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For Newly Registered Members - MUST READ INSTRUCTIONS!
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Author:  Site Administrator [ Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  For Newly Registered Members - MUST READ INSTRUCTIONS!


A few things you need to know prior to your gaining access to the CFNM Village Forums.

  • The CFNM Village website is a not-for-profit public website for enthusiasts of CFNM. It was founded and owned by Brad Thompson, and is the successor website to Visual Sensations for Women, which was also created by Brad. In fact, the acronym for clothed-female/naked-male ("CFNM") was created and originally defined here, and no one else has a more exclusive use over its meaning and usage.

    Our site is run and moderated 100% by volunteers and you must recognize that being here is a privilege paid for by others, and is not a right for anyone.
  • Anyone of adult age can join. Our board's culture is one of sharing and friendliness with the Golden Rule being our model for decorum. But we are intolerant to intolerance as we embrace all ethnicities, races and sexual orientations, and will ban anyone that posts anything inconsistent with this philosophy. We expect all those that benefit freely from this site to fully read and abide by our rules. Failure to comply may result in immediate banning without explanation. So before accessing the remainder of the board and/or posting, you need to become familiar with our rules, here:

    The CFNM Village Discussion Forum Rules for Usage
  • Everyone that joins our Village Discussion Forum is automatically a "Newly Registered Member" (RNU) -- a subcategory to "Registered Members", which is what you became upon registering and authenticating your email. RNUs have limited access to the various discussion and posting forums. RNUs also have limited function controls, which includes the inability to post in any forum without a moderator first approving their post. To become a fully Registered Member and lose the RNU designation, a number of posts must first be reviewed and approved by the moderators (remember to read our rules before posting!) upon which time the board settings automatically remove the RNU restrictions. The number of posts for which approval is required may vary from time to time depending upon the level of spambot attacks we're getting, but is generally between 2 and 5. However, we recommend posting a few more than the threshold limit as we may delete topic entire threads for various reasons, and if you're at that threshold and your post gets deleted, you drop back down to NRU status.
  • Beginning in 2018, we began "pruning" out NRUs. The reason being was that we had over 30,000 registered members with over 6 million unique views a year. This drained our resource limit with our webhost slowing down the forum. Some registered members had had the NRU classification for over 5 years never posting once. We decided the lurkers that do not contribute bring no value to our board and thus should be removed. As of the date of this post, we have deleted over 16,000 NRU accounts since the beginning of the year.

    We therefore encourage everyone to help contribute to our forum in ways other than paying us to access this site. Our only other alternative is to purchase a separate dedicated server with our webhost and start to charge all joining a monthly fee, which is something we have been very reluctant to do.

    HOWEVER, WE DO NOT WANT THE BOARD FLOODED. For this reason we are restricting Newly Registered Members to this forum to allow you to build up your post count prior to posting. You only need to post a few times -- always less than five. Make sure you have something important to say rather than trying to rack up post counts with meaningless comments and banter.

  • So, again, welcome. Remember to be considerate of others, follow our rules and enjoy!

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