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The CFNM Village SurveySurvey results of over 2,000 women and men in the general population that were intrigued enough by the concept of CFNM to take the survey.    This survey provides insight as to how these women and men view CFNM, what intrigues them about it, and, if they were to attend a CFNM party, what would they hope to see and experience.

The DeBrief - Is CFNM Feminist? -  An article published in 2012 in the UK news service "The DeBrief".  It examines CFNM and discusses how CFNM and feminism relate to each other.   Direct link to article on publisher's site: The DeBrief

An Interview with Ms. DianeAn interview of a woman this site owner had the pleasure of introducing into the world of CFNM parties almost two decades ago. Ms. Elise Sutton published her interview of Diane wherein she divulges why CFNM parties are such good idea for women, what a woman might witness and experience at one, and, a recounting of the actual experiences she had at these parties (one which we attended together) that got her hooked on going to them.  Direct link to published interview on Ms. Sutton's website: An Interview with Ms. Diane 

What it's Like Inside a CFNM PartyJournalist Samantha Rea investigates what specific games and activities happen at "clothed-female/naked-male" parties. In this uncensored and graphically explicit exposé published by UK Metro, Samantha interviews men and women that attend CFNM parties with an interest focused on the specific details of various humiliating acts the naked men must perform in compliance to the demands of the clothed ladies. Direct link to UK Metro article: UK Metro - Inside a CFNM Party 

Kendra Holliday - CFNM Penis PartiesThe lovely Kendra Holliday in her blog The Beautiful Kind - Penis Party discusses hosting CFNM parties for exploring the genitalia of the men present as they sit on the floor naked with clothed women in chairs encircling them. Women submit confidential questions that are then asked of the men revealing their deepest secrets such as insecurities about their penis size, their masturbation habits and the ladies' observations of which of the men's penises are circumcised with related issues. The men are laid bare both physically and literally to the ladies with nothing held back. The parties are extremely successful and popular, particularly among women.

Welcome to CFNM - Where Men Strip and Women Wear the TrousersNoted freelance journalist and female rights advocate Holly Griggs-Spall explores the attraction of CFNM.

Historical Archives - Nude Male SwimmingThis site focuses upon the traditional differences between the genders as it pertained to nudity when swimming, and covers the two centuries preceding the mid 20th century. It is the most comprehensive archive on this subject and features historic documents, books, journals, photographs, rare vintage film, paintings and news articles. It also provides historical documentation pertaining to the period when recreation centers, the YMCA and public schools mandated that all boys take swim classes completely naked whereas girls were provided swimsuits - a common regulation up until the mid 1960s.

Library of Photos & Videos: CFNM Enjoyed Publicly and NaturallyAt many public venues, gatherings and events around the world, it is both legal and perfectly acceptable for one to be fully nude. As men are often more brazen, it is common at these public gathering spots to witness some or all of the men nude whereas the women prefer remaining clothed. This can result in a very appropriate and harmoniously natural CFNM environment - the men can cast off of their clothes and experience the gathering in the nude while the women can enjoy the opportunity of seeing the men naked - a win-win for both women and men!

Policies and Rules for Hosting CFNM PartiesBased upon the experiences of that that have hosted them, and, results from the CFNM Survey presented above, this policy and procedure document is an open source document that may be distributed to prospective attendees of CFNMgatherings.   It is designed to be universally applicable to CFNM parties, regardless of orientation.

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