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Parks and beaches in Germany
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Author:  Tyson [ Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Parks and beaches in Germany

Germany, particularly the eastern states that were part of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, might be the most nude-friendly place on earth. The Freikörperkultur ("FKK" or "free body culture") movement formally started with the first Freikörperkultur club in Essen in 1898, but grew in popularity in the post-war (communist) period. There are many nudist resorts and campgrounds, and swimming pools are often segregated into nude and clothed days. Saunas tend to be entirely nude (compulsory), and depending on the sauna this may extend to the entire complex. As well as being popular in the sauna and spa culture, nudity became common on east german beaches on the North Sea (particularly the island of Sylt), as well as along various lakes and rivers. Nudist beaches in Germany, whether on salt or fresh water, tend to be mostly nude with few clothed people. Those in the East tend to have few voyeurs because nudity has been commonplace for a long time.

A couple of CFNM opportunities to note are the urban nude parks. Several cities have parks and lawns in or near the middle of the city where Germans work on their all-over tan during their lunch break. Because of their location, they tend to have a combination of nudes and fully clothed people (joggers, walkers, even people in corporate attire). The Germans seem unconcerned about who is nude and who isn't, with the two groups freely mingling. In a few cities these lawns have also become minor tourist attractions, for tourists from countries without public nudity to come and see the sights:

1. Englischer Garten, München (English Garden, Munich)

München/Munich is in the south east of Germany but was part of West German. Despite this, there are at least six clothing-optional sunbathing locations in the city, but most are out-of-the-way and are popular among true nudists with few voyeurs. The most famous nude sunbathing area is in Englischer Garten, a very large public park just north of the centre of the city. There are sprawling paths, gardens, cafes, small lakes, and a few small tributaries of the river Isar including places where people "surf" the rapids on surfboards. In the South West of the park there is a lawn called Schönfeldwiese, south of the Schwabingerbach (stream), between the Monopteros and Japanisches Teehaus. The nude section is behind the American Consulate. Don't worry if those directions sound unclear - the collection of naked old germans is a giveaway. During a sunny day in summer, this area becomes crowded with clothed, swimsuited, and naked germans. There also tends to be a lot of physical activity, and if you're friendly you might be asked to join in throwing a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball. Being so close to the city it has also become one of Munich's tourist attractions, and draws foreign visitors just to view the nudes. Some of the nudists have now moved to a quiet unofficial nude area in the north of the park to avoid the tourists. On a busy day, Englischer Garten can be a cfnm thrill, both because of the density of clothed people, and the frequency of tourists. Over the past ten years the number of nudists seems to have dropped, and the number of Chinese tourists trying to find nudists has increased.

2. Tiergarten, Berlin

Tiergarten (officially Großer Tiergarten) is a large public park in the middle of Berlin (Berlin was split between east and west germany, but the Tiergarten was in the west). It is very central, in close proximity to most of the busiest tourists sites (reichstag, holocost memorial, brandenburg gate, etc.). In the middle of the park is Siegessäule, or the victory column. The nude section of the park is immediately south west of the Siegessäule, just east of the path marked "Fasanerieallee". (Actually, there are people sunbathing nude in various places around the park, but this is the most popular area.) There are more men than women and a large gay contingent. The middle of this lawn tends to be very nude, but on the edge of the lawn it is possible to let it all hang out while a constant stream of clothed people walk along Fasanerieallee. There is an outdoor (cold water) shower and tap with drinking water. In my experience, Tiergarten gets far fewer obvious voyeurs than the Englischer Garten, but the sheer number of clothed people walking through the park on their lunch break still makes for an interesting cfnm feeling, especially while showering.

Germany isn't the warmest country, and both of these are best visited in the short but warm summer.

Does any one else have any reports from Germany?

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Parks and beaches in Germany

I went in search of the naked people in the Englischer Garten about 6 years ago when in Munich on a stag weekend. I went off on my own one morning whilst the younger guys slept off the night before. It was shorts and t-shirt weather and I followed the instructions but found nobody. I didn't want to be the only one, just in case it was the wrong place. I searched around looking for signs but nothing. At about 11:30am I had to walk back for our next drinking session.

Don't know if I was just too early or was in the wrong place but I checked maps after and was pretty sure I was in the right place. I did see a few women sunbathing topless scattered all over the place but no nudists! I used to go to Munich 3 or 4 times a year but work was too busy and finding a good 3-4 hours of free time never happened and when it did it was cooler and not nudist weather. I plan to go back to Munich for trip next spring and hope I get to the Englischer Garten.


Author:  Rien1984 [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Parks and beaches in Germany

Haven’t been there yet but Krumme Lanke (Berlin) looks extremely promising

Author:  Tyson [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Parks and beaches in Germany

Don't know if I was just too early or was in the wrong place but I checked maps after and was pretty sure I was in the right place.


If it was a large grassy field with a stream running through the middle, in the south west corner of the park, then you were in the right place. I never like being the first one nude either especially in an unfamiliar place.

I've never been in the morning, and never in the Spring. Just sunny afternoons in Summer (June - August), though I have been on weekends and weekdays and both were quite busy. Each time there were at least a handful of nudists near the stream, but outnumbered by textiles at least 10 to 1. I don't know how long their "season" lasts.

Author:  Australian [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Parks and beaches in Germany

There's a board member who wrote some lengthy posts on his experiences at German parks (and spa-saunas) a couple of years ago. I hope he comes back and shares more about his extensive experiences.

I visited Tiergarten in Berlin a couple of years ago, and your description is totally accurate, so I can't add much to it. The passers-by are also often cyclists (some on bike tours of Berlin) so there is often a surprise element for them. Not so much of a surprise for the locals...

The main 'nude' area of Tiergarten was too much of a "scene" for me, so I didn't really stay there for long. As you mention, there's the opportunity to get naked pretty much anywhere in the park (within reason...) and I eventually found a nice spot not far from there. A couple of Asian girls arrived and stayed in the vicinity, which was fun while it lasted. A handful of other walkers. Typically, it was more cyclists than walkers who came past, so the interactions were usually very fleeting.

Overall, I found it to be a "low-yield" CFNM experience, and I couldn't quite get into my groove given the absence of a body of water whilst naked!! Having a beach or river allows you to walk around a bit - and enter/exit water - but I just couldn't find an outlet for walking while in the park - maybe I assessed this completely wrong. (ie. no-one was walking around naked, so you are basically 'stuck' on your towel and occasionally standing up and moving around a little). I found the German sauna-spas to be a much better experience overall, although not strictly comparable.

Englischer Garten looks far more promising, unfortunately the couple of times I've been to Munich have been in late-autumn and winter, so my clothes stayed on!

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