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Beaches in France
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Author:  Tyson [ Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:17 am ]
Post subject:  Beaches in France

France seems like it would be a great place for cfnm (casual attitude to nudity, lots of tourists) but I don't seem to have found the right places. My pick of the list below is Plage de Pampelonne at St Tropez.


Espace Naturiste de Paris is a nudist lawn within the Bois de Vincennes park in the eastern suburbs of Paris (12th Arr.). I visited once because I was in the neighbourhood. It feels a little like the parks in Germany - slightly strange to suddenly encounter naked people tanning on the lawn in a park in the middle of a large city. When I was there, a warm day in June, I'd say there were 50 people, almost all of them nude, and 100% male. Not recommended for cfnm.

Mediterranean coast

Cap D'Agde
Cap D'Agde Village Naturiste is a gated village with a small entrance fee (note that passports or local French photo IDs are required) - if you're cheap enough or forgot your passport, you can walk along the beach from Marseillan Plage and get in for free, but its a long walk and not worth it in my opinion). The entire village is clothing optional, with a strange mix of traditional nudist families (mostly staying at the campground) and hedonistic swingers (mostly staying in the hotels). You can do your supermarket shopping naked, and no-one will blink. There's an obvious swingers vibe in the evenings but very safe and respectful. There are several adult venues, including Glamour - a swingers club known for its naked afternoon foam parties. The beach (Plage Naturiste) is split in two - south of Paralia beach club is a traditional family nudist beach, 90%+ nude. North of Paralia is the infamous swingers beach, ~80% nude, lots of overt sexual activity. Such a high concentration of naked people means that being naked doesn't really get a reaction. Somewhere that's probably worth seeing once, but not really for cfnm.

Ile du Levant
Ile du Levant is a small and very scenic island in the mediterranean, accessible by boat from Le Port, Hyères. Where the boat stops is a small textile village. One beach (La Plage des Grottes, just south west of the village) had a sign saying "Zone Reservee Aux Naturiste", but most of the island is nature reserve and nudity was practiced on most of the beaches. When i was there, the majority of people were naked at every beach except for the one in front of Heliopolis.

Plage De Pampelonne, St Tropez.
St Tropez is a very expensive resort town without a beach. Maybe 4km away is a very long beach, which is where people staying in St Tropez go to relax. Apparently, this beach (particularly Plage De Tahiti - the northern most part of the beach) was famous as a nude beach since the 60s. Now its a charmless overcrowded strip of expensive beach bars. As you walk along the beach there are several short sections dedicated to nude bathing. I couldn't tell you where the nude sections are - the beach is about 4km long, and there were about 4 sections of 100 metres with nudists. There didn't seem to be any signs, so I just copied the crowd. On a busy day in July or August the beach is very busy, with constant foot traffic of clothed beach goers walking past the nude sections. (For Americans - the best analogy I can give is Baker Beach on a busy sunny day, with all the clothed tourists walking past the nude section). Fine if you're close by, but hardly "bucket-list" material.

Plage Batterie, Cannes.
Plage Batterie is no longer an official nudist beach, but nudism is still very common. Just east of Cannes, and accessed by a pedestrian tunnel under the rail lines. When I was there, the beach itself was almost exclusively nude, with a good gender mix. To the east of the beach becomes gay and cruisey. Not great for cfnm.

Plage Platforme, Nice.
Plage Platforme is just to the east of the port in Nice city. Small rocky ledges, accessed by stairs down from the pedestrian walkway. Because Platforme is rocky ledges its hard to get a sense of how many people are there, but on a sunny day there was maybe 50 people scattered over the rocks, mostly nude, 75% men. Despite being overlooked in theory by the beach boardwalk, this end of town doesn't get much foot traffic, and someone would need to be almost leaning over the edge to see down onto the beach. Not great for cfnm.

Various beaches, Eze
There are three nude beaches in Eze that I'm aware of. Plage Pissarelles, to the east of Eze toward Cap d'Ail, is the straight beach, with a pretty even gender balance. Hard to get to, very private, uncomfortable rocky beach, backed by large cliffs. When I was there, it seemed to be frequented by lots of "first time" or nervous nudists complete with stark white tanlines. Very high percentage of nudists. Crique Cap Estel is the gay beach. Plage d'Eze is the main beach in Eze - at the extreme right end there are usually leathery tanned vintage nudists (~100% nude, no through traffic). None of these are great for cfnm.

I'm sure there must be better cfnm options in France than this. Any suggestions?

Author:  Willy [ Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in France

Depending on where you park the walk to/from Marseillan Plage isn't that bad. Especially if you're interested in CFNM. We haven't been in a few years but the border between the two beaches is just an imaginary line. If you're shy you'll get plenty of women walking over from the textile beach. Some pretend they don't know. Others aren't even pretending and are going to see what they can see. Strangely in my experience most of the voyeurs from the textile area are female. If you aren't shy you can just miss the sign and walk towards/into the textile beach. Mornings this won't even get noticed. Afternoon you might get a few women sitting up to take a better look. Not unusual for women to point their phones/cameras in the direction of the nude beach. A warning I guess.

Also if the textile beach is busy it's not unusual for them to overflow onto the nude beach. The area on either side of the warning sign is sort of a deadzone but the busier it gets the more people fill it up.

Also if you aren't shy mornings stripping off on Marseillan and walking the rest of the way isn't unusual. Even if somebody called the police they wouldn't arrive by the time you crossed the line. But the police wouldn't even bother.

Inside the village the CFNM is mostly with the staff or other naturalists. It's not the same IMHO. Even if at times it can be fun. I had a long chat with a woman running a massage shop one afternoon.

The beaches I know tend to be real naturist and often not that easy to get to. CFNM is fairly rare because 99% of the beach will be naked. The 1% is often with somebody else.

On these beaches CFNM is more the result of extreme good luck. It can be quite fun when it happens but I wouldn't go expecting it.

Author:  Australian [ Tue Apr 21, 2020 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in France

Thanks for the report, always informative.

Ile du Levant sounds interesting, and I must admit that I'd never heard of it. I'm imagining it to be pretty expensive though (France generally is for someone arriving with piddly $A).

Cap D' read and hear so much about it.....but I think it's a place that I won't get to, and I'm okay with that. Some of the nearby C/O beaches sound more enjoyable.

Author:  Willy [ Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in France

French beach hotels in general are pretty expensive for what you get during July and August. Most of them are almost closed the rest of the year.

If you have a car you can stay inland and save quite a bit on the hotel.

Author:  DaveTheRave [ Wed Apr 22, 2020 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beaches in France

Willy wrote:
French beach hotels in general are pretty expensive for what you get during July and August. Most of them are almost closed the rest of the year.

If you have a car you can stay inland and save quite a bit on the hotel.

(Just an FYI that Marseillan Plage is on Cap d'Agde peninsula. There are a few nude beaches along this stretch).

Yes. Prices usually exceed €200 per night for a 3 star double room. We stayed in the area in mid May long weekend a few years ago for a wedding (I had hoped to sneak to Cap d'Agde naked village but never got the chance). We stayed in a town called Carcassonne about 30 miles from Marseillan Plage. As Willy noted the naturist beach is clearly defined and all but a few are fully nude. I would say there are MANY very hot women with amazing bodies there. The average age though is maybe 45 so a lot of older people but I had a good wonder along there from the textile section where we were setup (was with wife and one of the kids and going nude not an option). I walked the several hundred meters with my trunks in my hand 3 or 4 times and it was really nice.

There was a large section closed off at the far end because an old WW2 mine had been washed up a few days before and blown up in a controlled explosion. There were soldiers collecting up shrapnel, all of whom looked like they were melting in their kit under 30+ degree sunshine.


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