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Beaches in Croatia
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Author:  Tyson [ Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is a nudists paradise.

Croatian's themselves aren't particularly into nudism, but Germans are. And Germans love to holiday in Croatia. There are nudist beaches, campgrounds, and resorts all along the coast and on most of the islands. A good place to start is

Most of these beaches are out of the way and populated almost exclusively by German (or Dutch) nudists. Some are very large and very popular. A population of ~100% nudists is idyllic for lazing about, swimming, and working on your tan, but not much of a cfnm opportunity. I have only found two exceptions but both are worth mentioning.

Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

(Description from Cronatur:)
How to get there: Catch one of the boats running every 30 mins from the old harbour to Lokrum once on the island walk from the jetty up a small hill then bear left at fork (FKK sign points this way) walk along footpath passing public toilets on right until you reach a number of signs indicating nude beach FKK. Walk down hill past drinks kiosk.
Facilities at the beach: Shower Toilet Restaurant
When you get off the boat there is a kiosk that sells sponge mats, be sure to purchase one because the nudist beach is just huge rocks so can be uncomfatable, this was our first time of going to a nude beach and I was surprised at the number of ppl who keep clothes on untill they choose a spot to sun bathe, most of whom just take a look around then leave, but it didnt put us off and we will certainly go again.

(Review from me:)
Lokrum is quite a scenic island, close to the extremely busy tourist town of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it varies from very busy (low season) to shoulder-to-shoulder (high season). From Dubrovnik port there are small ferries that go to Lokrum. From the ferry dock on the island its a short walk to a well signed nudist section.

As always, there is a gay section, which is further to the south. Sticking to the north, the beach has a shower and lots of flat rocks, and is in my experience 100% nude. (The reviewer above noticed that people walked clothed until they decided where to sit/lay before getting naked - they still count as nudists to me). There are a few places where you can access the water - either through very satisfying cliff jumps or much easier steel ladders.

Until about 11am it was a scenic fully nude beach with views down the Adriatic sea, sparkling water, high white cliffs in the distance, and the odd mega yacht. From then onwards there is a stream of tourists, either in tourist boats that stop only a few metres offshore (the water drops off very suddenly) or from kayaks that come within arms length of the rocks (there is a popular kayak tour for the young and fit that does a lap of Lokrum island - some keep their distance from the nudists and some accidentally bang their kayaks into the rock you're standing on because they aren't watching where they're going). Lying, sitting or standing on one of the rocks that is immediately next to the sea can be a rather extreme cfnm experience, of suddenly staring back at 50 Chinese tourists brandishing cameras from a nearby boat.

These aquatic tourists are fully clothed (rather than in bikinis as at most clothing optional beach) which makes the cfnm nature of the experience more obvious. The german regulars act like they don't even notice that they've become a tourist attraction in their own right.

I've been in July 2014 and April 2018, and both times were much the same, except July was busier.

Jerolim Beach, Hvar

(Review from CroNatur:)
Name of the beach: Jerolim
Location of the beach: Jerolim island just opposite Hvar town, island of Hvar
How to get there: By taxi boat from Hvar town. Choice of several boats running at least hourly until 13.00. Return at least hourly from 16.00 to 18.00. Cost 10 kuna return. Be sure to use same boat on outward & return trip as operators will look for you.
Take a look at Hvar panorama with naturist islands in the back
Facilities at the beach - none (this isn't accurate, there is a beach bar (clothing optional) and a restaurant (clothed) on the island.)
Large island with generally rocky beaches fringed by pine groves offering plenty of shade. Couple of fine shingle areas. Wear shoes when bathing as sea urchins can be a problem. The back of the island away from the jetty is more private than area around jetty and restaurant. Facilities do not open until mid to late June, so own supplies of water and food are essential early & late season. Very clean.

(Review from me:)

Hvar is an oddity. It was once a quiet peaceful Croatian Island, with some historic and archeological sites, much like any other. It was as far as you could imagine from a party island - that was still confined to Ibiza (Spain) or Mykonos (Greece). During this time, beaches on both Jerolim and Stipanska island were set aside for nude bathing to cater to the middle-aged German tourist crowd.

Then first one and then a second mega-club opened on one of the nearby islands, and suddenly Hvar was overrun by thousands of college-aged party animals. The biggest contingent seems to be Brits, but most European countries were represented as well as Australians, Americans, and a few other nationalities. They party all night, aided by pharmaceutical products, wake up in the afternoon, and decide they can't do anything except laze on the beach. The beaches on the main Hvar island are nothing special, so they catch one of the many water taxis out to the smaller picturesque islands, like Jerolim.

You can probably guess where this is going....

In the morning Jerolim is a quiet nudist beach. The best place seems to be the semi-circular bay on the far side of the island from where the taxis stop (more peaceful without the water taxies, and south facing to catch the sun). Reserve a sun lounge early, when its still quiet. In the morning I'd say at least half of the crowd is nude, including couples, singles and families.

After lunch, hordes of british girls arrive in bikinis and take over the beach. For some reason the boys don't seem to come - maybe more interested in sleeping than tanning, or, from what I heard in the conversations, more likely to choose alcohol as their drug of choice and therefore have a sun-averse hangover. The families and most of the nudists leave. Those nudists that remain find themselves surrounded by clothed people. By about 4pm I'd say the beach was 90% clothed and 70% college aged females. This despite a sign saying "nudist beach". The beach can be so crowded in high season that you almost have to step over the bikini-people just to get from the water, to your towel, to the bar, and back again. Lots of giggling, whispering, glancing, and opportunities for chatting.

I've been twice but both times in July 2014. I can't vouch for whether this experience was unusual or particularly seasonal. But if my visit is any indication, its an amazing cfnm location.


Anyway, those are my reports from Croatia. I went to about 12 nudist beaches in the south of the country up to the island of Krk. Apparently the far north of the country (Istra) is very nude-friendly as well but I haven't been. Does any one else have any reports from Croatia?

Author:  Brad [ Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Another fantastic review Tyson. I appreciate the great detail as few reviews on the Internet give us the perspective from "one of us". It really helps our travelers on this forum make decisions about their future journeys. I particularly enjoyed the review of Jerolim as you relate the story how a majority are young clothed females, even though the signage indicates it's a nude beach. Those scenarios present the perfect opportunity for a man to experience true CFNM with numerous females, which by given their numbers, present a lot of opportunity for a naked guy to meet and have conversations with such beauties. Having experienced that myself (albeit rarely with such numbers), it truly is a great experience in that the guy has no guilt about "exposing" himself as the females are all there knowing there will be nude men and go to enjoy that.

One question I have...

I've noticed many, many videos of a beach that I believe in Croatia wherein nudists frequently engage in open sex. I don't believe it is an official swingers beach, just a nude beach that is open-sex friendly. I've seen countless videos of naked couples engaged in sex (Beach Hunters has dozens) out in the open right on the water line as people walk by right next to them. Everyone seems accepting, and the couples must feel it's acceptable given the many scenes I've seen recorded of it. And although some couples try and build a small rock enclosure of a foot or two to hide them, many others don't both and do it right on the beach walk way no doubt enjoying the exposure.

I've learned over the years that one can often identify a beach given the color of the sand, grain or shoreline. Coccozella got so good he could name a nude beach by a single photo. So I'm hoping you can identify that beach by the photos below. As you can see, there's no sand, just smooth rocks and some flattened rock outcroppings. The videos are always shot from high above meaning there's probably a 100 foot cliff next to the beach. Is this one of the beaches you visited, and if so, can you name it?


Author:  insider [ Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Jeez no wonder ...
LOOK who the President is, from Brad's prior posting

New Croatiian President is.....WTF?!


Author:  Tyson [ Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

I've noticed many, many videos of a beach that I believe in Croatia wherein nudists frequently engage in open sex ... Is this one of the beaches you visited, and if so, can you name it?

Hi Brad

I'm not 100% sure but I can take a guess.

I haven't seen anything like that in Croatia, but there is one rocky beach further North than I have been that is known as the swingers beach. I'm sure its not completely legal, but accepted enough that even the official Rovinj tourist website describes it as a swingers beach and warns it is not suitable for children.

The beach is called Cape Cross (or "Punta Croce" or "Punta križ" or "Punta križa"). According to the website there are two adjacent beaches, one for open hetero sex and one for open gay sex. A quick google search suggests there were efforts in 2013 to issue fines and close it down, but the website suggests it's still active.

I'm not certain its the beach in your picture as I haven't been there. It looks to be about 3km north of the town of Rovinj, which is on the Istra peninsula. In this video you can see the shape of the coastline, and there looks to be a low cliff in parts, though I'm not sure it matches with the perspective in the photos you posted:

Author:  Brad [ Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Very interesting. No, it's not the same beach as all the videos are shot down from higher up evidencing some type of cliff or very steep hill. But the beach you've identified also has it's own attractions. ;)

If anyone finds out or has an idea, please post!

Author:  Australian [ Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Hi Tyson

Thanks for your post about Croatia. I’ve been there five times in the past decade, and although I’m probably more keen to travel elsewhere next time, there is something about the country that draws me back. It's really beautiful.

From purely a beach-visiting perspective, the major drawcard/drawback of the beaches there is that they tend to be small, intimate “cove” beaches, with pebbly/rocky surfaces, and access can be tricky or plain difficult. All beaches DEFINITELY 100% require water shoes!! So for those of us used to looooong sandy beaches, it’s a big point of difference. For a CFNM experience, it can be an advantage though as it creates an intimate environment. Water quality and temperature is lovely. Summer climate is usually VERY consistent and predictable.

I’ve been to both places mentioned in your post, and several others in Croatia, including a nudist resort up in the Istria region.


For me, Lokrum Island wasn’t my favourite. Dubrovnik itself is incredibly busy in summer, pushing up prices for everything, and I think this weighed on my visits there. Lokrum is a national park reserve and facilities and access to the water were limited!

But as you say, for purely CFNM experiences, it can be good. The first time I was there, I didn’t really know where the FKK section began, so when I saw the sign in the picture below, I decided to strip off right there. About ten seconds later from around the corner came a group of five clothed American/Canadian tourists who I heard chatting about my naked state and size when we crossed paths (they assumed that I couldn’t understand English). When I briefly looked over my shoulder a moment later, one of the girls in the group had snuck out her camera phone to grab a photo. I should have asked them if they wanted more….but I usually lack the confidence to do so!

The rest of the time on Lokrum was on some pretty uncomfortable rocks as all the flat sections were occupied by some serious-looking nudists, and with not a lot of new people arriving, 90% of those were men. As you mentioned, there are a steady stream of tourist boats that come past. I can’t recall the distances, but to me it didn’t feel like an intimate CFNM experience, more like an opportunity to respectfully “flash” to a group of passers-by. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun and I enjoyed swinging my cock and seeing my photo being taken, but with limited “repeat value” for me given the overall experience of Dubrovnik.


Hvar Island is quite different and more lively. Much easier to get to (via Split) and there are CFNM opportunities (official/unofficial) on the island and over on Jerolim (40 Kunas return and about 10 minutes on a fishing boat).

I’d say that even from your visits in 2014 until now, things have changed even more on the demographic front. Hvar (Hvar Town) itself is getting more and more popular every year, especially as a summer party destination for youngsters in competition with places like Ibiza or Mykonos etc. So there are fewer families going there (they tend to go to the quieter town of Jelsa now) and Hvar Town is full of younger people. (I'm generalising there, but you get the idea.)

As you mention, lots of groups of women like to travel together there in 2s, 3s, 4s etc. Jerolim is probably now around 90% clothed all day long (big change from my first visit where it was definitely more FKK), and the nudists seem to prefer to congregate on the rocky section of Kordovan Beach (the semi-circular bay you mentioned in your post). So the pebbly beach itself is a CFNM smorgasbord if you’re prepared to get naked. The beach is so compact, access to the water then narrows, so it is very intimate. Not a place if you like your own personal space!

Lots of smiles and glances - and even ogling - when a fit naked guy suddenly turns up! There’s a big sign at the entrance to Kordovan “warning” you that you’re entering a nudist friendly area, so no-one is going to be shocked when it happens.

Small-boat hire from Hvar means that the island gets lots of visitors this way too. I walked around the whole island naked – up to the bar, over to the ferry side of the island where there is now a little diving board. There is even a raft moored in the water at Kordovan Beach, which if you can get onto it provides wonderful CFNM and conversation experiences with bikini women if you can manage to keep the kids away from using it as a diving board.

Overall, it’s in my Top 3 locations for CFNM that I’ve been to, if you like it intense! Very obvious ogling, no one seems to have qualms about taking out the camera and snapping a photo. It happened to me so many times.

This post has turned out to be very long. Perhaps another time I’ll post about the other places I’ve been to.



Author:  Tyson [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Thanks Australian

Just curious - you mention Hvar is in your top three CFNM destinations. What are the other two?

Author:  Australian [ Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in Croatia

Tyson wrote:
Thanks Australian

Just curious - you mention Hvar is in your top three CFNM destinations. What are the other two?

All are in Spain.

Note - I haven't done any public events like B2B or WNBR yet. I doubt that the latter would displace anything in my list, the former could though!

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