Public CFNM Gatherings & Events

The Clothed-Female/Naked-Male environment can be observed around the world being enjoyed openly and publicly.   as a natural, enjoyable setting for both women and men.   These settings can be a natural, enjoyable environment that is most enjoyed when it is legal, socially acceptable and open to the public for all to enjoy.    As part of our CFNM resource library, we offer the following pictorial and video materials featuring CFNM being enjoyed at these gatherings and events.   None of the materials contained in these photo/video files are staged or professionally produced, and to our knowledge, none are copyrighted.  They offer authentic examples of real-life CFNM being enjoyed by women and men in a natural, open manner.   

Downloading:   We are currently using Keep2Share to host files too large for this website to house.  Files housed on Keep2Share can be downloaded for free using their free download link, or, for faster downloads, a premium package can be purchased.  All files are uploaded as compressed files, which require a .zip/.rar extraction once downloaded. 

Photographs, videos and GIFs - CFNM at Various BeachesFile size: 694 MB w/ 1,100 files    Commentary:  Photographs and videos of lovely clothed ladies and naked gentlemen enjoy sunny days at beautiful public beaches around the world. Sub-folders include Hippy Hollow, Austin, Texas; Baker Beach, San Francisco, California, and; Pirates Cover, San Luis Obispo, California.

Photographs, videos and GIFs - CFNM at Blacks BeachFile size: 747 MB w/ 206 files    Commentary:  Blacks Beach, the nation's largest clothing-optional beach, is part of San Diego, California.  On sunny weekends, it sees almost 1,000 visitors per day with full nudity being legal on a 2-mile stretch of State land.   Although both men and women go nude, the preponderance of nudity occurs with men.  Recent trends show greater numbers of females coming in groups while staying clothed, thus making it the largest spot for regular CFNM in the country.  All concur that the increase of women, regardless of attire, makes for a far better beach experience for everyone.

Blacks Beach - The CFNM ExperienceFile size: 869 MB; 1280 x 720 avi video file; 25:49    Commentary:  This POV video was shot at Blacks Beach on a single day in June, 2014.   Using a Go-Pro type video camera, this video allows one to experience the abundance of CFNM activity at perhaps one of the largest spots for CFNM in the nation.   The video shows many ladies that have donned their suits and shorts to walk down this beautiful beach as they encounter numerous naked men.    It also answers the question some have about whether any of the nude men ever get a bit too excited such that their bodies betray their thoughts.

Photographs - Spanish Beaches & CFNMFile size: 577 MB w/ 635 photos    Commentary: Although a few cities have recently enacted ordinances that limit public nudity, for the rest of Spain it is legal to be completely naked in public. Given men are more prone to enjoying the beach au naturale, travelers often report their observing CFNM scenarios at Spanish beaches, and there are no shortages of photos evidencing it. The folders of this download are organized by beach include many of the beaches that line the Spanish coast.

CFNM Exposure - Unanticipated and CandidFile size: 852 MB w/ 320 files    Commentary:  For men that are completely nude at clothing-optional beaches, being around numerous attractive ladies in bathing suits designed to arouse often creates an awkward problem.    This download contains beach photos and videos of nude men embarrassingly getting erections as well as candid reactions from ladies that witness them.

Streets of San Francisco - Public CFNM PhotosFile size: 2.1 GB w/ 4,000 photos    Commentary:  San Francisco is the most liberated city in the United States, if not the world.  At scheduled street fairs and events open to the general public, it is legal to be completely naked.   Having held both the titles of the world's largest and longest running foot race, San Francisco's annual Bay to Breakers sees over 100,000 runners each year, many of whom are nude ("Bare to Breakers").   Erotic-themed events such as the Exotic Erotic Ball, Folsom Street and Dorey Alley fairs have seen men going one step further openly masturbating to accepting, cheering crowds.  

Streets of San Francisco - Public CFNM VideosFile size: 1.5 GB w/ 141 Videos and Screen Capture Images    Commentary:  This download includes videos and screen captures of the events depicted in the large photo file download above.   Videos include full public nudity, inclusive of CFNM female domination, clothed ladies "taking hold" of the situation as naked men parading by, and, nude men openly masturbating as enthusiastic clothed ladies stand around talking to and videotaping those men as they engage in self pleasure. 

CFNM at Various Outdoor Events, Concerts, Festivals and Gatherings Around the WorldFile size: 594 MB w/ 607 Photos and Videos    Commentary:CFNM has become common at such events as Burning Man, Naked Mile, Roskiled, Kazantip, Testicle Festival, the World Naked Bike Ride (which now occurs internationally in many major cities) and concerts around the globe. This download provides photos and short videos of women and men enjoying all that CFNM has to offer in various public outdoor events and gatherings.

This page is an ongoing process as we continue to add uploads of photographic and video material that fit our criteria for inclusion. If you have any photos or videos not shown in the above files, please email us at