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Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experience?
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Author:  smith54321 [ Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I didn't really think about it at the time - getting rid of it and back to health were more important than any cognition of this event.

But perhaps my first as an adult - as opposed to as a child or young teenager as my other experiences were - was aged 16 when I'd had an operation necessitating a catheter from my bladder. It was placed in during the operation when I was under anaesthetic so I was spared any knowledge or feeling of its insertion, but was removed when I was awake by a nurse looking only a few years older than me, which of course required both lengthy sight of and touching of my penis to get the tube out.

Author:  Chris Camp [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first real experience with CFNM was in HS, back in the early 90s, with my GF at the time. We had been dating for a few weeks and she was very worried about going "too far" in terms of sex. I on the other hand, being 18yrs old was bursting everytime we were together.

One night at her home we were kissing and I thought it was going to lead somewhere so I started taking my clothes off, expecting her to do the same but she just sat there and watched me. She didn't tell me to stop so I just kept going and she kept watching, which I liked. We spent the next 20 minutes making out in her basement, her completely dressed and me completely naked with a raging hard on.

Unfortunately for me, all I got that night was an intense case of blue balls but it lead to 2 other CFNM experiences with her and I found I really liked being naked in front of her.

I never did have sex with her.

Author:  FinnTheHuman [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

When I was in my teenage years I'd spend summers in a town, far away from a big city where I used to live. There were my ciblings and cousins as well from all over the places. When I started realizing that I really liked showing off, I decided to expose myself a little bit. I went for a "nap" and while the girls were hangin out around me I "accidentaly" took out my ball, letting them just notice it first.
Slowly I started exposing more and more skin and eventually, one day, they saw my full dick out while I was napping.
I really enjoyed their reaction. They laughed but never touched it. I know exactly that one of them took a picture of me sleeping with my cock out, I hope it's still somewhere on her phone :)

Author:  Rk1193 [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

First time was while getting an x-ray. Had to strip down to my boxers so they could check for a blood clot in my leg.

Female technician was having me move my legs for an obvious upshorts view.

She didn’t overtly look but by the opening in the leg of my shorts, I knew she could see.

Author:  ArgFela97 [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

Unfortunately in my case, I have never had such an experience, not even with my mom unless I was very young, I could have a couple weeks ago at a Uni Medical, but I was too embarrassed so I asked the female students to step out while the doctor M checked me over, a bit ashamed though I did not let the girls stay.

Author:  cumpsycho100 [ Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

One night I climbed out of my window naked to go streaking through the neighborhood on a blind thrill. I went pretty far, and was aroused to the point in which I was dribbling precum without even being erect. After a while I couldn't resist anymore and hid behind some bushes and started jerking off. While I was pleasuring myself a car drove by, and when it had gone out of sight I felt something exhilarating like I needed to be seen. I stood up from my bush and walked to the open and waiting for the next car, but what I instead faced was a late night/early morning jogger who turned the corner and saw me in all my naked, erect glory. I felt that exhilarating feeling once more and felt as though my feet were cemented in place and she gradually jogged closer in my direction. I was terrified and aroused at the time time and expected her to take some sort of action, but she just kept jogging right past me without so much as looking at my body. Maybe she didn't notice me? All I know is that I've been trying to recreate the situation since and had little luck. But I can always reflect on it for a good memory.

Author:  mortalitius94 [ Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first CFNM experience was a doctor's office. At 18, each of us had to make an individual appointment with a doctor to perform preventive examinations before entering adulthood. After entering the doctor, it turned out that there was a young medical student inside about 23 years old. The doctor told me to remove my shirt and examined it with a stethoscope. Then she told her to take off her pants and stand on the scale. I felt stupid in front of a student who was watching me. Then the doctor told me to stand in front of her and make a slope forward. Then she ordered to turn around and approach them. My penis began to harden slowly. At one point she said that I should take off my boxer shorts, which at first I did not want to agree because of the young student who was looking at me. Unfortunately, the doctor insisted and at the same time pulled off my boxers. At that moment I stood two naked in front of them. The girl timidly looked at my penis. The doctor told her to put on gloves and check if everything is ok with my scrotum. The young student put on gloves and grabbed my penis and picked it up with the other hand to feel my eggs. My penis started to stand as she touched him. At some point a slight discharge appeared. The girl smiled at that moment. Then she told me to put on boxers and that my penis is all right.

Author:  udoctor [ Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I've never had a true CFNM experience except with a few significant others in private situations, but I did have a close encounter back in college that I've always kicked myself for not taking advantage of. Some of my female friends said I should come watch TV with them, so I went over and found all 3 of them watching TV, each covered from the neck down in blankets. I asked what was going on and they told me they were having "naked girl time". Then one offered me a blanket and suggested "it could just be naked time...". For context, all three of these girls were in casual relationships, and they definitely wouldn't be interested in me, so I knew nothing sexual would happen. I almost did it, but the thought of popping a boner in front of them was mortifying so I mumbled something about homework and stumbled my way out. I found out a few months later it was apparently a prank to see if they could get me to do it, and they were actual all completely dressed under the blankets! Maybe if I had discovered CFNM just a bit sooner I would have been a much more willing participant than they would have ever expected.

Author:  svrussia [ Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

First I can remember would be when I had to strip off in front of a nurse

Author:  sileno [ Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I am a sixty year old man, just turned. Ten years ago, feeling a bit of sexual insecurity, and following the doctor's recommendation, I started going to a sex therapy office. This office is run by a well-known female doctor, psychiatrist and sexologist.

The first time I went, I discovered that all the staff, namely the receptionist and the therapists, are attractive women. They wear discrete uniforms consisting of short-sleeved blouses and pants, all pale pink.

The receptionist made me wait in the anteroom. Occasionally a man would leave the hall, no doubt a patient. He seemed to pay the receptionist before leaving.
When it was my turn, the receptionist let me into the doctor's office, who is a very attractive mature woman. I had to tell her about my sexual intimacy, about which I don't speak with anyone else. I felt that making those confessions gave me a certain excitement. Then, she called two therapists, and said loudly (that the receptionist could hear behind the partition) that, for the time being, I had to undergo a “sexual reinforcement”. Then, one of the girls, led me to a room at the end of the hall, which they call "the laboratory." It consists of a small room with a sofa and a clothes rack. On the other side of a low partition, there is a stretcher. She ordered me to undress completely, and handed me a blue paper gown, which I had to wear, and that only covers the front of the body. She left for a few minutes, while I kept my orders, and left all my clothes hanging on the clothes rack. Then, she returned, and verifying that I was already completely naked, she let me out and led me along the corridor, to a small working sauna room. There they made me stay for something like ten minutes. Then I asked to go to the bathroom to take a shower, and I had to do it in sight of her, who provided me with a clean towel. Then she brought me back to the lab. I felt like cattle being herded. I remember the touch of the soft carpet under my bare feet.
Back in the room, I had to lie on the stretcher, face up. Lying down as I was told, I felt a strange excitement. I couldn't stop thinking about the doctor's clothes, the receptionist's clothes and the therapists' uniforms. Then came the second therapist, who seemed to be the most expert, bringing a cart that was holding an electrical device. She drew the edge of my gown towards my chest, leaving my body almost completely exposed. With one hand she briefly held my penis and watched it carefully for a few seconds.
Then she opened the lid of the electrical appliance, plugged it into the outlet, and deployed a cable that ended in a plastic strap that covered an electrode or something like that. She carefully and deftly adjusted the strap to my penis and turned on the device, that emitted a slight hum and made me feel a soft vibration. The therapist asked me if I felt the electricity, and if it was too little or too much. Guided by my answers, she adjusted the machine's voltage. Then she slightly increased the volume of the speaker that played the recorded sound, and left the room, leaving me alone with soothing music.
But I could not be calm, wondering what would happen next, and what the so-called "sexual reinforcement" would consist of.
Then the two therapists entered together, always with their pink uniforms well adjusted to their bodies. They turned off the machine and released me ... and they took off my gown, which was the only thing that covered me badly. They began to caress my body and my penis. They asked me my age ... they told me that my body was beautiful ... that my penis was beautiful, and they celebrated watching my erection begin. They immediately discovered how it turns me on to be caressed and pinched by my nipples, they made my legs open, and while one of them masturbated me (that is, she "reinforced" me) the other discovered how I get when my anus is caressed with the fingers.. I made no attempt to touch them, staying totally passive. I could barely speak, and I could only moan with those caresses. They alternated the rhythm of caresses and masturbation, slower or faster, and I felt that I was totally at the mercy of them. And, when they decided, they made me ejaculate on my own body, and abundant semen covered my belly and even my chest.
The most expert took the machine, while the other helped me clean. New walk down the hall, to use the bathroom, and finally, alone, I went back to the lab to get dressed.

In the office, the Doctor, after consulting the report of the therapists, told me that the use of medications in my treatment would be minimal. Everything else could be achieved with reinforcement and "with ST" (I later learned that it was sexual therapy, with vaginal penetration). She asked me what I had felt, and, before my answers, she discovered that my own nakedness excited me. Then I told her that I was very excited to be with dressed women. Later I learned that, commonly, therapists undress to care for patients, but they always made the exception with me.
During the following therapy sessions, and, by order of the Doctor, they should always be dressed, and I always had to be totally naked. I used to take precautions to make it easier for them to penetrate my anus with their fingers when they decided to do so. They never removed their entire uniform, even for therapy with vaginal penetration. One of them changed her pants for a short and straddled me (that was the position that I asked for) and simply put aside the fabric that covers the crotch and panties, and so she received the penetration. They always made me use a condom. They put it on me and then removed it.

I remember attending therapies once a month, for several months. Then, according to the Doctor, I interrupted and months later continued. I was like that for two and a half years, as I recall.

I enjoy the benefits of that therapy even today.

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