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Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experience?
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Author:  Tomathome [ Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I mentioned in my first post that I had some experiences as a teen at school which were not CFNM but heading in that direction. With one gf at school, it was fun sometimes to escape on to the large playing field at lunchtime and have a bit of a snog. Sometimes a couple of her friends would join us, and whilst we wouldn't be kissing and canoodling as much, she used to touch me and stroke me through my clothing or by slipping her hand into my pocket while her friends were sitting with us. They could clearly see where her hands were and it just added to the thrill to see their eyes focused on you and it felt like they kind of enjoyed it too.

The first true CFNM experience I enjoyed came about after I broke my ankle and leg in a road accident when I was 17. I spent quite a bit of time in hospital having various operations and bolts and pins, and then eventually was allowed to go home but I was bedridden for a long while. The healing process really needed me to keep my damaged leg raised. I did however have crutches and I was allowed to be up on them for brief periods like a visit to the toilet.

We had an old family friend who was one of those Aunts who wasn't actually a relative. I'd known her since I was a young lad and we always had a bond. I told her I wanted to marry her when I was older. In my early teenage years I hadn't seen much of her but on the few occasions I did we always joked about me marrying her. She was divorced by then and used to say she was waiting for me to get old enough to take her out properly and we both enjoyed that. It never felt like flirting, but as I got older she was complimentary about my physique and looks so it was definitely an ego boost!

She came to the house one day when I was recovering from my accident and it was just me home, lying in bed and hearing the doorbell ring. I got up with some help from my crutches and made my way to the door but then realised I was only in a pair of briefs and nothing else aside from the cast on my leg. So I asked who is it, and she replied to say it's your Auntie Carol. I replied to say I only had briefs on and that I'd need to go and put a dressing gown on. She told me not to be stupid or embarrassed, just let me in! So I did, and she took in the sight and gave me a wolf whistle and said I'd have been round much earlier if I knew you would answer the door like that. And she gave me a little hug and a kiss on the cheek. I said I'm supposed to be lying down, do you mind keeping me company in my room? I was used to getting some visits from friends so there were a couple of chairs to sit on in the room as well as space on the bed where I would lie down.

She came through with me and we chatted, lots of questions about the accident, injuries, progress and recovery, what I was doing as I couldn't attend college and I filled in details of trying to study at home and having some tutoring 3 mornings a week and so on. Then she asked about did it itch inside the cast and I said not really, but I expect it to because everyone keeps asking me that. She also went to get me a cold drink and generally was being a lovely nurse. We talked about her too and I asked her if she was still single with a smile. She smiled too and said she was still waiting for me, and she glanced down across my body and I knew I was being thoroughly checked out as a man, all be it a young one, rather than a boy. She then asked about how I coped with some of the basics in life. Could I shower or bathe? And I said I'd tried having a bath with a stool to raise my cast on out of the water but it was really awkward and difficult to get in and out of the bath with the crutches and not being able to put any weight on one leg so I'd only tried once, otherwise I just got a bowl and a flannel and gave myself a kind of bed bath. Going to the loo was a bit easier I said because I didn't need to get over the side of anything, it was more the balance that was difficult as you had to have a hand free for... and then I kind of trailed off as I realised I might be going too far. But she smiled and said well I'm going to come and see you and look after you a bit more so if there's anything I can help with, I'm happy to do it and made a joke about needing to look after her "boyfriend."

Good to her word, she came back a few days later during the day again, whilst my parents were out at work. I'd been thinking about her coming back again quite a lot in a young man excited kind of way. We went through a normal time of chatting and her getting me a drink and offering to make something to eat for me, then she offered to help me with a bit of a bed bath. I said I was ok and happy to do it myself but she said not to be silly, I could just lie down and she'd help with a bowl of hot water and a flannel. Again I was just in briefs and she was very soft and gentle over my chest and I sat up to let her wash my back and then I started to feel a bit excited and nervous about getting an erection as I realised she was either going to be washing my stomach or maybe on my legs and so I said I think I probably need to go to the toilet.

Come on then, she said, I'll help you get to the bathroom. She passed me both crutches and I hopped along the hallway with her behind me. She came into the bathroom with me and lifted the toilet seat and said, I presume you just need a wee? I nodded. I hesitated as I thought at this point she would leave the bathroom, but she didn't. Instead she said, I won't look if you're embarrassed but it's not like I haven't seen you naked lots when you were a boy! I laughed and said yeah, when I was a boy, I'm kind of grown up now.

She smiled and said, ok big boy, I'll close my eyes, but maybe I'll sneak a quick peek too!

That actually made my cock stir and stiffen a bit and now I felt like damn, I'm not going to be able to piss very easily if I get a hard-on. So I didn't really do anything or say anything because I was trying to work out what the hell to do. She's standing next to me, holding one of my crutches for me and her eyes are closed. It felt like a long time, but given she wasn't hearing the sounds of me pissing, it probably was only 5 or 10 seconds at most when she asked, 'What's the matter? Can't go, is it me being too close?'

And I said, yeah, I'm embarrassed because.. and again I didn't finish my sentence thinking how do I say I'm finding it too exciting and now I've got a huge boner.

At that point she opened her eyes, and my 'problem' was visible to her.

She laughed and said wow.

Then there was a pause. And then she said, I'm actually really flattered that you're excited. I didn't say anything. There was another pause and she said, I won't tell anyone and you probably shouldn't either. And I said "Definitely not!"

Go on then she said, give it a go.

Are you going to watch? I asked.

Yes. she replied. I want to see it now.

I paused again, and then decided to go for it. I pulled the briefs away from and over my erect cock and pushed them down below my balls with one hand, and my cock sprang up, nearly pointing up at the ceiling. I wrapped my hand around it and tried to force it down enough that it was pointing into the toilet bowl. At that point, Carol said, it's much bigger than my ex-husbands, which just made me more excited. I had to change my position, arch my back a bit but eventually a stream of piss came excitedly rushing out and seemed to last for 45 seconds. I did get a little on the rim of the toilet, and Carol grabbed some toilet tissue and wiped that, then grabbed a bit more, and dabbed the end of my cock with it but just so the tissue touched it and not her hand. At that point I really wanted her to just grab my whole cock and felt so damn excited but instead I pulled up the briefs and we went back to my room and I lay down again, still hard.

Carol went back to giving me a bed bath. I kept rock hard throughout with thoughts of her washing my cock and balls gently in her hands. She seemed to know I was thinking about it and at one point laughed and said, you can wash your bits later when I've gone. It's your birthday in a few weeks time so maybe we'll do something special for your birthday.

The excitement did pass, and we did actually get back to having a more normal conversation, but it changed something between us that gave us like a special secret bond and it obviously had a big impact on me in terms of sexual awakening and excitement that has continued throughout my life. I'll share more about Carol another time.

Author:  DJ Dom [ Mon Jun 20, 2022 9:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first CFNM experience was when a neighbor girl dared my brother and I to race our big wheels around her basement nude while she watched. It was the first of a few CFNM experiences between her and I that went on for many years.

Author:  Masteritter [ Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first personal CFNM experience was visiting Blacks Beach with my wife years ago. We were on a trip in San Diego and googled popular beaches and Blacks popped up so we decided to give it a shot. It was our first time at a clothing optional beach, but she was much more reserved about it and kept top and bottoms on the whole time. Most the day was spent sitting under our umbrella, shorts covering my privates and short trips to the water to cool off . Little by little I got more comfortable and eventually built up the courage to walk along the shore. I didn’t know what to expect but something about knowing that all these peoples eyes are on you and the freedom I felt was really nice. Since then we visit the beach at least a couples times a year.

Author:  manak [ Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

When I was in the hospital because of hemorrhoids, I was examined by a female surgeon about 40 years old in a gynecological chair in the presence of a young nurse. She also operated on me. Then she examined several more times in the same way after the operation in the same chair.

Author:  manak [ Tue Jun 28, 2022 5:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

I suffered from hemorrhoids for many years. In the spring 2018 there was an aggravation and immediately signed up for surgery. There are only two female surgeons in the hospital. Naturally, I chose the youngest and prettiest. Almost ten years younger than me. In September, the turn came to me. I came to her. After asking about the problems, I conducted an examination using a rectoroscope. The nurse, a 25-year-old girl, told me to take off all my clothes and sit in the urological chair. The doctor first felt the knots with her delicate manicured fingers, and then told me to make my legs wider and inserted her device. She also found a fistula besides a crack. I was signed up for surgery. I went to the hospital two weeks later. On the evening before the operation, a nurse came for me, also about 25 years old, small and red-haired.The day before, she asked me to buy a razor at the pharmacy on the first floor. She took me to the shower room and told me to undress and wash. There was no curtain there, she was sitting and watching me. Then she asked me to sit on the gynecological chair and lift my legs on the supports. It was right there in the same room. I was completely naked and sat on it. She started shaving my ass and crotch without any soap. It was very ticklish! She held my balls with her pen so that they would not interfere with her shaving. I decided to joke with her about whether she would shave her scrotum as well. But she said that there was no need for this- the upcoming operation only concerns the anus.... In the morning it was necessary to do two more microlax enemas. Then two nurses came for me, told me to take off my underpants and T-shirt. They put me on a gurney and took the elevator to the operating room. They laid me on the table there. Some girl in a mask came up to me and put her feet on the supports. She asked if I was comfortable . She tied my legs to the stands. Balls were also gently tied with a gauze bandage to my stomach and put a roller under my ass. I didn't see her face, but then I found out that she is an intern and my surgeon is assisting-holding an anuscope when she makes incisions with a laser. Finally, that surgeon-woman took her place at my ass, but I immediately switched off because they did anesthesia. I woke up in the ward about an hour later. There was no particular pain, there was a compress on the priest, and a catheter on the arm. After lunch, the surgeon called me for the first dressing. She ordered me to take off all my clothes and my T-shirt and sit down on the gynecological chair again, laying a towel on my ass and lifting my legs on the supports. She took off the compress and shoved her fingers very deep into my ass. She warned that there would be bleeding later and it would hurt a little. But it was tickling again! She was assisted by the same intern. She had been working here for four years while still a student. Also small but black, oriental type. She put a swab of ointment in me. And they did such procedures every day for a week in that chair until I was discharged.

Author:  Demos [ Tue Jun 28, 2022 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

Decided to go to Hippy Hollow in Texas a few years back. Had a nice conversation with a couple of girls there (both parties trying very earnestly to keep strong eye contact lol). Sadly didn't get their numbers

Author:  fkknudist [ Sun Jul 10, 2022 6:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My 1st experience was with 16yo. My father told me do do a skin check ad a doctor. He told me that a friend of our family is a skin doctor. A woman in her 40s. I saw her a couple of times before. Thought she is nice so why not go to her. But I didn't know I woul have to strip all the way.
First we talked for a few minutes. Then she asked me to undress for the skin check. I undressed to my undies. She checked some murmels. I already felt that I enjoy her touching me. Then happend what I will never forget:
She: "Ok, good so far. Now you have to take your undies off so I can check everywhere."
Me: "Oh... ok..." I felt a bit shocked :D
She: "Yes (a little laugh). Don't worry it's my job." She had a big smile on her face. I think she enjoyed me beeing shocked and shy :D
I was happy that she only checked for about 10 seconds and I could pull my pants back on fast. My first cfnm experience and the best ever.

Author:  tommijok [ Mon Jul 11, 2022 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first experience was at the doctor’s office, as I guess many others first experience as well.

Author:  king [ Mon Jul 11, 2022 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

metcalf58 wrote:
My first real cfnm experience:
I started a new job as a manager, and was told I would have to pass a physical and drug test, so on my first day they made an appointment for me with a doctor. The appointment was at noon, and when I arrived the reception area was empty except for a very young and bored receptionist who was reading a book. I told her who I was and she gave me a clipboard with about 4 pages of questions to fill out. When I returned the information to her, she sighed and called for a nurse. The nurse came out from the back rooms and gave me a cup to pee in and directed me to a small room for that purpose.
When I came out of the room, the nurse was talking to the receptionist who was giggling a bit. Then the nurse took me to an examination room, handed me a gown and told me to take off everything but my socks. She came back in a few minutes and took my blood pressure, listened to my heart, etc. Then she said she needed to check me for a hernia and company policy required that someone else needed to be in the room. She said “If you don’t mind, I’ll have Ronnie be my observer.” I agreed, and she picked up a phone and asked Ronnie to come in. To my surprise, in walks the receptionist - who is smiling as she enters. She stood beside the nurse who then lifted my gown and asked me to hold the gown up high for her. So I’m suddenly standing in front of the two of them, exposed from my nipples to my socks!
The nurse then asked me a few questions, then holds my penis and puts her other hand under my testicles. While she continued to ask me questions I looked at the receptionist and saw that she was intently watching what the nurse was doing, then she looked at me and gave me a big smile. She was apparently finding my examination more interesting than her book was! Finally the nurse finished and pulled my gown down and dismissed Ronnie. Then she thanked me and told me to get dressed.

Did you talk with Ronnie after the exam or ever see her again ?

Author:  swimmerted [ Wed Jul 13, 2022 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Topic: Newbies - What Was Your First True CFNM Experienc

My first CFNM experience was an initiation into our university swim team. All the newbie guys had to do a dance in front of the senior team members, including all of the girls team (about twenty in total). Whenever the girls chanted 'off off', we had to lose an item of clothing. Needless to say, we were naked within moments..

Something about the way the girls openly checked out our private areas, giggled to each other, and delighted in their power and our embarrassment, was intoxicatingly humiliating and exciting. Since then, I have had a strong interest in CFNM and have sought out opportunities to experience it again, whenever I can. Joining this forum to meet other like-minded people and hopefully expand my CFNM horizons!

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