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Topic: Testicle Festival (Testy Festy)- Clinton, Montana, US
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Author:  Brad [ Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Topic: Testicle Festival (Testy Festy)- Clinton, Montana, US

Testicle Festival - Information, and reviews

History/Background: The Testicle Festival (or Testy Festy) was originally held in Byron, Illinois, but has spread to numerous other venues with a large one in Clinton, MT. Rock Creek Lodge just outside of Clinton, Montana now hosts the largest testicle festival. Testicle festivals can be found in many smaller rural towns wherein livestock is a primary industry; however, Rock Creek Lodge throws the world’s largest testicle festival every fall attracting more than 15,000 fans annually to its five day event. Tossing around its motto, "I had a ball at the Testicle Festival," the festival cooks up over 2 ½ tons of bull balls as food. The event includes dancing, drinking, live music, performances, DJs and contests. No one under 21 is allowed to attend the event.

The reason this specific testicle festival is highlighted is because open nudity, particularly of the men, is not uncommon. More importantly, the host a big balls competition wherein the men drop their trousers and the ladies judge which man has the biggest balls.


Testy-Festy Official Site
Wikipedia: Testicle Festival

Here's an attractive brunette that emceed the previous years event talking about how great the Big Balls Contest is, and how the women judge the men's balls on how they "look, feel, smell, and are measured":

Youtube video where guy presents his balls as lady laughs as he contemplates entering the contest:

CFNM Images:


Someone posted this photo as reportedly being a promo for the festival in some publication. I can't confirm it, could be true, but looks more like its for a gay site - you be the judge (of the photo, not their balls!)


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