CFNM References & Links

References and links to sites oriented towards encouragement of the CFNM environment and resources for those interested in pursuing CFNM activities

Fetlife - Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community Commentary: FetLife's self-description is "Like Facebook, but run by kinksters".    They have over 6 million members and 115,000 discussion groups with over 150 separate CFNM groups focused on various cities worldwide.    If you can't find an active CFNM group hosting parties near you, you can always start your own.  Caveat - Fetlife is mostly for BDSM fetishists, so most of the parties are CFnm rather than CFNM (see FAQs for explanation).

Kay's Planet Commentary: The CFNM Village generally does not support commercially-produced CFNM pay sites.  However, an exception is Kay's Planet, and for these two reasons:  first, it is produced by a woman thus having a fresh orientation that includes actual female perspectives. Second, they are unscripted videos of her interviewing women that are not professional actresses, but instead females that are her friends, from a nearby college or her community.  As these women interact with naked men, their candid and honest responses about CFNM in general and these naked men specifically are not only educational, but delightful to watch and very sexy.

Historical Archives - Nude Male SwimmingThis site focuses upon the traditional differences between the genders as it pertained to nudity when swimming, and covers the two centuries preceding the mid 20th century. It is the most comprehensive archive on this subject and features historic documents, books, journals, photographs, rare vintage film, paintings and news articles. It also provides historical documentation pertaining to the period when recreation centers, the YMCA and public schools mandated that all boys take swim classes completely naked whereas girls were provided swimsuits - a common regulation up until the mid 1960s.

The CFNM Village page for References & Links focuses upon those sites that feature real-life CFNM experiences and activities as opposed to commercially produced "CFNM" pornography. This page is an ongoing process as we will continue to add links that fit our criteria for inclusion.