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Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas
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Author:  wyll83 [ Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas

Please correct me if I am wrong, I mean in the wrong space.

I found this:
Q. What is your visitor textile policy?
A. Clothing optional for women and children. Clothing free for adult males. The swimming pool, hot tub and sauna are always au naturel.

This is the site:

I think it could be a CFNM friendly etiquette. Everyone must be naked in the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc., while in the entire resort women and children can be clothed but for the males nudity is mandatory everywhere.

Do you know anything about that? Any experiences?

Thank you for your attention.


From another site: ... ist-resort

The nudity policy at Bluebonnet Resort is clothing optional for women and children and clothes free for adult men (mandatory nude). The swimming pools, hot tub and sauna are always nude only.


Author:  Brad [ Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas

On the site you referenced:

"The nudity policy at Bluebonnet Resort is clothing optional for women and children and clothes free for adult men (mandatory nude). "

I've heard of a number of clothing-optional venues wherein full nudity is mandatory for males, but not for females. Although some argue it's an unfair double-standard, I'm strongly in favor an any policy that results in more women coming, and this is one.

Author:  wyll83 [ Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas

Thank you for your reply Brad.
Don't you think this double standard could create some cfnm situations?
And as I am very interested could you tell me the venues that provides this etiquette?

Thank you very much.

Author:  Brad [ Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas

It's been a number of years since others posted those places on the old VSFW, so I invite our members to refresh our memory as to where they were.

But by way of contrast, although it is not a nudist resort, per se, one place gives us an idea of how that might work. Thad's in San Diego is a swinger spot that has a mandatory full nudity for all men, yet women may wear clothes providing those clothes are "sexy". That includes a two-piece bathing suit, which some wear. I've been there a couple of times years ago. During my experiences, their policy, even though "clothing-optional" for females, resulted in a 100% pure CFNM situation. The entire evening I did not even see one exposed breast in a venue full of exposed penises and balls. Also, if one looks at clothing-optional beaches, the proportion of men that go nude is far higher than females. Outside of the male nudists, there are always a parade of men that remain clothed and cruise back and forth and back and forth on the beach gawking at the naked females. If such a policy were enacted at nude beaches, it would remove the male gawkers (which is the intent of such rules) and those beaches would become even more CFNM in nature. With the creep factor diminished, more females would go - both clothed and nudists.

It's not surprising that Texas would have such a policy, as southerners aren't known for their respect (or understanding) of Constitutional law. Although a different comparison, the application of anti-discrimination and gender equality came about in a suit filed against a clothing-optional resort in the Los Angeles area, Elysium Fields. The male plaintiff was upset that single men had to pay a significantly higher membership fee than women. The result was that the inequity in fee payment was deemed a violation of anti-discrimination laws resulting in the same fee owed by both males and females. I felt this resulted in a terrible impact to the resort in that women lost an important incentive for joining. However, I can't remember if it was tried in the state courts, or, federal courts. The latter would be far reaching in its impact. argument would be that the inequity in dress was also a violation of anti-discrimination law.

Regardless, most nudist resorts are either clothing-optional, or, "clothing-free", and apply to both genders. I've been to clothing-optional resorts such as Elysium Fields, and there was some very exciting CFNM moments when attractive young ladies were checking it all out yet remaining clothed. Nudist resorts (mandatory nudity), usually have areas designated as such, with the remaining areas being clothing-optional for both genders.

Conclusion - I hope our resident historians can remember those places that have double-standard clothing requirements as such places.

Author:  wyll83 [ Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: BlueBonnet Park, Texas

Thank you as always for your kind attention.

Awaiting for some more feedback.

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