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Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here
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Author:  kingkong [ Mon May 18, 2020 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

I was about 22 years old when this happened. I was away from home on a two week course. There were about sixty of us, half men and half women, all away from home in a village miles from anywhere. The usual routine was to study in classes during the day which was boring and then in the evening go to the local pub and drink. There was nothing else to do other than study, so everyone turned to drink. I was naive at that age, and had no idea a woman on the course (called Rachel) really fancied me. She was quite pretty but she scared me as she was quite obviously a nymphomaniac, in class I would find her staring at me, which would make me blush. I tried to avoid her when were in the pub of an evening but she would get drunk and always come and sit next to me and stare right at me.
On about the third or fourth night away one of my friends actually said to her "Rachel why don't you take a picture", she went nuts, screaming she had a boyfriend and what was he suggesting. The next night my friends dragged me to the pub, and of course Rachel was there. She came right over to me and apologised and I said that was OK. An hour later she was drunk, and at the bar and staring at me again. I just wanted to leave, my friends suggested I shag her and that would be the end of it, but she terrified me. She came over and sat next to me smiling "You have lovely eyes" or something like that she said. My mates just disappeared, and suddenly I was all alone, in the corner with Rachel.
Wow, she had eight arms like an octopus, before I kew it I was being groped and she really groped, hand on my crotch and she was rubbing me and whispered to me "I want it, show it to me". I was so embarrassed. I am quite strong so grabbed her arms and held her back, then got up quickly and left. I could hear her shouting something, heaven knows what. I walked back from the pub to my room and went to bed (back then I would sleep in only my boxers) thinking that was an end to it.
An hour later I am in my room asleep when my door bursts open, guess who? Rachel, who flung herself onto my bed and laughing she ripped off the duvet and started to pull down my boxers. At this point I am in a panic and shock. Trying to push her away and at the same time hold onto my boxers. I manage to get her off the bed but she has my ripped boxers in her hands and I am there naked with a hand to cover my genitals. She is so drunk I am not sure she knows what she is doing. More to follow.

Author:  boxingoscar [ Mon May 18, 2020 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

Larue1965 wrote:
Happened in our early thirties. My wife and I had a good female friend over for drinks on our deck on a hot summer night. The three of us had been skinny dipping with a group of friends before so had seen each other naked before. We were all good and buzzed when I started filling up a kiddy pool with water and announced I was getting naked and getting in. My wife started in with her usual objections (totally expected). But our friend started stripping off with me and hopped right in (totally unexpected). My wife gave up, took off her clothes, and joined us. After a pleasant hour of soaking in the cool water, we wrapped up in towels and headed inside. I was about to hop in the shower when I heard our friend call out for a towel from the other end of the house. I stayed completely naked and walked her one. The other times she had seen me naked it had been dark and mostly in water. This was different, being in a bright, well-lit room. I gave her the towel and stood talking to her for a few minutes. The second unexpected thing of the night was that neither she nor my wife said a thing about my nakedness. They acted like it was the most natural, normal thing in the world. Which is how I wish things always were. All in all, a very enjoyable summer evening.

Love this story!

Author:  kingkong [ Mon May 18, 2020 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

OK so I am on the bed naked and Rachel is on the floor, I think she's unconscious. As I am sat there hands over my bits thinking what do I do suddenly in the door way Alison appears. Now Alison is Rachel's friend, Alison is very good looking, slim, blue eyes, brown hair and large tits. "Fucking knew you'd be here you slag" she says to Rachel, who suddenly starts giggling and raises my boxers like they're a trophy.
Alison turns to me, "Why are you naked?" I just stutter, and try and explain what happened. "Rachel come on, let's go", she says, "He's not interested luv, come on". But Rachel just lays there and starts smelling my boxer shorts.
"Umm, I can smell his manhood". Before I know it Alison has come into the room, she's drunk as well, she wobbles as she walks and she sits on my bed next to me but doesn't look at me.
Rachel then proceeds to stick her hand in my boxers poking her finger out of the hole to make it look like a willy. Alison laughs, and falls sideways into me, I feel her soft hair on my chest and stomach. Oh shit. I start to get an involuntary erection.
The duvet is next to Rachel, so I lean forward to grab it and in doing so Alison gets a good look at my bum, "Oh quite nice" she says. Rachel throws me my boxers and grabs the duvet, although torn I use them to cover myself and go to sit back on the bed but Alison is now laying face down on the bed looking right at me.
"Come on show us!" I shake my head, inside I am terrified and just want this to end. I know I should have seen it for what it was, I had two attractive horny women in my room, this should be the stuff of dreams but it felt like a nightmare. Rachel sat up, "You heard Alison, show us your cock, and get a ruler cos I want to measure it, soft and hard! Mainly hard!"
Alison was purring, "Don't be shy, come on give us a little look at your pecker, we won't tell anyone!" With that she reaches out and grabs my boxers and pulls so hard I have to let go or she would be pulling me right into her. I cover myself with my hands but I know they both got a glimpse as Rachel then gets up, suddenly less drunk and comes over to me backing me into a corner.
"If you don't take your hands away right now I am going to scream and what do you think people will say when they come here and see me here with you?"
Suddenly Alison is on her feet she's giggling as she shuts my door and comes over to me, they both grab one of my arms and pull as hard as the can. Rachel is really strong as is Alison but I manage to keep my hands in place.
"Show mw your cock!" She shouts, "Show me! I want to see it now!"
Alison changes tactic and starts to rub her hands all over me, my chest my neck my back up and down my legs anything so that I let go and then she starts to talk dirty.
"Let's see your dick, show us your dick, nice and hard, big and fat, thick and veiny, so we can suck it dry, mmmmm, spunk on us, all over us, we want it", she laughs.
You must appreciate that I don't want this, I am terrified, and then suddenly my door opens and stood there is one of my friends Giles who looks at the scene before him and says "What the fuck is going on?"
He sees two women, Rachel trying to pull my hands from my genitals and Alison rubbing me all over and licking my ear!
Just like that both women stop, they leave me and walk out past Giles and as suddenly as it started it ended. They say nothing as they leave.
"Did I ruin it?" Giles asked me. "Thank God you came when you did", I told him.
The next day both women completely blanked me but what they had done had got around, Giles must have told someone who told someone and so on. They both denied it, I suppose they had to. I know it caused them no end of embarrassment. Before the end of the two week course both women sought and got their revenge. Alison in a CMNF scenario, which I must admit was pretty incredible. Rachels revenge was another CFNM story.

Author:  kingkong [ Fri May 22, 2020 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

When I was 26 I went out with a few friends clubbing. It was late and just myself Sarah and Donna were left. Donna was beyond drunk and Sarah and I were OK, but drunk. Sarah decided to let Donna sleep on her sofa and asked if I wanted to sleep on her living room floor rather than try and find a taxi and get home so I said yes. We put Donna on the sofa with a duvet, she was out poor thing.
Sarah kindly gave me a spare double duvet she had and I put this on the living room floor intending to sleep on one side and use the other side as a blanket. I thanked Sarah and I do not know why but I kept eye contact with her longer than I should have. Sarah was tall slim and looked a bit like Kim Basinger, obviously not as pretty but she had the same cheek bones. She smiled, I smiled back and for a moment I thought something might happen, but instead she looked down at my trousers, then I realsed I had an erection. I was so embarrassed and apologised. "It's OK, a compliment I suppose, night then". With that she went upstairs to her bed.
I stood there in the living room in my clothes with an erection not knowing what to do. I had not realised just how horny I was. Had Donna been awake and up for it I would have said yes, as she wasn't bad looking, think Demi Moore but a bit more overweight.
Anyway I undressed down to my underwear, back then I wore small cotton boxers, so my erection was just hugely obvious and I climbed into the duvet and tried to go to sleep, but no way could I sleep. After about an hour I considered going to the toilet to have a quiet wank,but then I heard Sarah coming downstairs. She put on the lights. I turned to see her in a small dressing gown which showed off her tanned legs nicely. "You OK?" I asked. "Yes, but I thought I might come down and see if you needed any help?" For a moment I thought she meant with my erection so I just looked at her in disbelief. "Is it still hard?" She asked. Oh she was asking about my erection.
"Uh, yeah it is, sorry", I answered. She smiled and came over to me, "Just lay back, let me do the rest".
So I lay down on the duvet, no arguments here I was desperate for release. She threw back the other half of the duvet. "You have a nice body". She peeled my my boxers down, my cock sprung out, I could see her smile at that, and she rubbed her hands up and down my legs until she finally grapsed my throbbing cock. Oh it felt good. So so good to have her lovely soft hands pulling my cock. "Just relax", she reminded me, so I did.
Her hands went up and down my shaft, I was so hard. She stopped occassionally to rub my balls, now mine have always been sensitive so that felt amazing, in fact I wanted to shoot my load with her doing just that but something held me back, whew, she pumped me all right, up and down and it was getting faster. Her grip was light and soft. I opened my eyes to see her face, she was having almost a good a time as I was. Her pumping then slowed, this was amazing, she used her little finger to tickle my balls, and I hear her giggle.
"Are you ready?" She asked. "Fuck I am", I replied. "Then here I go", she said, "now I want you to cum for me, cum for me". Her hand was gentle but she worked it up and down my shaft so fast, the feeling was so intense and I coud hear her soft voice asking me to cum, so I did all at once.
I made a noise I cannot describe as I shot my massive load high into the air, I heard her squeal with delight as I did so. The feeling was unbelievable, as I shot stream after stream of white cum all the time with her hand on my cock. I must have shot six or seven times before my dick had nothing left. When the streaming had stopped she squeezed it hard whilst holding my balls and managed to get the last few drops out. She held onto my dick as she said "How is that? Better?" All I could manage was a yes, and thank you.
"Looks like you needed that", she said.
"Yes, I did, thank you Sarah".
"My pleasure", she got up, "You be OK to clear up? I need some sleep"
"Yes", I answered.
My cum was all over her hands and her gown and suddenly she noticed.
"Ooh, I'm covered, you really did spunk!"
"Sorry", I said but I wasn't, in fact I wanted to go again right then.
"Never mind, who knows, I may not even wash it?" She smiled at me, "Turn the light off when you're ready?"
"Yes of course", and with that she went back upstairs.
I went to the toilet and cleaned myself up quickly, turned off the light and then got back into my duvet, it was then I heard Donna from the sofa in the dark.
"That was fucking hot".
"Donna? What do you mean?" I asked.
"Seeing you spunk like that. I think it made me cum, do you want to do that again?"
Blimey did I.

Author:  smoothwhiteballs [ Fri May 22, 2020 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

What an incredible experience, kingkong. How great that Donna and Sarah saw you cum in such spectacular fashion, with Sarah so eager (and skillful) to empty your balls. I love how matter-of-fact she is after you've cum all over her, even saying she won't wash it off. What are friends for? So glad Donna wasn't really asleep, and thought it was hot to see you squirt so big. Even better that she wanted to see it again. Did you cum for her that night?

Author:  kingkong [ Fri May 22, 2020 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

Donna wasn't as skilled as Sarah but she made up for it with enthusiasm. I think she wanked me off three times that night. It was incredible just how much it turned her on. She was screaming with delight everytime I spunked. Funny thing was in the morning when Sarah came down she was laughing about how much noise Donna and I were making during the night. I was desperate for Sarah to ask me to stay with her for the day to be her wank toy but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

Author:  smoothwhiteballs [ Sat May 23, 2020 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

kingkong wrote:
Donna wasn't as skilled as Sarah but she made up for it with enthusiasm. I think she wanked me off three times that night. It was incredible just how much it turned her on. She was screaming with delight everytime I spunked. Funny thing was in the morning when Sarah came down she was laughing about how much noise Donna and I were making during the night. I was desperate for Sarah to ask me to stay with her for the day to be her wank toy but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

What a great way to spend the night. It's great to find a girl who enjoys seeing a guy cum so much. I'll bet your balls were pretty tired by the last 'performance'. I guess they are close friends if Sarah could laugh about Donna making you cum so many times.

Author:  Andy2peacock [ Sat May 23, 2020 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

Hi all. Had a CFNM experience a few years ago. Met a Female friend of mine, Sandra, in a bar. She was with a couple , Tom and Emma, and another female friend, Donna. They had all been out for a while and asked if I could drive them home. We all went to the couples house and of course everyone wanted a night cap. It was a warm evening and Tom and Emma had a pool so everyone ended up in the pool. Emma had extra swimsuits for Sandra and Donna. I had my gym bag so wore some baggy gym shorts. We carried on drinking and Emma was getting a bit naughty, as I got out of the pool for more beer Emma grabbed my shorts. I ended up naked at the side of the pool in front of all of them!! It was quite a turn on being naked in front of my friend along with the 2 other women I had just met (and Tom but he was too busy playing with Emma to care!!)
My friend Sandra liked it as mentioned it a few times after that.

Author:  sguy1823 [ Sun May 24, 2020 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

I played for a men's competitive local league soccer team three years ago and we had a female assistant coach who was new to the sport. At the start of the season she was really strict about not being in the changing rooms with us unless we were all fully clothed and she would always wait outside while we were getting changed. But as the season progressed she became more and more comfortable and started to just sit in there with us before and after games. It was obvious that she was curious about us because whenever one of us took his shorts off her eyes would quickly dart over to check out his package and then dart back and forth again a few times.
I remember one memorable incident when most of our team had left and she was still there, kneeling on the floor over a clipboard and talking to herself, saying something like "Right, I should get going now, oh no wait I still have a few things left to..." and then looking through an open door to the next room where there were two naked men from another team having a shower side by side.
From her angle she had a view of their butts. She was obviously waiting for them to finish and hoping to get a look at their dicks when they turned around. I decided to have a bit of fun and quickly stripped off all my gear and walked past her in a towel. She looked up for a moment but didn't say anything.
After the other two in the showers had left I called out to her "Hey Kim, I forgot my shampoo, can you grab it for me it's in the black puma bag?" There was no reply but after a few moments she appeared with the shampoo. I turned around to face her and smiled as her eyes immediately went down. I hesitated for a while before grabbing the bottle and saying thank you, then turning back around. I quickly washed my hair and got out of the shower, put my towel on and was pleased to see that she was still there. I started a casual conversation about the game and how it could have gone better and started drying myself off, with my towel covering my front facing her.
When she was into the conversation and I could see she was comfortable I exposed my penis to her again and started drying my hair. I closed my eyes for a while so she could have a good look and continued chatting. When I opened them again she looked me in the eye and seemed to have no more interest in looking down there having seen everything. I turned around so my butt was facing her and pulled my briefs on. After the season was over I got a text from her asking if I wanted to come over for a spa but that is another story...

Author:  cinderoath [ Wed May 27, 2020 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: NEWBIES - post memorable CFNM experiences here

Among a certain group of friends I started to gain a reputation over time as the guy who would get naked at parties. I would do so every so often after a few drinks. Well one time I was arriving a few hours late and as I was arriving a few new girls who had come early were leaving. I greeted them and after learning my name they asked "wait, are you the naked guy?"

Needless to say, this was memorable by itself. They then expressed disappointment that they were leaving and wouldn't get to see me naked. I hadn't had anything to drink yet so i wasn't quite at that level yet. Suddenly the hostess and a few friends gathered around and started talking about my nudity and this devolved quickly into being in a circle of people encouraging me to strip for the newbies. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I obliged. Their reactions went from surprise to disbelief at first and quickly changed to excitement or excited embarrassment. It was a very memorable moment and led to a party that I basically stayed as the only one naked for the entire time.

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