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Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experience?
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Author:  markb_32 [ Fri May 10, 2019 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

A local maze was has a clothing optional evening so went along to that.
I stripped in the car park (like some of the others did) and walked to the reception to pay.
There were 2 young women on reception (clothed) who giggled when they saw me, I think people were taking their clothes off after reception so they were a little surprised!
Most of the staff that worked their were young females so go to walk around them completely naked, such a thrill!

Author:  jackmehoff [ Fri May 10, 2019 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first cfnm experience was with my girlfriend in college. I was still a virgin, and she one night decided to strip me, and give me a hand job. She didn't take off a single article of clothing, and I've enjoyed the experiences ever since.

Author:  CFNMBoy95 [ Fri May 10, 2019 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first true CFNM experience was a few years ago, when me and a couple buddies were out camping in what we thought was a secluded area in the forest. Since we were going to be out for a couple days, which meant no laundry, we decided to just sleep in the nude to save the amount of clothes we needed to bring. It didn’t bother us since we all had the same stuff, and we’ve seen each-other nude before. Anywho, on our second night we had ran out of pop, and so we drew straws to decide who would head down to the minimart (which was closed by then, but had a outdoor vending machine). Naturally, I lost.

So I went to throw some clothes on, as it was around 11pm, but my friends said that I should go nude, since it was late and no-one would be around. I dunno why but I went with it, and so with $5 in hand and a pair of shoes on, I left the tent and began my quest for soda. It was a clear cloudless night, and the moon was just bright enough to see by. There was a cool breeze which felt surprisingly good on my bare skin and penis. I followed the road down to the minimart, being on constant watch for oncoming cars. Thankfully I reached it without incident. The store was deserted, and so I went up to the vending machine and was just about to insert the money when I heard footsteps approaching! :shock: Before I could seek the protective cover of the bushes I heard a voice behind me. “Oh my gosh!” I felt my blood run cold and a chill went down me from head to toe. I had been caught, I was done for I thought. I quickly went through a list of excuses in my head, but I knew it was time to “face the music” as it were, so I covered my penis and balls and turned around.

Two girls, roughly my age, were looking at me. One, a blonde, was grinning ear to ear, while the other black-haired girl was blushing and averting her eyes. The blonde asked why I was naked, and I tried explaining to her that I didn’t have any pjs. I quickly decided the only way I would survive this would be to put on a brave face. So I boldly said that I sleep nude, and that I was just out to get a drink. I was 18 at the time, but hardly looked the part, they must have though I was some kind of streaker, out for thrills. I was hoping that my bluntness would provide a ‘shield’, and thankfully it worked. Eventually they moved on, snickering to themselves. So I got the sodas and made a mad dash back to camp, I don’t think I could put up another brave face. I didn’t tell my buddies about this, as I knew I would never hear the end of it. It was embarrassing, but kinda exhilarating looking back on it now. :mrgreen:

Author:  artistsketch55 [ Fri May 10, 2019 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

At Fantasy Fest in Key West, first went there in 2000 and loved it so much, I went again the following year by myself. The best place I've personally been to where you can walk around the streets an in the bars bodypainted, even completely naked at times (just need to pay a little attention to the handful of cops who might give you a hard time. On my first night, went to Garden Of Eden clothing optional rooftop bar; was soon surrounded on the dance floor by a bunch of naked girls, all taking my clothes off.

The regular, more touristy bars are even more fun to go bodypainted naked, or in some extremely revealing costume, because you really stand out more. It's not like a nude beach where everyone's naked and it's no big deal; about half the people at Fantasy Fest are still pretty surprised and it's so much fun to see their reactions.

Author:  Trotsky [ Sat May 11, 2019 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I don't think I've ever had a proper CFNM experiece, but I can remember the first time I've witnessed a CFNM-ish situation, and also when I realized I liked it.

I was in high school. My 2 best female friends and I were on the stands watching a swimming competition when one of our classmates got in position wearing only a speedo and they started commenting on his bulge. He was a good looking dude but they were really impressed and turned on by his dick at that moment, talking about how they'd love to fuck him. It was an effort to conceal my own boner afterwards :/

Author:  kijiji [ Sat May 11, 2019 6:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first experience that I remember was about age 4. My mom took my older sister and I to a play date. They had a girl about her age (then 8) and son my age. They had a pool. He had been swimming in it naked and ran up to us to say hello. I remember being shocked to see him naked, as I grew up in a very conservative household. We didn't go there to swim that day. He went an put on clothes, and the rest of the day was just playing normal as little kids do. But I remember feeling embarrassed that here these two moms and two daughters got to see a penis running around for a bit and knew I had one too, but I had no idea what a vagina looked like. I felt really exposed and self-conscious even though it wasn't even me.

Author:  Brad [ Sat May 11, 2019 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

For the newbies posting, as I created the acronym "CFNM", I thought I'd post one of my first CFNM experiences, and certainly the most profound insofar as shaping my adolescence as a being formative to understanding issues such as power control and humiliation that is often part of CFNM, although there was no name for it at that time.

Preface: Before i tell this story, a disclaimer relating a few things. First, what happened was not anything I planned, nor was I an instigator, but just a witness, although I willingly participated in the conversation without interceding. Second, this was during an era when such things were not viewed from a politically correct perspective. Ergo, calling someone "mentally retarded" was acceptable if accurate, or funny if not.

Story: This happened many years ago in the early 1970s in Houston, Texas - large city in the southern U.S. with all the charm of the south as well as a commensurate level of lack of empathy for those of lesser stature or means. Next door to my suburban home lived a boy and girl, both adopted. Jason and I were the same age, which at the time was about 12 or 13, Allison was 11 or 12. Even at that early age, it was clear to me Jason was gay given he constantly tried to get neighborhood boys to drop their pants for him. It also educated me about guys that are gay in that they often know in their early formative years. Allison was a quiet girl, long auburn hair and no indications of being gay, but, she had a mischievous streak in her like her older brother.

Across the street lived a boy, Alfred. Alfred was a couple of years older and had physically changed through puberty. He was a tall slender fellow and was physically normal in every way; however, he was mentally retarded. His IQ was lower and was socially awkward, particularly around Allison as Jason had told me he had a crush on Allison. During the day, Alfred's parents worked, and they had a maid that also looked out after him and his smaller sister.

One summer day Jason told me he wanted to play a trick on Alfred. Not sure what it was, but the four of us - Jason, Allison, Alfred and me - ended up behind their large detached garage, which had an outdoor space surrounded by a cedar fence such that no one could observe us. We had played back there for years, so our being back there was not unusual.

While we were there, in front of Alfred, Jason told Allison that Alfred had a crush on her. Allison said "Really?", and Alfred blushed and didn't say anything. I don't remember specifically what Jason told Alfred, but it was to the effect that if he liked Allison and wanted her to like him back, he had to prove he liked her. When Alfred asked what he was talking about, Jason said that if a boy likes a girl, the way she knows he likes her is that he has to get naked and show her his penis. Of course, most boys that age would have challenged Jason, but remember, Alfred was retarded and didn't know any better.

Allison of course could have said it wasn't true, but she was just as much into the trick as Jason. I asked Allison is she had ever seen a naked boy, and she replied only Jason when he was much younger. I then asked if she'd like to see Alfred get naked, and she said "Yes!" So it was a win-win for the brother and sister - Jason was gay and Allison was curious about male anatomy, and at that age, it would have been an early eye-opener for any girl.

Alfred kept looking at Allison, and his fondness for her made her want to appease her eagerness to see him naked, no doubt believing Jason that this would make her like him. So he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, sat on a pile of boards and took his tennis shoes and socks off, stood up and removed his shorts than standing there facing Allison, he pulled his underwear down and removed them. As he stood naked in front of Jason and Allison, it was hard to tell which one was more enthralled with Alfred's exposed penis and balls. Alfred had gone through puberty and had a nice size penis as well as large balls.

Both Jason and Allison were giggling as they stared at Alfred's genitals. Jason told Alfred to turn around so that Allison could see his naked butt, and he did. Jason then told Alfred to turn back around and told his little sister to touch Alfred's penis, and as he did, he - not Allison, reached over and touched it. She followed suit and soon both were fondling Alfred's penis and balls as he stood there blushing and not sure what to say.

Inevitably, Alfred's penis began to stiffen and quickly was a full, hard erection. Jason explained the transformation to Allison and had her grab Alfred's balls as he talked about all the sperm she should make him produce. Allison was letting her brother take the lead, but, was a happy follower in what he was having Alfred do. I sat there quietly torn between feeling bad for the trick they were playing Alfred, but also a huge feeling of sexual excitement watching Allison laugh as she played with Alfred's hard dick. I'd never seen any sexual contact between a boy and girl (way before the Internet), and I found it erotic. So I didn't intercede but just watched.

Alfred was both very sexually aroused, but was beet red blushing from the embarrassment of his situation. Finally, Jason told Alfred that if he wanted Allison to really like him, he had to now jack off for her. Alfred didn't understand the request, so Jason grabbed his hand and showed him how to masturbate himself; however, Alfred new quickly what was expected and started to do it evidencing it wasn't his first time. Jason asked him if he'd ever done it, and he said he had, and that his mother had told him about it (I presume he was concerned when he did it and the discharge, which she educated him about).

Clearly thinking he was winning Allison's heart by doing, the three of us closely watched Alfred jerk his hard dick off for her amusement. Masturbation was still somewhat of a new concept to me, and I'm sure it was for Allison as well. So it was a fun thing for all of us to participate in Alfred's learning how to do it. I remember his dick dribbling precum, which Jason made sure we all took notice. Both Jason and Allison had eager hands and were grabbing Alfred's balls as he jacked off.

Finally, his dick erupted into a spray of sperm on Allison's knees and she squealed with laughter running her finger over Alfred's penis hole collecting the last drops. Jason's eyes were wide, and he had a huge bulge in his pants clearly highly aroused. But I too was aroused and felt my cock had also swollen, but for a different reason. It was the exchange between Allison and Alfred during this very tender, intimate moment as he was embarrassed and feeling naked and vulnerable. It was at that moment that I felt my first erotic liking to what CFNM was all about, although it would take me another two decades to coin a name for it on the Internet.

Rather than have Alfred get dressed, Jason told him we were going to play behind the garage and that Alfred should stay completely naked the whole time. But this lasted only about 10 minutes when we heard the back door open and the maid call out for Alfred to come eat his lunch. Alfred dressed, then said he had to go. I remember him asking Allison "Do you like me now?", and she said "You're just a friend, and today we played a trick on you -hahaha". I could see Alfred's feelings were hurt and a look of humiliation on his blushed face, but he half-heartedly laughed with her, "You, you played a good joke on me...haha!" Jason told Alfred his mom might get mad at him for what he'd just done, and Alfred said "No! We can't tell her!" Apparently no one ever told her either.

Interestingly, the dynamic among us neighborhood kids didn't seem to change much after that. Alfred would swoon over Allison when we played, and she'd laugh about it, even joking with him about the funny "trick" that was played on him followed by all of us, including Alfred, laughing about it.

In retrospect, no, it wasn't right, even though I didn't plan it, instigate it nor instruct Alfred to do anything whatsoever. And I'm confident had I not been there, it would have still happened in my absence, maybe even more humiliating for Alfred. Further, had it not been for Jason's over-zealous pursuit of it, and, had Allison asked me, I was so aroused that I would have eagerly obeyed her instructions and stood there naked side-by-side with Alfred wanting him to share the stage with me as I let her enjoy me doing the same thing, including whatever humiliation it gave me. But I know that's not an excuse for me staying there to watch, nor can I lie about how much I enjoyed being there to witness it all - it was a highly erotic moment that shaped my psyche about CFNM.

Author:  systemzengineer [ Sat May 11, 2019 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

When I was 19 a girl walked in on me while I was peeing. Was quite exciting and that's when I began liking CFNM.

Author:  michu [ Sun May 12, 2019 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

sorry for my english. I use google translator.

it was not the first experience but one of the coolest. On a school trip, we had fun with a group of friends. at one point I was left alone with 3 girls in the room. one of them offered half-serious joke: make a striptease for us. I started to dance and undress. When I was just the pants I wanted to finish " show". Then the girls took matters into their hands and they pulled out my boxers, they all looked at my penis and they were laughing and I felt how my body penetrated pleasure.

then I understood that I really like CFNM and I started looking for such materials on the internet

Can you tell me if this text is understandable? well translated?

thanks for what you do, Brad.

Author:  Tsgking [ Sun May 12, 2019 5:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first CFNM experience art modeling was completely different from any medical experience Id had before. As stated before, my CFNM interest went back to my late teens but I didn't start modeling for art classes until I was 32. I was taking a figure drawing class as a student and there were several women in the group that were bemoaning the fact that they rarely had male models. I mentioned that I had always been interested in what it would be like but that I wasn't sure I had the nerve to strip off in front of a group of people, most of which were female. Being nude in front of a doctor or nurse is one thing, nude in front of a crowd was something completely different. The ladies in the class, particularly two of them, started encouraging me to try it. One of the more enthusiastic women called the instructor over and asked if I could model for the last class of the session, which was the next week, if they could convince me to do it. He didn't care and said it was up to me. So I was in a position now where I was being given a chance to really experience something Id fantasized about for years . The thought of it embarrassed me but I also knew that the opportunity was right here in front of me and I might not get the chance again. Id survived being nude in front of female medical staff so this couldn't be any worse. I finally agreed and the ladies were pleased and reminded me that Id better not chicken out next week.

Next week rolled around and I was as nervous as Ive ever been driving to the art center. When I got there, everyone clapped as they thought I might no-show. The two women who were most adamant about me modeling had set themselves up right in front of the modeling stand I noticed. When class time started, the instructor said it was time for my debut. At the time, the art center did not have the blind they use now for models to undress behind. The female models we'd had either undressed in front of the class, or walked out and down to a restroom and came back in a robe. Being a first timer, I didn't even think about bringing a robe and the instructor didn't remind me. So my only option was to undress right there. I cant imagine how red my face must have been but I took a deep breath and thought here goes. I undressed completely and then stepped up on the modeling stand trying to avoid eye contact with the women along the stand. Id seen how the modeling routine went; you start with times gesture poses before going into longer ones so I knew what to do. As I got started I had hoped to remained focused on anything but the women a few feet away from me but it was not to be. They started talking with me while I posed, encouraging me, giving suggestions. It was all too surreal. When it came time for the longer poses, one of the enthusiastic women suggested a seated pose that pretty much put me eye level with her. She and her co-conspirator basically talked to me the whole time and it dawned on me that they were enjoying this. The instructor had to remind them a couple times about less talking more drawing. The enthusiastic one whispered to her neighbor about how much she liked seeing penises and I'm sure she said it just loud enough for me to hear. Totally unprofessional behavior in an art studio and I was desperately trying to avoid an erection and I remember trying to keep my focus diverted to a squirrel I could see running around on a tree outside the studio skylight windows, but I kept being drawn back to the women when they talked to me. Eventually I started feeling more and more comfortable with the situation. By the time my first break started Id started feeling more comfortable. I didn't have a robe so I still sat there naked on the stand while three or four of the women, including the one that I was sure was trying to embarrass me, gathered around me showing me their work. I think that was when I really realized that, hey I think I like this. The next couple hours flew by and I was almost sorry when it was over. The instructor stated that Id done a good job for a first timer and told me to make sure I called the modeling coordinator the next day if I wanted to get added to the call list. He did say that bringing a robe is a good idea in the future although it didn't appear that any of my classmates were bothered by my lack of one. As I left, the ladies walked out to my car with me, praised what Id done and said they hoped to see me in future classes. I was hooked.

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