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 Post subject: Beaches in Canada
PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:54 am 
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I’m surprised there isn’t an entry for Canada. I thought I remembered one, and I know Hanlan’s point beach has been discussed in one of the forums, but I couldn’t see a beach report in this forum.

Despite its reputation as a wretchedly cold place, many Canadian cities have quite warm summers, and some notable nude beaches.

British Columbia

I just posted an entry for Wreck Beach Vancouver in the thread “pacific north west”.


Has anyone been to Montreal’s Oka beach? Aka “Okapulco”.


The only nude beach I’ve been to in Ontario is Hanlan’s point beach, easily accessible from Toronto on the Western-most of the Toronto islands.

Hanlan’s point has been discussed in the village before. The previous reports for Hanlan’s still largely apply, except for some flooding (more below). And while previous reports noted a progressively more raucous atmosphere, with music, alcohol, and more clothed people, this year it seemed even more like that than the previous descriptions. Id been to Hanlan’s once about 9 years ago, but then twice more on beautiful sunny weekend days in June 2019.

Hanlan’s point used to be a long wide beach, with a portion allocated for nude bathing, a clothed section, and some mingling between the two. Due to flooding and erosion in the past two years, the shape of the beach has changed enormously. Flooding is reportedly particularly bad in early summer due to spring rains and snow melt, so maybe the beach will come back again later in the year.

Water taxis and public ferries leave regularly from downtown Toronto and take maybe 15 minutes. The water taxis are $10 each way. This is the start of the flood-based changes - depending on the water level, the water taxis and the ferries may not be able to land on Hanlan’s point. On the first day I had to walk 45 minutes from Center Island to Hanlan’s point because the taxi company I chose couldn’t land near Hanlan’s. I later found out that “tiki taxi” will land on Hanlan’s point even during floods (though not at the usual dock). This means a five minute walk instead of 45. I used tiki taxi For the subsequent three trips. Tiki taxi is based further west on the Toronto foreshore than the other water taxis.

Either way, walking to the clothing optional beach involved several sections where the path was covered by knee deep water. Just follow the signs and you can’t get lost.

The beach is at least 80% smaller than I remember. There was one section of about 50 meters by 10 metres. There was also a long sand bar (about 50 metres by 1-3 metres), as well as lots of forested areas where you could get to the shore but there wasn’t any sand. At either end of the beach there were extensive trails through the forested areas. The northern most section of the clothing optional beach was gone completely but it was still possible to walk naked along a trail near the shore. The main path (more like a road) is not clothing optional and clothes are required. The restrooms were closed due to flooding. Unlike previously, there was no foot traffic from the clothed beach - everyone on he nude beach had seen a sign that said “clothing option beach” and decided that was the beach for them. The clothed and nude beaches are now accessed by separate paths.

Despite the flooding, the beach was packed. Probably slightly fewer people than when it was much larger, but far more crowded. I’d guess at its busiest there were at least 200 people. And only 20-30% were nude, and very few nude women. The crowd was mostly young people, male and female, gay and straight. Outside the main beach area (in the forested cruising areas) was almost exclusively male, but on the beach itself it was much more even. There was lots of music (and some dancing), lots of alcohol, and a party atmosphere. Alcohol was also for sale (probably illegally) from a lady in purple lingerie. It’s not a peaceful or relaxing beach, but alcohol is great for lowering social inhibitions so I think it’s a fair trade off. There were also a large number of boats just off the beach. Usually with clothed people and loud music too. I understand that many of the nudist regulars are very unhappy that the beach has become a clothed party beach where nude bodies are a spectacle, but from a cfnm perspective that seems like an improvement.

Both days I made friends the same way, using a tactic (if you can call it that) I’d never used before. There were quite a few groups with gay males and straight single females. The men said hello, I said hello back but quickly worked my heterosexuality into the conversation. Then they invited me to meet their female friends. I ended up joining groups both days as the only naked person, with increasingly drunk girls getting less and less inhibited. Lots of cfnm dancing in the sunshine. It was a way of making friends with girls in a cfnm environment that seemed to lower everyone’s defenses.

Hanlan’s is a very different beach these days. Tiny. Crowded. Clothed. Loud. Drunk. But so much fun.

Maybe later in the summer the water level will drop again, and people will get more spread out.

Was my experience typical? Is it always a party beach now? Is it always so small and eroded? Are there any Toronto locals who can comment?

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