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Pacific northwest
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Author:  Seattle [ Tue May 28, 2019 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Pacific northwest

We do have a number of clothing optional opportunities here between Vancouver bc and Portland Oregon.

Author:  Tyson [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pacific northwest

Wreck beach, Vancouver

June 2019 update

I went to wreck beach three times this summer. That’s not enough to build a reliable impression, but since this entry is blank I thought I’d add my thoughts.

Wreck beach is a legal nude beach near the University of British Columbia, west of the city center. It’s one of the more famous nude beaches and I’m sure it is familiar to some members. The beach is quite long (maybe a kilometer or two) but hard to get a sense of just how long for reasons below.

The beach is west facing and backed by forest. It is distinctive for the large number of logs on the beach that are used as seats and windbreaks.

The beach itself was quite different in 2019 than on previous visits. The main section of the beach (at the bottom of trail 6) is how I remembered, but further south was either eroded or underwater, with very little open beach area south of the breakwater.

The main area is maybe 400m long. At low tide the beach is very wide, and even at high tide it is at least 50m wide in parts. The beach is a combination of grey sand with some pebbles and rocks. Because of the colour it can get very hot underfoot on sunny days.

At the north end of the beach there is a narrowing with small rocks, before the beach opens up again into a second smaller sunbathing area. There is a trail in the bushes just behind the beach (the foreshore trail) that runs the entire length.

Further south (along the foreshore trail) there are a few small beaches. The trail runs for at least 30 minutes walk and is clothing optional. I recall that there used to be much more sand here.

While the beach is long, and accessible from several trails, the only one you need worry about it trail 6, off NW marine drive just north of university boulevard. There is a very well maintained staircase down from the road to the beach. It seems to be a similar distance to the stairs at Blacks Beach but much more well formed.

There are toilets at the bottom of the staircase, as well as a range of stalls selling clothing and food. The food didn’t look particularly appetizing. There are also vendors walking around the beach selling drugs and alcohol. The frozen vodka and fruit juice “boozy freezies” are popular.

Onto the important bits:

The beach was at least 50% nude when I was there, with 100-200 people. There were a mix of men and women - possibly even more women than men which in my experience is unusual for a nude beach. Because of UBC, there were lots of young adults, with at least half of the people on the main beach looking college-aged. There is a bit of a hippy vibe, which gradually turns into a party atmosphere into the evening. (Drum circle one night, electronic music another.)

The main beach had lots of good cfnm opportunities, especially on the shoreline in front of the stairs. There are several signs indicating that this is a nude beach, so anyone coming down to the bottom of the stairs knows what they’re getting. Lots of curious Asian college girls who stayed fully dressed but walked around the nudes, posed for photos, and generally giggled a lot.

I was curious to see what had happened to the rest of the beach so I walked south down the foreshore trail. It’s worth wearing shoes as the trail can be rocky, but otherwise it’s fine to be naked. The further south you go the gayer it becomes, but I didn’t see anything too untoward on the main trail. I actually recommend the trail for cfnm: even though 90% are men, there were also clothed female hikers. The trail is usually only one person wide, so there’s lots of squeezing past. And because there’s usually no ones else around, the women seemed less inhibited in their actions and comments. I also saw a couple of snakes, so I recommend you keep one eye on the trail. Speaking of snakes, I saw plenty of erections on the trail - not sure how acceptable this is but if you incline that way you wouldn’t have been the only one.

The far north end of the beach was also fun. One day I ended up chatting with a group of four students in bikinis who then asked me to come and sit with them. Like the trail, the narrow points make interaction more likely.

I really enjoyed wreck beach. I don’t get to go to Vancouver very often but based on this experience, if it’s warm I’ll try to make it down to Wreck Beach when I can. And I recommend the mango boozy freezy.

Author:  Australian [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pacific northwest

Excellent detailed reports Tyson, thanks very much.

(This comment applies to your other posts too, global traveler!)

Author:  insider [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pacific northwest

Yeah very good detailing about Wreck, Tyson.

Here is an older post by Naked Dan about a performance by Kokoro Dance Butoh Dance Experience on Wreck Beach,
which gives you a bit of visual on the topography etc. in the vimeo linked video clip.

He says : " My favorite dance video is this one, from Vancouver "

Author:  tj133 [ Sat May 16, 2020 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pacific northwest

I’ll add some info about the nude areas I’ve been in Oregon.

Terwilliger/Cougar hot springs- about an hour east of Eugene. Have had some GREAT CFNM experiences here, particularly with a pair of soccer mom types a number of years ago. The downside to this place is that it tends to fill up with families which can be uncomfortable. But you are basically guaranteed to get in some nice CFNM moments at this place.

McCredie Hot Springs- I’ve had some good times here. It is not quite as well known as other hot springs but it can get crowded in the spring and fall. Summers, there tends to be fewer people coming here. Has more of a nude vibe but there will usually be a lady or two with swimsuits on.

Spas in Portland- there are two coed clothing optional spas in PDX. I won’t mention them by name as they work hard to keep a non creepy atmosphere and I wouldn’t want them to get infiltrated by flasher types. Be respectful if you go to these places. Nevertheless, I have had some hot experiences at both places.

Umpqua Hot Springs- a lot like Terwilliger but tends to have more of a hippy vibe rather than families. But it can also be hit hard by clothed tourists from Crater Lake. The springs themselves can get pretty gross.

Keno Quarry- East of Ashland, tends to have a lot of nude males, transient types, or old school “true nudists”. Sometimes college kids from SOU will stop by, which can make for some excitement as they often keep their suits on.

Collins Beach- people tend to keep to themselves here. I’ve had some nude couples take some “interested” looks at me, but good CFNM experiences might be tough to come by. The beach is big so it’s tough to get close without being a creep, unlike at the hot springs.

There is an Ashland hot springs resort (won’t name) that is Clothing optional after dark. There have always been attractive young women, both clothed and nude when I’ve been here. This is another place you need to be extra careful about not being creepy.

Rooster Rock Beach east of Portland and Nudie Rock on the McKenzie are next on my list! Have fun out there fellow PNWers!

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