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Beaches of Northern Europe
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Author:  Tyson [ Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Beaches of Northern Europe

Reviews of beaches, parks, lakes, in the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. There is a separate thread for Germany already.

The North Sea and Baltic Sea are cold all year around, but northern Europe can have a few sunny days in July and August where you might be tempted to take your clothes off.

Author:  Tyson [ Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches of Northern Europe


Overall I wouldn't recommend Denmark for cfnm, but if you happen to be visiting here's my suggestion.

Nudity is relatively common on Danish beaches, but this tends to be on the more remote sections of the coast. More --nm than cfnm. The half-dozen or so official nude beaches are each more of less isolated.

In the city beaches, nudity is less common, but there are a few places where it is known to occur more often (all unofficial). I've tried a few places around Copenhagen/København and Aarhus/Århus that the internet claimed were frequented by nudists, and the only one I'd recommend would be Bellevue beach near Klampenborg.

Getting there

Bellevue beach is just across the road from Klampenborg station, which is a short train commute from the centre of Copenhagen. Hop off the train, head 200m toward the ocean, and you're there. Nudity may be encountered anywhere from due east of the train station until the northern end of the beach.


The beach is a wide and flat sandy beach, leading to a freezing cold sea. Behind the beach is a grassy park area, with a few areas of white-walled shelters that I couldn't really understand the purpose of. The beach is maybe 700m long, with nudists present in only the northern 200m. There were two volleyball courts when I was there. There's an interesting view of the bridge and the Swedish coast in the distance.


I was there on a rare hot day in the middle of summer (August). The Danish summer is very short, so if there is a warm sunny day everyone flocks to the beach. I always find it hard to guess large crowd sizes, but i'd say maybe 2000 people spread over 700m of beach? The mostly-clothed end of the beach skewed younger (lots of 18-30s), and the area with the most nudists was definitely the older section (lots of 50s+). Mostly straight and fairly mixed gender ratio for the clothed section and the first half of the mixed clothed/nude section, with a shift to male dominated and gay at the far north end. I saw one naked older male toward the south of the beach who looked very out of place among 100 clothed people. There was a section of probably 100m with 10% nude - enough that you knew you were in the right place but very much in the minority. In the gay section the nude rate was probably more like 30%. Of the nudists, they were almost exclusively male. There were a few topless young women but almost all women were clothed (bikinis) top and bottom. There were quite a few clothed women, 18-30, sitting in the nude section.


When I was there, Bellevue was a raucous party beach for young people, with terrible electronic music blaring everywhere from portable speakers. Even though there were definitely more nude areas, there was way more mixing of nudes and clothed than at other Danish beaches I went to that tended to be more segregated. The beach seemed to very closely adhere to the cfnm dresscode, with a decent number of nude men and almost no nude women.

The party atmosphere and university-aged clothed people reminded me a bit of Hanlan's beach in Toronto. The big difference is that nudity tends to go largely unremarked upon. When the Danes encounter a naked person they tend to act very nonchalant (i.e. the opposite of the Italians). You won't feel as noticed as you would in most other countries when in a similar situation. The nude men tended to be older and the young men were clothed, so being young and in shape definitely helps (as it does anywhere).

There's another review here: ... udist.html
This review was done in June with a much smaller crowd (250 people) compared to what I saw at the start of August (more like 2000). The reviewer noted that within the nudist section, roughly 50% among men were naked, and 7.7% among women were naked, which is more nude than when I was there.


Go if you're in Copenhagen in July or August, but don't make a special trip.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches of Northern Europe

Tyson wrote:

There's another review here: ... udist.html
This review was done in June with a much smaller crowd (250 people) compared to what I saw at the start of August (more like 2000). The reviewer noted that within the nudist section, roughly 50% among men were naked, and 7.7% among women were naked, which is more nude than when I was there.


Go if you're in Copenhagen in July or August, but don't make a special trip.

Sorry roughly 50% male but EXACTLY 7.7% female. lol

Author:  Tyson [ Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches of Northern Europe

DaveTheRave wrote:
Sorry roughly 50% male but EXACTLY 7.7% female. lol

Good point. My guess is that the reviewer paid more attention to the women on the beach than the men, and therefore took a more precise count. I think he'd probably have that in common with a lot of people on this particular forum.

Author:  Tyson [ Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches of Northern Europe

The Netherlands

There are lots of nudist opportunities in the Netherlands. It's a bit like Germany - lots of beaches, meadows, lakes, rivers, and saunas where nudity is expected.

Despite this, I didn't find it the best place for cfnm. The few nudists places I went to were either majority nude (nfnm), or the clothed people were almost indifferent to nudity. I went to a couple of saunas, a nudist section at a lake (Delftse Hout) and a few nude beaches (one near Katwijk Aan Zee, one near Zandvoort, and Scheveningen described below). The saunas seem to be all nude. At the lake and the beaches, the nude sections were discrete areas that were away from the crowds and almost everyone there was nude. The nude beaches were signposted and unlike other countries, clothed people tended to stay out.

Naakstrand Scheveningen

The main beach at Scheveningen is a very popular party beach not far from The Hague / Den Haag. The Naakstrand (nude beach) is to the north of the main beach.

It is a long, wide (at low tide >50m), flat, sandy beach. At the south end there are dozens of beach bars right on the sand, and a wooden boardwalk. To the north there is a solitary restaurant (Naturel - more on that below) and otherwise grassy dunes and no buildings. The nude beach starts about 100m north of the last bar, and is marked (in several languages) with a large white sign. Another 50m further, and the restaurant Naturel is on a raised sandy hill. Naturel is not clothing optional, and because of the hill there's really no reason for nudists to be anywhere near the diners. The beach continues for maybe another 300m before another large white sign indicates the end of the nude section.

Getting there

There is a direct bus from the central Den Haag train station that gets you to the beach bars. There is a large car park (Zwarte Pad) behind the beach that will get you even closer, but this seemed full when i was there.


Unlike other nude experiences in the Netherlands, there were a large number of clothed people in the first part of the nude beach before Naturel. I think because it is also the only section of beach without dance music, so people might have gone there for the peace and quiet. I'd say 30-50% nude, but the beach was quite large so its hard to get an accurate number.

The beach bars, and the beach areas in front of them, are popular with young dutch people getting progressively inebriated. On a sunny summer afternoon this area was very busy, and loud with electronic music. The young, beautiful, and drunk, rarely venture into the nude zone, but when they do it will probably be the highlight of your day. A few times a group of drunk dutch girls would go for a walk, and even the Dutch become progressively more giggly, flirty, and bold as their blood alcohol content rises. (Forum members who have been to any of the street festivals will know how different cfnm can be when alcohol is involved.)

Naturel is filled with fully clothed (streetwear, not beach wear) predominantly middle-aged and affluent diners. They can see nudists in the distance while eating their meals, and it seemed like many of those who ventured onto the sand did so to go see the monkeys at the zoo, so to speak. Oddly there were also a few diners who appeared to be swinger couples interested in meeting single nudist men (not sure if this was just a fluke or if the Dutch are just freaky).

The beach is wide and flat, and at low tide the wet sand is perfect for running. There were quite a few fit clothed women walking or running and down the beach, but they didn't seem interested in stopping to chat.

In the dunes there was a crowd of the usual dune trolls found in the hidden corners on any nude beach.

The beach gets quieter further north.


I found Naakstrand Scheveningen to be the best cfnm experience I had in the Netherlands, but its not a bucket list destination by any means.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches of Northern Europe

The Dutch are noted as being one of the most liberated of peoples. I went their a few times over the years, but never in weather worthy of a beach visit. I recall the changing area at the municipal pool we went to (I was staying with friends who moved there) was mixed, but with single cubicles if preferred. The lady of the couple I was with used one of these but of the 15 or 20 there only a small number were being used. I saw a range of naked females in the short time there from a genuine '10' do a flabby 60 something. Being with company tamed my naughty side though. My wife doesn't like swimming and was also worried there would be no cubicles (we'd been warned over dinner in a lol way about mixed changing) so went to a flower garden next door.

As Tyson points out. Nobody seems to give a damn. Though I did see a couple of guys checking out the '10' who was in no rush to cover herself as she dried off. (Pool had 90 minute sessions so as one lot came out the next lot would be going in).
This was maybe 2004/5. Always wanted to go back on my own but never had the chance.


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