CFnm Party Games and Activities Ideas

Preface:  Prior to reading through the BDSM-oriented CFNM parties activities presented below, we suggest first reading through the game ideas that are more generic to all CFNM parties, which are presented on our CFNM Party Games page.  Many of the activities listed on our other activities page are also appropriate for CFnm parties oriented towards female domination.

For those unaccustomed to this lifestyle, "BDSM" is an umbrella term inclusive of the abbreviations B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/s (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism).  Within this umbrella are a number of subcultures, one of which is female domination, and the D/s acronym is reflected in the acronym "CFnm" as opposed to "CFNM".  Within CFnm, one will find even more subcultures and variances, which when taken together comprise all aspects of BDSM.   CFnm thus includes activities that are not only oriented towards female dominance and superiority, but also can be designed to humiliate and deliver pain to the nude men attending, sometimes significantly so, all intended to meet the masochistic needs of the men and sadistic desires of the ladies participating.

Within the BDSM/Femdom lifestyle, there are, literally, hundreds of "play" activities using countless devices including racks, humblers, whips, paddles, canes, latex,  spreader bars, clamps, needles and just about any device or equipment no respectable medieval dungeon owner would be without.  In addition, femdom play may also include such things as feminization (sissification), diaper training, human toilets or ashtrays, bondage and cock and ball torture (CBT).   Unless tied to a specific game, we don't list those activities here as  they are fairly well known and can be viewed upon hundreds of BDSM sites.  This page is solely focused upon activities that are group-oriented and are either ceremonial, or, involve games or contests based upon skill, endurance or chance.

Disclosure & Warning:   The following activities are presented for practitioners of Risk-Aware Consensual Kink ("RACK").   As with all activities on our site, we are not making any recommendations for or against any of them, and each participant must rely upon their own experiences and judgement prior to engaging in any of them.  Further, this author has never participated in CFnm events with a focus on BDSM and therefore, I am not an expert; rather, we have relied upon the recommendations and proposals made to us by women experienced in BDSM/female domination during orchestrated CFnm gatherings, or, women that are interested in attending CFnm events and have indicated they would enjoy participating in the activities on this page.

The CFNM Village is tolerant of all lifestyles and we are thus presenting all activities recommended to us without judgement. If CFnm is not to your liking, you are free to read through these activities; however, we respectfully request keeping your criticisms to yourself about this lifestyle and these activities because how other consenting adults enjoy themselves should not be of your concern. 

Ranking Scale

On our CFNM Party Games page, we present a ranking scale measuring our opinion as to how racy or edgy each activity is, and is provided so that planners can consider whether their targeted attendees would be receptive. For these CFnm/BDSM oriented activities, no such scale is presented as those with experience with them - both in terms of how receptive their guests are as well as how intense they are conducted, are better suited to make such call.

CFnm Tea Parties      

CFNM tea parties, or, as the case may be, CFnm tea parties, follow a highly prescribed protocol.   Many CFNM tea parties offer no "play" activities as they are viewed as being inconsistent with "high tea" protocol, which is ceremonial in how the service is conducted with the tea servers having to learn proper service procedures in advance.    Some CFnm tea parties offer play activities, but only after the tea rituals are over; hence, we make a distinction here between "tea parties" and CFnm female domination parties.    Of course, they sometimes overlap and what activities occur and when the do is entirely up to the ladies.  But for this treatise, we make a definitional distinction between the types of activities in an effort to educate while preserving the respect for the beautiful ancient art of tea service that goes back thousands of years.   To this end, we have a dedicated page specific to CFNM Tea Parties wherein you can learn more about this unique variety of CFNM parties.

Line up for Inspection

At the very beginning of the party, once all men are nude they must line up for initial inspection similar to military inspections.    This assures that all men present have complied with their obligations to the ladies for proper grooming and hygiene, and, if required, whatever their dress code is (i.e. bow-tie, cuffs, polished shoes with matching socks, etc.).    The men present themselves lined up with heads up and chests out as their superior officers, the ladies, then inspect the troops.   During the inspection, any talking or sounds by the men is met with their being scolded harshly for insubordination followed by immediate punishment.   The ladies are free to call attention to any attribute of a man that is substandard and does not meet their expectations.   After inspection, the men remain at attention while the commanding officer (hostess) instructs the men on the protocol, rules and expectations for the day.     Upon hearing what activities are planned, it will be the last chance for any man to resign his commission and leave the party.   If a man stays, he then becomes obligated to participate in scheduled activities conducting himself in whatever manner is prescribed by the ladies.   After the C.O. has given her last instructions or orders, the men are dismissed and the next planned activity begins.   

Whipping Boy

This concept is presented at the top of the list as it can be universally applied to most CFnm party games of chance (dice, cards, etc.) wherein both women and men compete.  The activity is similar to the "Loser by Proxy" activity presented on our CFNM Party Games page with the only difference being the severity of consequences for the whipping boy.  During the days of monarchies, whenever a prince committed a transgression, due to the prince's superior standing a whipping boy was brought in to be whipped on behalf of the prince.  In a similar vein, each woman is assigned a male that is her whipping boy, both literally and figuratively.   If a man wins the game, the win goes to his assigned lady; however, if a lady is the loser, no matter how severe the forfeit for losing is, it is only dealt to a man, never a woman.  An example would be a lady losing with her designated naked male having to bend over a chair while the winning lady whips his butt for the loss with a leather belt or cat o' nine tails.

Initiation Into the Order of Servitude

This idea came from a woman known to the CFnm world, Tammy S., who writes erotic fiction.  One story describes the "Order of Servitude" in which men can be inducted into service of the women.  The initiation includes a ceremony wherein the male prospects are all stripped naked to symbolically indicate they are being stripped of their power, dignity and strength when in the presence of women.   The ceremony continues with lights out, candles, robes, chanting, etc. - followed by the men's initiations.   Some of the initiation rituals are similar to what fraternity boys go through, that is, a gauntlet with the ladies holding paddles and spanking the men's butts as the men respond "May I have another, Madam?".   There can be physical challenges wherein the men either succeed and are admitted to the Order, or fail, and are harshly punished and dismissed.   The list of physical torments the ladies may deliver during the initiation is virtually endless, and is the only time when hazing is not only acceptable, but taken to a level of fine artistic application.   Upon acceptance to the Order, the men's bodies are marked, which alerts to all they are in the Order of Servitude to the ladies.   Customized temporary tattoos that last for about a couple of weeks can now be purchased online, or alternatively, the ladies may use a permanent marker and stencil to mark the initiates wherever and however the ladies deem is appropriate.

There can also be a pragmatic purpose for this ceremony.   Many CFnm parties become too heavily waited towards male attendance.    For special, more intimate CFnm parties, the ladies can keep male attendance solely to those men that have been accepted into the Order.  This gives added incentive for men to conduct themselves in a manner that is most becoming to the ladies while also withstanding whatever level of torment the ladies desire.  In addition, when a new male is attending for the first time, his initiation can be a source of amusement for others to enjoy watching or be a paticipant.

Testimony of Servitude - Homage Through Masturbation

We have identified a number of games and competitions that involve the nude men masturbating on the CFNM Party Games page where you can read about them.  The difference in such games for female-dominant CFnm parties is the association of the men's masturbation with their subservience. The Testimony of Servitude - Homage and Adoration activity can be incorporated into the Initiation Into the Order of Servitude ceremony as described above. As with that ceremony, this activity also came from the erotic fiction story authored by Tammy S.

The activity could have several variations, depending upon the interests of the ladies. In the above story, each woman is chosen as a queen for one or several of the men. She sits in her throne, which is the largest chair available. To keep things tidy, a large bath towel should be laid on the floor in front of her feet. Upon her being seated, the ceremony commences and the remainder of the females present gather by her side to witness the ceremony.

A naked man (or men), kneel before her feet. He then divulges his inner feelings and thoughts confessing his desires to serve her. He praises her glory and eminence showering her with compliments as she gazes down at him from her superior position. Honesty is crucial for him because if he is determined to be anything but sincere, he fails. So to prove to all present his sincerity and that he is indeed worthy to serve her, he begins to masturbate himself as he starts paying her homage and devotion.  His demonstration must serve as evidence that he is not only physically naked, but also emotionally and psychologically naked for the queen and the entire court of ladies watching. If allowed by the queen, he is given the honor of kissing her hand or feet as he continues to masturbate. At the point of his climax, he holds a wine glass, or, a clear plastic cup (easy for disposal) and upon ejaculating into it he recites a ritualistic phrase such as "I prove my devotion to you by offering you my essence".   If the queen and court of ladies have deemed he has proven himself worthy, they give applause.  After graciously thanking them for approval, he places the vessel of his sperm on top of a napkin on a table, upon which is written "(Man's name)'s Testament of Devotion to (queen's name)", and the vessel is kept on display for all to see for the duration of the event.   The vessel, its contents and note collectively serve as a contract of his devotion and evidences she now owns him for the duration of the event.   

Variations of this can include how, when and where he ejaculates being dictated by the queen.   For instance, at his moment of climax she can have him continue to kneel, stand and face the court, or lay at her feet.   She may also determine the vessel of his ejaculation, or if she desires, she can reach her hand out and require him to deliver his essence into the palm of her hand.    The ceremony continues until all ladies have taken their turn as queens on the throne, and all men have given their testament of devotion to their respective queens.

Pistol Packers (saucy version)     

On our CFNM Party Games page, this activity involved squirt pistols filled with water being disseminated to all ladies, who use them to shoot the men below the waist whenever they desire the man's attention.  For CFnm parties, the pistols are replaced with rubber band guns or small slingshots with grapes or almonds used as the projectiles (hint: if almonds are used, the hostesses' dog will be happy to clean up the spent almonds; however, never use grapes if a dog is present - grapes are poisonous to dogs!)

Big Swinging Balls  (saucy version) 

On our CFNM Party Games page, this competition includes both men and women competing.  Nylons are tied around the waist and two oranges or softballs are in the bottom of the nylons hanging a few inches off the floor.   In this version, only the men play.   On the ground are balloons, and on the opposite side of the room is a line on the floor.   Two grapefruit, melons or or softballs are put in a cloth sack or small-sized pillow case with the top of the sack tied.   The top is then tied to a cord that is tied around the base of the men's actual balls such that the sacks hang about a foot off the floor.    The men shout in a deep voice "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I've got big balls so here I come!".   The men then rock their pelvises back and forth swinging their "big balls" into the balloons as they compete to get their balloons across the finish line first.  The winner receives an immunity from a subsequent punishment.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey   

Equipment needed for this game includes an anal plug (can be a DIY version), a donkey's tail to attach to the back end of the plug.  Donkey costume accoutrements are worn by the targeted male ("donkey"), and are available online through Amazon or ebay.  On the donkey's head are donkey ears, a donkey nose and whatever donkey costume features that make him look as silly as possible.  The donkey then must get on all fours on a table with his butt protruding outward, or, stand and bend over holding onto the arms of a chair.    As with the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game, a lady is blindfolded and spun around three times to disorient her.  Holding the plug (donkey tail), she must grope and feel her way around the room to find the donkey, and do so absent any verbal help.   Upon her finding the donkey, she feels her way to his ass then inserts the anal plug into him.  Once it is fully inserted, she reaches between his legs and squeezes his balls hard making him "hee-haw" loudly.  Only upon hearing the "hee-haw" does the hostess stop the clock.   The shortest time to pin the tail is the winner.


Feeding the Baby Birds  

This game is also featured on our CFNM Party Games page, although here the penalties for losing are harsher. Each man is blindfolded and sits in one of several chairs in a circle.  Their heads are leaned backwards and they must keep their mouths wide opened similar to baby birds wanting to be fed by their mother.  Music is played while the ladies walk on the outside of the chairs.  Once the music stops, each ladies spits into the mouth of the man in front of her.  The men must taste and swallow the saliva.  At no time during or after the game do the ladies ever reveal to the men who spit into any of the men's mouths.   After the men have swallowed, the ladies stand to one side of the circle and the blindfolds come off.  Each man guesses which woman spit into his mouth.   If he is wrong, the woman he selected tells him so and he receives a forfeit punishment (ladies choose) then the blindfold goes back on.  If he is successful, the woman he selected tells him so and he is allowed to leave the game and is immune from any punishments with the game thereafter, although he must keep the blindfold on as only the ladies should ever know the men that must swallow their spittle.  The game can be expedited by giving each man more than one guess.  The game continues until there is only one man left with the harshest forfeit punishment saved for last (yours to choose).  

Hide & Seek

A certain implement for domination, such as a dildo, cane, paddle or cat o' nine tails is hidden by the ladies. A man is brought into the room. He is given 2 minutes to find it (adjust the time if you want more or less risk). If he cannot find it, it is retrieved by one of the ladies and used on him.


The following image was a creative idea someone had of converting a Monopoly board for play at a CFnm party.  For obvious copyright issues, such a game is not commercially available and is presented here solely as a parody.   However, with traditional Monopoly games available on ebay for under $20, one could be easily converted for use in either CFNM or CFnm styled parties.   One Monopoly-based party game featuring life-size tokens (nude men), is described on our CFNM Party Games page.

Lie Detector Test

Are all men liars?  This game gives the ladies a chance to test their skills at detecting whether a man is lying.  Prior to the start of the game, each man writes on a piece of paper a number of unusual yet truthful things about himself, such as, say, once being a race car driver, scaling a famous mountain or some nefarious affair of which he was involved.  On the same piece of paper, the hostess writes down several made up stories about the same man.   Each item is numbered, paper folded and his name written on it.  

The game begins with one of the men standing next to a chair with a selected female contestant, holding his paper.  She holds out her hand palm up, and he then straddles it while lowering his balls into the palm of her hand.  She grasps his balls firmly, then, a dice is rolled with the result being one of the numbered admonitions on his paper.  She and he look each other in the eyes and he then must tell her that supposed admonition of himself in a way intended to make her believe it is truthful, regardless of whether it is a truth or lie. If she thinks it is the truth she says so and does nothing.  If she thinks it is a lie, she calls him a liar then squeezes his balls as a punishment hard enough to make him jolt.  For the game to be effective, the women should not go easy on the men as the harder the ladies squeeze the men's balls, the more anxious the men become in anticipation when reading the admonition to the ladies.   His stress becomes apparent making it easier to determine if he is lying. 

The lady has three opportunities to be wrong before her grip is released and he is out of the game.  Every time she is right, she scores a point and the game continues.   Upon her 5th correct guess, she is given a bonus question, which has no limits and can be anything at all she wants everyone to know about it him.  The rules provide he must honestly answer the question, regardless of any embarrassment it may cause.  The ladies then collectively judge if he is lying, and if he is found guilty of lying again, she once more squeezes his balls followed by being awarded yet another question of him.  This continues until she "makes an honest man out of him", which also means there's no more questions. 

King Size meets Size Queen   

Every woman has experienced at one time or another men staring at her or whispering and laughing as she is sized up.   This game turns the tables allowing sweet revenge.  The sizing contest begins when all men line up in front of the ladies with their hands at their side and present their penises and balls for the ladies for judging.   The ladies are to be brutally honest in their assessment.   The ladies discuss each man's size and agree (or vote) as to how to characterize them.   If the ladies are so inclined, a permanent marker is used to write the size above his penis with an arrow pointing to it.  Because what constitutes "large" for one woman may not be the same for another, here is your official CFNM party chart for determining the appropriate adjective to describe the size of each man's dick and balls at your party:

 SPH Joke Contest  

Small penis humiliation ("SPH") is common in female domination activities.   It is particularly humiliating for the men when in a CFnm environment surrounded by a group of women that all participate.    By itself, it's not really a game but just a form of humiliating of the male ego.   However, one domme told us a story about how it did become a game at a CFnm party.  It began with the men lining up naked presenting their cocks for the ladies to judge.  The man with the smallest penis was instructed to stand on a table in front of the ladies, who sat in chairs and competed to tell the funniest jokes about his "inadequacy".   Some of the jokes told were as follows: 

  • "Your penis is so small, we could use Cheerios to play ring toss";
  • "The doctor said he immediately knew you had arrested childhood development when he saw your penis";
  • "You're not the butt of our jokes because after looking at your butt, it's clearly your dick that's the joke";
  • "I've seen squirrels with bigger nuts";
  • "The police filed a missing report on your penis"

The game concluded when the hostess stood next to the man and said  "One final joke...and the last joke's on you!" pointing to his dick.  Judged by the laughter, the hostess announced the lady that won the SPH joke contest. The loser was of course the man, who was presented as a trophy a thong, which was a thimble and string that he had to wear around his neck for the rest of the party. A variation of the above is rather than have him standing on a table, the ladies are given permanent black felt markers to write their jokes on his body.

Mr. Blue Balls

A few of the ladies that host CFNM parties indicated that certain men are not as hygienic as they should be and are prone to "dripping" after experiencing arousal, particularly when playing the games described above that require the men to be erect to play. The concern is that the hostess may not want the man dripping on her floors or carpet. If a man is prone to having "issues", it is general considered polite for him to discretely clean the problem with a napkin before others notice. But if he does not show such concern, there is a fun ritual that can be used. Upon a lady noticing his issue, she quietly alerts the hostess. The hostess then asks the ladies to gather, then, asks the man to approach them. She then instructs him to lift up his penis and present it to the ladies. The hostess points out the problem to everyone so that they all look at the hole at the head of his penis and see his indiscretion. The hostess then has the man hold his penis up against his stomach to present his balls, upon which time she brandishes a paint brush and paints them blue. For the ladies, it's hilarious. For the man, it's humiliating. And the benefit is that it alerts other men they must show discretion and tact in these matters, lest they too undergo this humiliating ritual of having to display to others their, literally, blue balls.

Painting the men's balls blue can also be used as a forfeit for the men in games aimed at edging and prick-teasing described previously.

Wheel of MissFortune   

This game of chance requires a spin wheel (a.k.a. "prize wheel" or "game wheel") as shown in the images below. Different wheels can be used for, say, the first have named of the men for indicating which unlucky fellow is to receive the punishment, the next is the nature of the punishment and the last is the lady given the honor to deliver the punishment.

Traditional (Old School) Setup:    Spinning wheels that have their prizes/penalty slots left blank can be purchased online (Google "prize wheel" or "spin to win"). Costs range from cheap models at $20 to more elaborate ones with their own stands for as much as $150.   To label the slots, some use erasable dry markers while others use magnetic inserts. Pre-made labeled slots can also be held in place with adhesive Velcro strips.   DIY YouTube videos show a number of easy ways spin wheels can be made using cardboard pizza plates, fidget spinners and plastic thumb tacks.

Digital Spinning Wheels: There are a number of websites that offer free digital spinning wheels wherein the user can create customized spinning wheels with as many wheel slots as desired with each wheel slot having a customized title and color.  Click on the following links (note - some must be played on the host website, some require an extension to your browser):

In addition, Powerpoint can be used to create your own customized spinner:

The online digital wheel spinner sites or the DIY Powerpoint version can be played from a laptop, notebook or connected onto a widescreen television; however, a more grandiose presentation would be to use a projector and project the wheel from your laptop onto a screen or wall.  For the digital spinning wheels, you can have a different design for the spinner and different pages of your web browser.   For instance,  the first browser tab can be the male to receive the punishment, the second is the name of the lady who will have the opportunity to give the punishment, the third is the nature of the punishment and the fourth is how many times that punishment will be given.   The spinning wheel game is only limited by your imagination.  The image  below on the right will start an animated tutorial, which is activated by clicking on it (Microsoft Powerpoint is required for it to play).


Kami Tora Peg Race   

This competition game is literally life following art.   A number of years ago, a famed Japanese Hentai artist known as Kami Tora (Paper Tiger) created a work of art featuring a CFnm party wherein the men are racing down a bench with vertical anal plugs lining the bench (see original artwork below).   After each man fully inserts the plug all the way into his butt, he then moves on to the next one racing to be first to finish.  One adult film producer then made a CFnm party competition video featuring a real Kami Tora peg race.   This then led to actual peg boards being built for real-life CFnm parties.   A number of reviews posted by ladies that attended those parties revealed how much they enjoyed watching the Kami Tora peg race being played, and thus, we felt recognition of the game should be made here.


Cards & Canes   

This game is attributable to Miss Kitty Bliss.  The game assumes the men will be paddled or whip, and a device has been chosen.   Each male player draws one card.   A black card means the whipping/paddling will be medium in intensity whereas a red card mean high intensity.  The lady administering the whipping/spanking then draws a card to determine how many strikes starting with ace = 1 up to the face cards, with jacks, queens and kings being 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

Devil's Dice   

This is sourced to Ms. Ruby.    The lady roles a singe die with the results as follows:

  1. Paddle
  2. Crop
  3. Cane
  4. Single Tail Whip
  5. Bare Hand
  6. Flogger

The man then rolls a single die, or two dice, depending upon the level of the game's intensity.  The resulting number establishes how many strokes she delivers to him.   

 Interrogation of POWs (Prisoners of Women)   

In this game, the females are divided into two warring armies and given names such as "Hell Cats" or "Devious Demons", each having their own standard/flag.    The men are also divided into the two camps where they serve their superiors in their respective army.   Each battle camp has certain secrets shared only among their own soldiers.   At the appropriate time, a war is waged.  This is done through the ladies playing games of chance (choose one - we only have about a hundred on this site!).   When one of the ladies loses, her subordinate male moves to the other side of the room and is deemed a POW, and she is out of the game.  Once all men from one side are prisoners, the game of chance comes to a close, but the POW interrogation continues.   During interrogation, the ladies can use whatever manner of coercion (notice I was politically correct and didn't use the "T" word) to extract the secret.  The side with the most prisoners have a decided advantage of having one of them crack.  Eventually, when one of the men does crack, his army loses.  He is then returned to that army to receive punishment by them as a trader. 

 Pissing Contest   

Okay, this one is just too obvious for any explanations or ideas.   What kind of pissing contest can you think of?   Be nice and always remember the golden rule 😉 

Red Light/Green Light Edging Game

This games allows the ladies to use a quantitative way to determine which one is best at edging. Each female has a male assigned to her with his goal being to win the game for her. The first male (Male #1) sits in a chair with his female team member (Female #1) standing behind him with a stopwatch. A female on an opposing team (Female #2) stands in front of him and instructs him to begin masturbating with the command "Green Light!". Once he begins to jack off, his teammate, Female #1 standing behind him, starts the stopwatch. Female #2 allows him to stroke until she believes he is on the edge of ejaculating, then shouts "Red Light!" upon which time he must immediately stop. If he continues for more than two strokes, he has "run the red light" and loses the game for his team. If not, the time is recorded, and then Female #2's own male (Male #2), who has been sitting in an adjacent chair, is instructed to start to masturbating by Female #1 as Female #2 now stands behind the chair running the stopwatch. If any of the male is able to "beat the red light" and start ejaculating before hearing "Red Light!" (hence the purpose for a two-stroke grace period to assure he's beat the light), he wins the game for his respective lady and is rewarded by his being allowed to continue to masturbate until they he has fully orgasmed.  If no man has beat the red light, each woman's time is compared to the other's and the woman with the longest amount of time is declared the winner.   So the strategy is that each lady must let the man on the opposing team masturbate for as long as possible so as to get the highest time, but, not so long that he begins to orgasm as that means instantly losing. Once winners and losers are determined, the ladies that won are allowed to administer whatever punishment they like to the men who lost.

Squirt Contest

Each man is assigned a number then each woman draws a piece of paper out of a box or bag with a number on it.  Each woman is then paired with the man of the same number.   The men lean upside down against a wall holding themselves up with their shoulders and arms.  Each lady then jerks off the cock assigned to her.   When she anticipates he is about to cum, she points his erect dick downward towards his face instructing him to open his mouth.   As he begins to climax, she takes aim with his penis and attempts to get each squirt of his sperm to go directly into his mouth.  After he has fully ejaculated, any droplets that land on his face are wiped up with her fingers, which he licks clean.  The hostess judging then looks into the mouth of each man in the competition to see which female was able to get the most sperm into their assigned man's mouth.  The female judged to have gotten the most sperm into the mouth of her man wins.   The men are instructed to swallow, then clean up their mess to get ready for the next event.


Forced Bisexual Encounters    

Observing the opposite gender engage in gay or bisexual sex has always been associated with one of the most erotic interests of men, yet historically, many have viewed it unacceptable for women to enjoy the same.   Despite this double-standard, over the years a number of women have expressed to this author they too would find it erotic to watch two naked men engage in bisexual acts in front of them.  As it pertains to CFnm parties, many men express interest in participating such activities always indicating they would be "forced" to do it by the ladies; however, rarely do women comment that they too would have such an interest.  The times women do indicate such interest, it is usually for an event at a commercial venue with the ladies being professional dommes, in which case they are in reality only expressing such an interest as they know it is secretly what their male customers desire (ergo, "topping from the bottom").   Until enough women step forward and express an interest in forced bisexual acts at CFnm parties, and do so not because they are paid to feign such an interest for their male customers, we are not posting games and activities that involve bisexual activity.    If you are female and disagree, please email us at the address at the bottom of this page, and we will happily begin to include a number of games that involve bi/gay sex that can be played at CFnm parties.

Hang Man

This is similar to how it is played on the CFNM Party Games page; however, losing has far more consequences for a man. A chair is placed in the middle of the room wherein a man must bend over holding the chair's arms and spreading his legs. In front of him is the hangman eraser board or writing tablet. One of the ladies chooses an eight letter word and shows it to the other ladies, who each are given a number from one to eight then stand behind him. He must then guess the letters of the word. Upon his first incorrect guess, the lady playing the game draws the first part of the hangman while the lady with #1 delivers a form of punishment, which only she knows in advance. She may opt to spank or whip his butt with a belt, smack his legs with a cane, use a violet wand to deliver a jolt to his penis dangling between his legs or even a kick or knee him in his balls from behind (see commentary on ballbusting below). The suspense of not knowing what to expect from the ladies is quite the incentive to get it right! Upon his second failed attempt, the lady designated with #2 has her turn to punish him in whatever manner she desires. When he finally guesses the correct word, he is relieved from the game for good and the next man is up. However, if he fails to get the word and the hangman in the noose if fully drawn, each lady gets one more turn punishing him. And if he loses, he is not relieved from the game but instead must go to the back of the line and have to play the game again after the other men have had their turn. The game concludes when there is only one man remaining. For being the loser of the game, the ladies all have an opportunity for one more go at him.

Ballbusting and Other CBT Games    

Commentary on Ballbusting as a CFnm Party Activity:  Ballbusting as a sexual fetish has always intrigued this author, who has never experienced it and thus I have no expertise in it.   But for the right people, it makes perfect sense.   If one thinks about it, the depiction of men getting busted in their balls has been in mainstream television for years and audiences can't seem to get enough.   The most common humorous antic presented on America's Funniest Home Videos, which has been aired on ABC since 1989, are videos of boys and men getting hit in their balls and always brings much laughter.  Further, it seems no cheesy comedy is complete without a "cheap shot" of a man getting busted hard in his balls. Thus, no one can dispute that a large segment of society in general delights in witnessing ballbusting, and it appears to be a perfectly appropriate activity to show to main stream audiences for their enjoyment.

Although not all women find it so amusing, many do.  We can all remember times when we were younger when girls would immediately break into laughter upon seeing a boy having his balls wracked. So why do so many females find it so enjoyable to watch?  On video blogs one can find on YouTube and elsewhere, ladies have had different takes on it, but one of the most common is witnessing the "stronger" gender being so easily humbled by the "weaker" one.   The fun of seeing the expression on a man's face after a hard blow to his jewels is also common enjoyment of women.  And there are also a number of women on these video blogs that admit they would enjoy kicking a man in his balls solely for the fun of experiencing it. 

In the BDSM fetish world, in interview videos of dominatrices that have a particular liking of ballbusting men, a primary reason they cite for their enjoyment of it is the sense of power it gives them. They also indicate their joy in it is tied to using that one thing that identifies the strength and manliness of men, which is their balls.  "Man, he's got balls" is a common descriptive of a brave man while the opposite term uses female genitals as a term of derision - "He's such a pussy".  For these dommes, using a man's balls to conquer him and bring him down is poetic justice. So a key aspect of enjoyment for many women in ballbusting is the emasculation of the man, which when combined with the concurrent sense power they get, perfectly parallels the intent of CFNM towards empowering women.  This includes the sense of dominance a woman gets when she reaches down and forcefully grabs a naked man by his balls having him both literally and figuratively "by the balls" thereby providing another poetic way to establish female control over the male, which again lends itself well towards the mission of CFnm play.

Another reason female practitioners of ballbusting indicate they like it is that it becomes a form of "catharsis" as it allows them to release pent up anger they have...possibly due to previous experiences with certain men. Thus, their being able to conquer a man by delivering pain to that very part of a man that defines his ego is a form of mental release (therapy) for them, which interestingly points to a positive mental effect ballbusting has for some ladies. And one can only wonder that if some women were able to release such pent up anxiety and anger towards men by allowing them to kick men in their balls, how would their female/male relationships change for them...for the better? 

One example of ab impassioned female ballbuster is the founder, owner and producer of ("Sharon"), which is an all-female run site focusing exclusively on CFnm ballbusting. In the 1990s when there was little on the subject available, Sharon writes about how her passion for CFnm ballbusting resulted in her spearheading this erotic genre making her site the oldest and largest in that fetish genre.  Sharon blogs about how easy it is to get women, many of whom are not professionals, to do ballbusting sessions as it's a natural inclination for them and they enjoy it immensely; however, it is far more difficult to find men for her shoots, who must all be photographed completely naked with their faces shown, yet will never be exposed to female nudity during any session. As discussed elsewhere on this website, CFNM and CFnm activities are particularly erotic to their followers because of this double-standard, and Sharon writes how combining CFNM with ballbusting vastly increases the erotic edge for her and the women that participate in it with her.

In conclusion, it is my goal to present all options for both CFNM and CFnm part games and activities without advocating any -- you are the one that must judge for yourself. Ballbusting often has a negative connotation as being further out on the kinkier side of CFnm play. But society itself has proven ballbusting is a common theme on television and movies that brings a cross-section of the population delight, so no one can legitimately claim it is "abnormal" to extend that enjoyment it into fetish play. In fact, this author would argue that it is quite a normal (btw, what is "normal"?) and logical extension of society's proven enjoyment of witnessing ballbusting to incorporate it as a CFnm party activity, provided that those participating understand safety issues and respect limits.

Yet a lot of women have never experienced wracking a man's balls, hut have said they are curious and would like to try it. So why not let them broaden their experience in this erotic pursuit by incorporating it into your CFnm parties, thus giving them the opportunity to experience it for real in an accepting environment that encourages them to explore and enjoy it absent concern of society's hypocritical judgment? Such a party activity would not only satiate their curiosity, but might add to the expanding of their horizons while providing them an added enjoyment to their party experience.

Aside from those caveats mentioned previously, the only thing to consider is what do the women want?  As with any CFNM or CFnm activity, this should be the sole determinate as to whether ballbusting or other forms of CBT play should be part of your party. In accordance with the Female-First Doctrine, and, provided that the women and men engaged in the activity are experienced, understand the risks and are doing so consensually, ballbusting can be a very appropriate and fun activity to add to your list of CFnm party games. 


This one is appropriate for CFnm parties wherein the ladies have carte blanche approval to bust any man at any time at their sole discretion.  The goal of Surprise-the-Guys is for the women to bust a man's balls when he is least expecting it.  The ladies can be quite devious whereby one engages a man in conversation or has him look at something to secretly distract him to allow another lady to target and deliver the unexpected blow.   The enjoyment for the ladies is witnessing the shocked expressions on the men's faces.  The lady that gets the best surprised reaction from a man wins.

Last Man Standing

A number of years ago I read on a blog about a CFnm party that was hosted outside of London. Although not an official "CFnm" party, all the men had to line up naked with their legs spread and hands behind their heads. Each lady then took a turn selecting a man and kick him in the balls with the goal being to make him drop to the floor in pain. Upon dropping a man, she earned a point. The game went on alternating with punching and kneeing the men in the balls until one last man was standing.

One woman talked about "Dealer's Choice Freestyle".   This is the part of the competition wherein the ladies can use whatever technique they want to bring their respective man down, include punching, kicking, kneeing or grabbing the men's balls and squeezing until he's down.

Bean Bag Toss

One popular game at CFnm parties is the bean bag toss game.  The simplest version has the man laying on his back with circles drawn on him with markers with the center being his balls and marked as the "ball's-eye".  A more sophisticated version involves a target board, which can be found online, or, easy to make out of a sheet of plywood, which your local home improvement store will cut to size.   If  DIY version is desired, the hole cut should be about 2 inches as the man's balls can be pulled through and secured using rope or clamping device such that they are elevated like big buttons, and when those buttons are hit, everyone knows as the man will yelp loudly.   Upon the men's yelp, the ladies shout "Ballseye!"

Bean bags are also available separately online in various sizes and waits.  Alternatively, baseballs, softballs, oranges or grapefruits can be tossed.

Ball Spanking

The most common type of punishment dommes mete out is of course bare bottom spanking. Sometimes the punishment needed is more intense and immediate, and spanking a naked man's balls  as opposed to his butt is a definite way to get there. A mistress wrote to me that at one CFnm party, one misbehaving male required such punishment after breaking established protocol. They had him lie naked on the table as each of the females present were given the opportunity to experience what this activity is like taking turns spanking his balls.   She reported the punishment worked perfectly as he never repeated the inappropriate behavior while the ladies also benefited from experiencing something new and fun.

Annie Oakley Target Contest

Inspired by the famous markswoman, this contest covers a number of applications using guns or projectile-launching devices. A 2-foot in diameter target is made out of a piece of thin plywood, Masonite or other light rigid material purchased at any home improvement store. The bullseye of the target is a 2-inch hole just wide enough to pull the man's testicles through. To hold the target in place, a lanyard that wraps around the neck is attached to the top of the target and the side edges are connected to a strap that wraps around the waist and is tied at the back. To assure the target remains still, the man's hands can be tied to posts if available, or alternatively, cuffed behind him. Spreader bars assist in keeping his legs more stationary.

Target guns can include a number of Nerf guns available on line, tennis ball guns or sling shots that use almonds or ping pong balls. DIY videos for toy guns are posted on YouTube that use PVC and wine corks. Blow guns that also use small diameter PVC are quickly made and inexpensive. And if projectile guns are too much an effort, the ladies can simply toss racquetballs or even oranges at the bullseye.

Billiards - Wrack the Balls

If the venue has a pool table, six men stand at each respective pocket, lift up their penises then let their balls dangle on the inside of the pocket.   Ladies that have played this form of CFnm billiards tell us that it is actually easier to make shots because as the billiard balls strike the men's balls they are more apt to sink the ball in the pocket.


One of the more common games involving CBT at CFnm parties is the "tug-o-balls".   Several variations exist, with the most common being described to us by a hostess, Miss L, who plays this game at her CFnm parties:  

"We first attach a ball parachute to the men's scrotums, which are then connected by piece of rope. The participating males are on all fours facing opposite directions with lines being drawn on the ground at their feet. The exact middle of the connecting device is measured and marked and the men must pull to get the center of the chain or rope across the line drawn at their feet. The men are given encouragement by the ladies to pull hard with their using impact implements (i.e. canes, paddles, whips) to whip the butts of the men while ordering them to pull harder."

The men's balls can be tied in as shown in the bottom left image, which is a photo taken of a man actually playing tug-o-balls.  We also researched to learn what a "parachute" is, and found them readily available online, and are shown in two of the images below.

A second variation has the men standing and facing each other while they pull in opposite directions backward.  At one CFnm event in Chicago, the lady hosting the event had a spider web device made from rope. Instead of a rope connecting the balls of just two men, it was used such that all the men men attending the party participated.  She reported that all lady guests found it enjoyable and was “hilarious" to watch. 

Drag Race   

This game is similar to "tug-o-balls" above in that ropes are attached to the men's balls in a similar fashion.  However, instead of the ends being tied to the opponent's balls, they are tied to a weight that is dragged as they race to cross a finish line.   The weights can be dumbbells, say about 30 lbs., or, a pillow case that has bricks or a concrete block in it.   Conducting the race on carpet adds friction and increases the resistance.  One domme, Mistress L, described to me how she increased the fun for the ladies by assigning teams with one man per lady, and like jockeys, the ladies held rider's crops and canes and whipped the men's butts while yelling at them to go faster. Another lady mused that she enjoys a hilarious twist to the game by having the naked men wear wigs, lipstick and high heels thus making it a "drag" drag race.     

Shock the Monkey   

This game is gaining in popularity at CFnm parties, and requires special electronic apparatus. The original apparatus used were shock collars for training dogs, which were sized to wrap around a man's testicles such that the electrodes were in direct contact with his balls.  The collars all have various levels of shock intensity, which is set and activated by a remote unit held by the ladies.   Following are examples of shock collars used for this:

"Shock the Monkey" was the name of a video showing its use at a CFnm party and involved the ladies fastening the collar around the base of a naked man's balls.   The ladies then took turns shocking him at various intensities to "make the monkey dance".   The ladies laughed hysterically each time he received a jolt and yelled as he danced about in front of them writhing in pain.

Over time, the device has been improved specifically for ladies to use on men, inclusive of better designs for fastening to men's balls as well as apps for cellular devices.   In fact, has purportedly conducted "scientific" research into the development of their "male management systems", all of which deliver electrical shocks to men's penises and balls.   Their most recent male genital shock device is the DreamLover 2000, which has instructional YouTube videos on their use, and, they also sell male management training DVDs.  They guarantee results in training one's male, and even have a DreamLover Infomercial for the ladies.

A number of games using the ball-shock collars can be played.  If multiple shock collars are available, each can have a different frequency with each lady having a remote.  Only the ladies know which remote will shock which pair of balls, and keep it a secret.   The men are shocked randomly never knowing who is doing it.  As the intensities increase, the men must guess which lady holds his remote.   If he is wrong, he is shocked again, but at a higher setting.   The settings keep increasing until the man guesses the correct woman, upon which time his collar comes off.  

The collars can also serve as forfeit devices for games.   In the "Whipping Boy" scenario, if a woman loses a game, the man assigned to her receives the collar for a period of time.  Alternatively, iIf a man is involved in a competition of skill or chance and loses, he must also wear the shock collar on his balls.  While the men are in the "penalty box", the ladies can take turns shocking their balls until the penalty period is over. 

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