet some friends at happy hour somewhere (drinking legal at 18 when I was in college). I never got any phone numbers, which I knew was the end result anyway, and I never saw them again. But that experience made me addicted to CFNM and clothing-optional spots like Hippy Hollow, and for the next several years I frequented HH as well as two other clothing-optional spots at Lake Travis, Marshall Ford and Paleface Park, both now closed to nudity whereas HH when all-in with the County Commissioners adopting an ordinance that allowed full nudity at HH while concurrently only allowing adults (over 18) to enter the park. Since then, I've amassed hundreds of stories of wonderful CFNM experiences with clothed girls at clothing-optional beaches, some highly erotic, and a number evolving into actual relationships with the girls I met at those places.

Author:  dh92014 [ Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Hippy Hollow, Austin, Texas - Information, Review

I am going to be in Austin in October for business and I am planning to also visit Hippy Hollow. I have never been there and am looking forward to it. Brad, thanks for your detailed info above. I also found a Yelp site that has 104 reviews of HH. The names of many of the people writing those reviews appear to be female and most are very positive.

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