The History of the Clothed-Female/Naked-Male Movement

The Origins of the term "CFNM" and it's viral growth

We live in an era of unprecedented fake news. As has been the case with so many other popular concepts, with the growing interest in CFNM internationally many have sought to misinform about what it is in an attempt to hi-jack its popularity for their own self interests.   This page is presented to both educate and set the record straight. The author of this page and owner of this site, Brad Thompson (my nom de plume), created and launched the acronym in the 1990s, and if anyone has the right to define it, describe it and state with authority its true purpose, it is me.  However, over the years I've enjoyed watching its organic growth in many directions, and thus the definition grows with it.  

The Meaning of CFNM: CFNM means quite simply "clothed-female/naked-male". That's it. No secret code or meaning from an ancient language. It describes, quite literally, a situation or environment wherein only male nudity occurs, and always in the presence of clothed females. If there are nude or topless females in the scenario, then it is not CFNM, but I'll leave it to others to name those scenarios.

CFNM does does not necessarily connote a sexual or erotic encounter, but only describes a disparity in clothing between the genders that favors the female. Yet although it's meaning is simple, its implications can be profound. Key aspects in its definition include:

a) both genders are consenting adults that have knowingly put themselves in such a context or situation;

b) it is not concomitant to a sexual encounter, that is, sex between the genders is not a purpose for the encounter; and,

c) the exchange is typically more than just an accidental encounter but instead, a prolonged interaction.

Thus, "CFNM" by itself does not describe any type of sexual play, fetish or paraphilia, but instead sets forth a dress code for a situation. It can appropriately be used to characterize a multitude of situations that may be either innocuously dispassionate or erotically charged. Examples of the former might include a vocation wherein the woman is in the presence of nude men, such as a female reporter in a male sport team's locker room or women working on a movie set when male actors are nude. Examples of a more erotically charged CFNM encounter might be an event organized for, say, a bachelorette party, an orchestrated CFNM party or perhaps for a BDSM gathering oriented towards the subservience of the men attending.

CFNM before "CFNM": When viewed from an historical context, the term CFNM is relatively new. However, its application and purpose is ancient. It has been seen around the globe in religious ceremonies and in rites of passage for millennia. In Ancient Greece it was mandatory for all male athletes competing in the Olympics to do so completely naked, while young female virgins were encouraged to watch them compete under the belief that watching these young virile men compete in the nude would entice the young ladies to seek a mate for matrimony. In fact, the word gymnasium comes from the Ancient Greek word "gymnos", which literally means "naked", and was how all men competed as it encouraged aesthetic appreciation of the male body. In more recent centuries up until the late 1800s, men typically swam completely nude in rivers, lakes and at the beach while those women present virtually always chose to preserve their modesty and remained clothed.

The first documented party that strictly followed a CFNM protocol occurred before the acronym was created. It was organized in 1990 by four famous women in the literary circles around San Francisco. They were Susie Bright, Lisa Palac, Laura Miller and Amy Wallace (daughter of legendary best-selling author, Irving Wallace). The ladies held a now-famous tea party where the invited guests were only women, with the invitation indicating the ladies' dress was to be formal attire. During the party they discussed literature, ate exquisite hors d'oeuvres and drank fine wine. However, all service at the party, including butlers, waiters and other service providers, were entirely men who volunteered - at no cost- to serve the female guests while concurrently following a protocol of the utmost politeness, being fully responsive to all service requests, and yet were only allowed to speak when spoken to. Most importantly, with the exception of a bow tie, cuffs and polished shoes and socks, all men had to otherwise be completely naked as they served the ladies with their naked buttocks and genitals on full display the entire time. The party, which was called The Naked Slaveboy Tea Party, was a huge success with the women, and since then, CFNM tea parties following a similar theme have been organized around the world, and are still occurring. Their success and longevity evidences the attractiveness of CFNM, and how it can be a very positive and wonderful environment for both women and men to experience.

Following this event in the 1990s, this author teamed with a group of devilishly fun-loving ladies to host the first official "CFNM" party. Concurrent with hosting this event, we created a website "Visual Sensations for Women", which was the predecessor name to this site, The CFNM Village. And so CFNM as an acronym was born...

And now, it's story time!

Once upon a time...

....a small, virtual child with unrealized yet great magical powers known as the "Internet" embarked down a long adventurous road into the wild western wilderness (a.k.a. "www"). Following in pursuit of this child, Brad decided to open a virtual village tavern for travelers and drifters, called a "discussion forum", to come and engage in communal discussions about a very strange but wondrous phenomenon sprouting up across the lands, and those that came were from the far reaches of the virtual world...

Okay, okay, so now you're thinking, "OMG, not another Al Gore claiming to invent the net!". Hold on buckaroo - before your mental thoughts interrupted my delightful story, I was going to present in a metaphorical way that it really wasn't me that created the Internet nor the momentum that produced "CFNM", but the Internet itself. Uh oh, wait! You're same wandering thoughts are now thinking "Al Gore + CFNM, ugh - stop it thoughts! Why am I reading this!?" Please put clothes back on that mental image and hang in there with me. You see, the Internet brought us bulletin boards, newsgroups and forums that allowed people to anonymously connect with a gazillion (that's 1,000 bazillion) of others to discuss all types of stuff. But unlike coffee table talks with your Aunt Ginny, the anonymity of these new forums resulted in some pretty taboo discussions as well, such as having kinky sex with rubber balloons that looked like Snoopy - stuff nobody wanted to admit when Aunt Giny was still in the room (at least until little Lisa walked in carrying the inflatable Tom Jones doll she found under Aunt Ginny's bed). So my kinky interest I brought to the Internet was to have events where all females were completely clothed, but all male guests would be totally naked. At the time I assumed it was a bizarre and weird and unusual type of kink...I was so naive about just how kinky the Internet could get.

Hence, from the computer desk I kept in my closet (back to my metaphors again), I created a forum on an old forum server based out of San Francisco called "Bianca's". Early net aficionados may still remember Bianca's as the grandmother of all social networks for perverts. I sought to describe my kink in a way that would just put it out there and hope that there were enough women that would find it desirable. The most important aspect of it was to embrace female voyeurism and their desire to turn the tables on the men. But it was never meant for male exhibitionists of the genus mallparkinglotus erectus. So the concept of "visual sensations" that focused on the voyeuristic orientation sounded good, and it was for women, so thus "Visual Sensations for Women" was launched. The forum was meant to educate everyone, particularly women. On this forum we chatted about this erotic concept and searched in vain for pictorial examples of it. In the first couple of years there were less than just a few dozen quasi-related pictorial representations that depicted nude men in the presence of clothed women. However, the reverse - naked women around clothed men - were in numbers only astrophysicists can understand. This was because all nude porn was being produced by men that only wanted to look at naked women, and if a guy was shown nude, their inner brain-voice would say "OMG! You're looking at a naked man - delete it now before you become gay!" Lacking any pictorial examples of CFNM, we would even use Photoshop to create them, or, snail mail real CFNM photos to each other as scanners were still considered a high-tech machinery out of the reach of mortals. Members of the forum were naming the concept in many ways, such as Naked Guy/Clothed Gal ("NG/CG"), Nude-Man-Clothed-Woman or ("N-M-C-W"), Clothed-Woman/Nude Male ("CWNM") and a series of other acronyms. Despising inconsistency and being the benevolent dictator of the forum I was, I one day nailed an official proclamation to the forum's wall stating that from hence forward, all shall use the same terminology "Clothed-Female/Naked-Male", a.k.a. "CFNM", to define our erotic passion. Further, any violators that posted alternative acronyms would be met with a response of "huh?" And thus on that day, CFNM was born.

So the term "CFNM" was coined simply as a convenience to name this curious and interesting pastime I and a number of others were exploring using the Internet. So what's the big deal about that acronym? Well, you got me. But evidently the rest of the world thought it was something neat because as I write this, a Google search shows there are 121 million hits on it. This means you now have to go to the twentieth Google page of links to finally find the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, with the twenty preceding pages of links are all about the same thing - "clothed-females with naked-males". That foundation must really hate me.

For the first several years, only members of our VSFW forum used the term CFNM. It exclusively defined us in our little perverse corner of the Internet - we were a club but not a cult, that latter term being held exclusively by people that give a shit. When Bianca's closed down due to funding, I moved the site to other hosts who allowed me to park my virtual CFNM RV in their server's parking lot. During this same period, one of our members started a separate Yahoo Group using the CFNM acronym, and others followed. Then, something strangely wondrous happened - people began joining these forums by the tens of thousands. CFNM started to go viral. But we didn't use the term "viral" as back in that era, a "virus" had something to do with pathogens (it's true - look it up on Wiki!).

CFNM was pretty cool for our small group until it caught the eye of a producer of gay porn in the UK. The producer then took any photo he could find from newsgroups or our forum, disregard the copyright and slap his own logo on it. They built a pay-site out of it selling "their" collection of gathered CFNM materials, some of which included photos we owned. Ironically, despite their theft of both the concept and photographic imagery, they now covet their CFNM branded material threatening anyone that downloads it without paying them with "We own that and our attorney Bernie will sue you if you even LOOK at it without paying us!" But what do you expect from people whose lives revolve around selling imagery of paid-for sex? Evidently, it was financially good for them because they began to hire actors and make full length CFNM videos, and now their videos are the first several dozen links if you Google "CFNM". The porn videos were, and still are, tailored exclusively to their male customer base, and depict fantasies that include a bevy buxom Swedish blondes stripping a single guy naked while forcing him to have sex with them (oh the humanity of it!!), or, for their male customers that have female domination fantasies, fantasies that usually include a stockade, classroom of young virgin female students and a schoolmarm with an attitude.  Hence, the different varietals of CFNM started to ferment and find their own followings.

The result was that our original forum, by itself, failed its mission to educate and bridge the chasm between women and men insofar as understanding what CFNM was, and, how to it can be mutually enjoyed by the genders. To ultimately achieve that goal, it required my reaching out to women, explaining to them that CFNM was not just another misogynistic attempt by men to trick women into attending orgies, then to meet in person. After years of effort, it proved to be a success and the first CFNM parties were hosted. The lessons learned were plenty, and we've provided our Organizing & Hosting CFNM Parties page dedicated to help others successfully organize and host CFNM events.