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Australian beaches
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Author:  Tyson [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Australian beaches

Australian has lots of lovely nudist beaches, but in my experience, not much in the way of cfnm. With so much coastline and so few people, there is no need for someone to visit a nude beach unless they're planning to be nude themselves. I'm hoping that someone has some better recommendations.

Nudity is illegal in Queensland, and all nude beaches are unofficial. I believe that every other state has legal nude beaches.
Alexandria Bay, Noosa. Alexandria Bay is a beautiful sandy beach backed by Noosa National Park. It is a popular and scenic walk accessible from Noosa or Sunshine Beach. There is a constant stream of clothed tourists (male and female) walking along the beach and nudists are in the minority. Unfortunately, there have been some instances of police visiting the beach and issuing infringement notices to nude beachgoers. This means that NMs now tend to hide in the sand dunes where they can't be seen by the passing CFs. Not recommended.

New South Wales
There are many legal nude beaches in New South Wales, mostly on deserted beaches with little through-traffic. A few of note:
North Belongil Beach, Byron Bay. Legal nude beach with lots of nudists (male and female). Some clothed tourists but in the minority.
King's Beach, Broken Head. Very scenic legal nude beach, just south of Byron Bay. Accessed via a walk through the forest at the end of a long one-way road. Predominantly gay. Occasional clothed tourists, including groups of young female backpackers, but just as often King's beach is 100% nude, or even completely deserted.
Samurai Beach, Port Stephens. This beach is an isolated and frequently windswept section of the central coast. It is the rather strange combination of the only nude beach and only 4wd beach in the area. This means there is a mix of clothed (4wd owners) and nude people that would usually present cfnm opportunities. However, the beach is so long and so wide that there is rarely any reason to be in close proximity to anyone else. Don't be one of those creeps who intentionally walks close to unwilling clothed people.
Birdie Beach, Lake Munmorah. The nudist section of the beach is at the extreme north end of the beach. Because of this, it doesn't get much through traffic, and is almost 100% nude.
Cobblers Beach, Sydney. Cobblers beach has one of the more even gender splits of any nude beach I've visited. Almost everyone is nude, so it is more nfnm than cfnm.
Obelisk Beach, Sydney. Almost entirely gay, rarely any women. More cmnm than cfnm.
Lady Jane Beach, Sydney. The beach itself if almost entirely gay, male, and nude. It seems to be popular with Asian tourists - either on tourist boats that slow down as they pass the beach so that the tourists can take pictures, or from the walkway at the top of the cliff. They tend not to walk down the steps to the beach itself. Long-distance cfnm only, and lots of men getting to know each other very well on the rocks (not that there's anything wrong with that if its what you're into but not my cup of tea).
Werrong Beach, Sydney. Werrong beach is very pretty, and reached via a very steep 45 minute walk through Royal National Park. The beach itself is nearly 100% nude, and about 80% male. From the carpark there are two trails - one leads to the nude Werrong Beach, and the other to the very clothed Figure 8 Pool (a nearby natural rock formation). The number 8 is lucky in China, and hundreds of Chinese tourists and locals (often university students) visit Figure 8 Pool. There is a sign indicating "nude beach", but inevitably some take the wrong turnoff and end up at Werrong Beach by mistake. When they reach the beach they get quite a shock to see dozens or even hundreds of naked people.

Western Australia
Western Australia provides lots of opportunities for nudism, but far less for planned cfnm encounters. That is because the state is so vast with so many deserted beaches.
North Swanbourne Beach, Perth. This is the only nude beach in Western Australia that I'm aware of that attracts a crowd, and has a good probability of cfnm. The nude section is about 200m north of the carpark and marked by a large sign. Most of the stationary beach goers are naked men. But North Swanbourne is a wealthy area, populated with fitness-oriented professional women who like to run or power walk, fully clothed, down the length of the beach. Can be up and down, but some days there is a constant stream of Lululemon clad walkers. Other days its one old man walking by himself.

Victoria and South Australia
Both states look like they have popular and accessible nude beaches, but I haven't been.

Are there any Australian's around who can offer any suggestions or reports?

Author:  Rien1984 [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

I'm not an Aussie, nor have I ever been there, but I follow Little Congwong Beach and Lady Bay beach on Instagram. Both seem great for CFNM!

Author:  Tyson [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Thanks Rien1984. Interesting report - I'll have a look on instagram.
I've never been but Little Congwong is an unofficial nude beach and I believe the police have issued infringement notices there in the past - use at your own risk.
Lady Bay is another name for Lady Jane Beach.

Author:  doug444 [ Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Tyson wrote:
Are there any Australian's around who can offer any suggestions or reports?

Yes, me. ;)


I currently live in Victoria so this is up-to-date information.

Sunnyside North beach.

Sunnyside North is located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and on the shore of Port Phillip Bay. As such it is a calm water beach, as opposed to a surf beach. It is a sandy beach with a fair smattering of rocks. Access to the beach is a 750m walk along the shore or inland tracks at high tide from Sunnyside Beach, which is a textile beach. Access would be difficult for the elderly or disabled.

Sunnyside North is the end of the trail; there is no through traffic. Anyone who goes there knows what is there and is there to get nude or to check out the nudists. The crowd can get rather large particularly on hot sunny days during the holidays but I have never seen it so crowded that you cannot find a decent spot to lay out your towel. The gays congregate at the far north end of the beach behind a rocky outcrop but the other half of the beach is pretty much 50/50 male and female, with at least 90% of beachgoers being naked , at least in the past two or three years.

Possibly because there is no passing traffic and its comparative difficulty to get to, this beach has a reputation for lewd behavior. It is not uncommon to see handjobs and blowjobs occuring on the neighboring blankets and fucking is not unheard of. There are very limited opportunities for CFNM here.

Point Impossible Beach

Point Impossible is a surf beach near Torquay, South of Melbourne. The clothing optional area is 1 km of flat sandy beach with only one small rocky area. The beach can be accessed from either end and also from a short path to a car park half way along the beach, which is how most people get there.

Access from both ends of the beach leads to a fair bit of passing traffic such as dog-walkers resulting in a lot of CFNM opportunities.Apart from the walkers, the majority of the beachgoers are getting naked nowadays, again.

There are often big crowds there when the weather is nice but the wind can be strong at times and you can be almost sand-blasted off of the beach.

Some days the gender split is 50/50 and others it is predominately older males. It tends to be better on weekends and holidays.

Southside Beach

Southside is fairly close to Point Impossible, maybe 10 km by road. It is much harder to access with the car park being on a high cliff and a long walk in. Most people only go here when the wind is too strong at Point Impossible, because it is more sheltered there. On those days the dog walkers go there too. For some reason dogs are only allowed on a few beaches and the list includes the two local nude beaches. This does have its advantages.

That's about it for legal clothing optional beaches in Victoria. I am out of time tonight. I will do South Australia, Northern Territory and Austrailain Capital Territory another time.

Author:  aussieb [ Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Rien1984 wrote:
I'm not an Aussie, nor have I ever been there, but I follow Little Congwong Beach and Lady Bay beach on Instagram. Both seem great for CFNM!

I was at Lady Bay recently it is very open to passers by a few of whom stop to look. I have a handful of pictures I will endevour to post shortly.

Author:  Tyson [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Second hand report on Cobblers and Obelisk beaches:

Cobblers Beach and Obelisk Beach are both official nude beaches, within walking distance (600 metres) from each other in the inner Sydney suburb of Mosman. Most nude beaches in my experience have a gay end and a straight end, but because there are two beaches so close to each other, Cobblers is known as the "straight beach" and Obelisk is the "gay beach". They do face in different directions, so depending on the wind sometimes both groups move to one beach.

Two of my friends (straight nudist early-30s couple) recently went to the beach in Sydney on a sunny Sunday afternoon. This is therefore a second hand report, but I can't see why they wouldn't be telling the truth.

First they went to Cobblers Beach, which is usually (in my experience) mostly nude. They said that the beach was very busy, mostly nude, lots of straight couples, with fewer excess males than at most nude beaches. Cobblers beach gets very small at high tide, and the combination of the large crowd and tiny area of sand meant that when they visited it was towel-to-towel crowded. Australia has so much coastline that its very rare for a beach to be overcrowded, so if the nude beaches are this busy its probably a good sign that there might be pressure to open more nude beaches in Sydney in the future.

They reported that Cobblers was too busy for their liking, so they thought rather than give up they would try walking around the corner to the gay beach (Obelisk Beach). I've only been to Obelisk Beach once, several years ago, but on that occasion there were about 100 people there, with 100% of them being male. They said on this occasion it was even busier with at least 200 people, and that it was still mostly male, but that there were several groups of younger women in bikinis amongst the nude men. Most men were naked, but my friend was the only nude female. My friends didn't speak to the bikini girls, so they weren't sure whether they were there to ogle the nude men, to avoid harassment from straight men, or just because other beaches were too busy. Nonetheless, it looks like for at least one day in February, Obelisk Beach swapped from gay-only to cfnm.

I usually think neither beach is that great for cfnm opportunities (Cobblers all nude, Obelisk all men), but if you're on your way to Cobblers Beach it might be worth the short detour to check out Obelisk Beach, just to see if the bikini girls have arrived.

Author:  doug444 [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Tyson wrote:
Second hand report on Cobblers and Obelisk beaches

Thanks for the report Tyson,

I have been to both of these beaches but not within the last 20 years. Sounds like not much has changed except for the size of the crowds. Cobblers has always been busy and mainly mixed gender couples but I don't think I have ever seen it towel to towel.

Obelisk beach has been known as the Gay beach since even before it was made clothing optional and I doubt it will ever change. That's probably a good thing for everyone.

Author:  Tyson [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

I’ve been meaning to post some updated beach reviews for a while. Here are a couple of positive experiences on the beaches near Byron Bay (both mentioned earlier in this thread):

Byron bay beach update, March 2019

North Belongil.

Legal clothing optional beach.

Long straight exposed beach, east facing. Byron Bay climate is pretty good all year round but the water is warmest in late summer and autumn/fall. Accessible from three directions: along the beach from Brunswick Heads (South Beach Rd) to the north, along the beach from Byron Bay to the south (easiest access from Bayshore Drive), or from the Grays Lane/Black Rock Road car park. Grays lane is the closest (about 200 walk along the sand to get to the nude area). Parking is paid requires a ticket from a box. There are toilets in the Grays Lane car park.

I thought this beach needed an update. I hadn’t been in several years but then went a couple of times a few months ago. North Belongil used to be a bit seedy - lots of gay cruising particularly in the dunes, swingers, flashers, and generally people not following nudist etiquette (along with a large number of well behaved nudists - as always it’s a few who ruin it for everyone else). After several complaints to the council, the nude beach was shortened substantially and large signs erected at each end. The nude area used to be an undefined area extending basically just south of Brunswick Heads all the way to the Belongil Creek (probably about 2 km). Now it has been reduced to about 500m. There are also reportedly regular police patrols.

It’s always hard to judge a beach off only a few visits, but these changes seem to have altered the character of the beach, mostly for the better. Less bad behaviour (and maybe a broader trend - see comments by Brad and others in other threads) has meant way more women, both clothed and nude. On the two afternoons and one morning I was there, the gender balance was about 30% women. The shortening of the nude section, and some erosion which seems to have made the beach narrower, has brought everyone closer together. And the large signage makes consent much clearer, as no one can claim to be surprised to see nude people. There were still plenty of clothed walkers walking through the nude section.

While it’s a shame you can’t walk nude over such a long distance, in all I think the changes are an improvement. Lots of cfnm and nfnm interaction, lots of 18-25yo backpackers from Europe and North America, and that faux-hippy charm that makes everyone so friendly and approachable. I didn’t visit the dunes or the tea tree lake - unofficial nude areas - so I don’t know if they’ve been affected by the changes. **Edit: Apparently the police are issuing fines to anyone nude in the dunes behind the nude area. Nudity is allowed on the beach only**

Kings beach

Kings beach is not a legal nude beach. However, according to the locals, nudity is well accepted even by the police. One told me that when the beach was closed due to a large great white shark, the police came down to the beach and told everyone to get out of the water, but didn't remark on anyone's nudity.

I’ve written about Kings beach before. I went again several times earlier this year, and not much has changed. Very scenic beach, accessed by one of two walks (down the stairs from Kings beach car park or around the rocks from broken head). For the less fit, don’t despair: the path is nothing like blacks beach in San Diego, wreck beach in Vancouver or Werrong beach in Sydney - down the stairs is 10 minutes at the very most. The walk around the rocks is more adventurous and requires some climbing. The car park at broken head is paid (at the ticket machine) but the one above Kings beach is free (up a gravel road marked “seven mile beach”). Expect both car parks to fill up on a sunny weekend so best to get there early.

The beach is backed by native forest and is one of the more picturesque beaches. There is more shade than at north Belongil, with mature trees coming right down to the sand. But if in the shade expect to be approached by gay men (see below).

Lots of gay men (usually naked): Kings beach is known as the gay beach, and there is graffiti to this effect at the top of the path. The gays were surprisingly well behaved out in the open compared to other gay beaches (didn’t see any overt sexual activity), but if you need to go into the bushes to pee you may want to avert your eyes.

Lots of young foreign backpackers: males, females, and groups, usually clothed, usually very friendly and will chat to naked males. Occasionally they’ll get naked themselves.

Both beaches were better cfnm experiences than I remember from previous years. Maybe I’m just getting easier to please...

Author:  Carrie [ Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Casuarina Beach, Darwin.
By the simple fact the beach is local to me, I thought I might as well provided some information. But the TLDR version is that the beach is quite boring. I do note I have never actually tried to engage in CFNM at the beach, and my thoughts are based on my observations when I have taken my dogs along the beach or gone nude myself (kept to myself).

So Casuarina beach is a section of beach located closed to the suburb area of Darwin. Approximately 1km of said beach is designated as a legal nudist beach. There's a few beaches all around the northern suburban area of Darwin which means there's a few option for the clothing inclined to walk along and so that naturally reduces the potential.

Because of the heat and nasty creatures in the water, all of the beaches around the Darwin region are generally quiet, except for early morning and towards the evening when you can expect more walkers out and about. Even then few will actually walk along the nudist section of Cas beach. Those who do wander along the nudist section tend generally to avoid you where possible, which can be quite easy due to the size of the beach. In the dry season, you may be lucky to see a couple of younger tourists using the beach, but those days I suspect are rare. To maximise your chances you would really need to time an early morning high tide.

One issue with the beach is it's strong gay presence. Generally the beach is a hook-up location for gay men and gay voyeurs. They can be a little over-confident and annoying. They will happily masturbate right over you or stand right next to you trying to get you to acknowledge them. Because there isn't any real presence of traditional naturists, I think they get away with their shenanigans more than other places unfortunately. I think this also helps to scare off people from walking along it.

One issue with Darwin, is it's population. It's still small enough that people tend to know each other. For some of us, that's not a good thing. :oops:

I haven't tested my early morning hypothesis, but I'll definitely try it out in the future and provide updates in the future. 8-)

Author:  doug444 [ Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian beaches

Carrie wrote:
Casuarina Beach, Darwin.
By the simple fact the beach is local to me, I thought I might as well provided some information. But the TLDR version is that the beach is quite boring. I do note I have never actually tried to engage in CFNM at the beach, and my thoughts are based on my observations when I have taken my dogs along the beach or gone nude myself (kept to myself). ...

Thanks Carrie for the update on Casuarina beach.

I used to live in Darwin in the 1980's and again in around 2008-2010. What you have described above is not much different to how it was in 2008-2010. But back in the 1980's that beach was AMAZING.

Darwin was like a small frontier town - wild and friendly. There was a real sense of community and belonging as most of the people had been through the 1974 Cyclone or had helped rebuild the town post-cyclone. People worked hard and played harder. In a fine sunny evening in the dry season you would get big crowds at Casuarina beach. The "official" nudist section was still the same as it is today but the "unofficial" area was from just a couple of hundred metres along from the the first picnic area.

People used to bring picnic gear and even barbeques along to the beach and set up to cook their dinner and have a few cold drinks at the nude beach. People would bring sporting gear and impromptu games of cricket, touch football or almost any other sport would pop up all over the beach. Everyone would be naked and nobody cared. People would share their food and drink with total strangers. There would be a few "ghetto-blasters" pounding out the music and there was a real party atmosphere.

People would play sports, swim, share food and watch the Sun set over Nightcliff then pack up and go home.

Happy times.

Lots of things about the world have changed for the worse since those days.

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