CFNM Party Games and Activities Ideas

The following is a listing of party games and activities proposed to us by women that enjoy CFNM.   These activities are generic to all CFNM parties and may be appropriate for any party regardless of theme or orientation.   Those activities oriented towards female domination play have their own dedicated CFnm Femdom Party Games page.

CFNM Party Game Ranking Scale

  "G" rated - Generally acceptable for all CFNM parties.  Mild, tame & good initial ice breaker.

  "PG" rated - Partying with Gusto.   Brazen but still comparatively tame.  Not suggested as ice breaker.

•  "R" rated - Racy.  May be too much for some newbies; not a lead-in activity.

•  "X" rated - Xtraordinarily hot.  For seasoned partiers & maximum excitement; save for later or last.

Pre-party Interviews and Inspections   

Even before the party date, fun activities can be enjoyed.   Being a hostess can be a thankless job so any enjoyable activities emanating from their work is well deserved.  The first CFNM-themed party, which was the 1991 Naked Slaveboy Tea Party discussed in full detail on our page dedicated to CFNM Tea Parties, utilized a prescreening process for the men.   Men are individually interviewed and upon arrival are first judged on their promptness, deportment, and physical appearance.  Once the ladies have determined the interviewee passed this initial test, they then ask him to stand in front of them and strip completely nude.  They have him turn around inspecting all his his physical attributes, then the interview proceeds with him remaining nude for the rest of the interview as he does his best to answer their questions.  Questions asked include ascertaining whether he has learned skills such as bartending, waiting tables, cooking, hair styling, manicures, massage or other talents that may differentiate him. At this point it is clear he is very desirous to attend, which gives the ladies an opportunity to gauge his commitment to service, whether he has reviewed any conditions of attending such as those on this website, including his having read and fulling embracing the Female-First Doctrine.   If so desired, the ladies can also have him perform various feats or conduct himself in whatever manner that pleases them as part of the interview, regardless of it actually having a baring on his attending - after all, they deserve it!

Stripping Games & Processes for Getting the Men Nude      

Those experienced with CFNM parties know that unless there is a closely followed protocol for the men to get nude, many will procrastinate or even avoid it altogether thereby creating a policing task for the hostesses.   The idea situation is to have all men fully strip prior to entering the party with the clothes kept in a duffle bag or brown paper bag stapled with their name on it.   However, provided it's well orchestrated, an alternative is to have games involving the process of the men stripping.

Scoring Game.  If the men are attending for the first time, having the men delay stripping gives the ladies an opportunity to play a guessing game.   This game, which is best if the game is played without the men knowing, includes the ladies having pre-made scorecards with the men's names on each row, and column headings for concealed attributes.   The columns can be such things as "hairy butt?", "size of penis", "shaved or not","circumcised or not" and  "tight or low hanging balls".   Upon the men arriving at the party, the ladies quickly write down their guesses then submit their cards before activities begin.   After all the men have stripped and are nude, the hostess then observes the correct answer for each man and writes those answers on her own scorecard.  Each scorecard is then tallied using her correct score card.  The men, who are now all nude, are asked to line up and face the ladies not knowing why.   The hostess then announces the winning lady as well as telling the men the nature of the game, then, as the men stand there she reads the correct answers as to how each man scored.   Because the men were completely unaware the game was being played, the announcement always brings much laughter, particularly from the ladies.

Games of Chance.  Games involving chance played with cards or dice can require that any man losing must remove an article of clothing.   If a man wins, he is granted immunity for his next loss.   If a woman loses, the man standing closest to her right must bear her forfeit and remove an article of clothing, but if she wins, she is free to ask any man she chooses to remove clothing.   With only men losing, the end is always the same.

Adaptation of Traditional Drinking Games.  There are dozens of adult drinking games that can be found using Google and the Internet.   Many of these games can readily be adapted to the men stripping similar to the Games of Chance as discussed above.    If a man loses, instead of taking a shot, he simply strips off an article of clothing, and if a woman loses, the man closest to her right must then strip.   If she wins, she is free to instruct an man she wishes to strip.  

Flip, Sip or Strip.   An example of a game of chance is this traditional party game.  Each player sits around a table and flips a coin.  If they guess correctly, they pass the coin.  If not, they either take a shot of alcohol or strip off an article of clothing.   For CFNM parties, that usually means the guys strips.

Strip Hangman. Similar to Hangman, the ladies come up with an eight letter word. Each man plays, and if he gets a letter wrong, he must take off an article of clothing. If the hangman hangs before he can guess the word, he must strip completely naked.

Ping Pong Balls & Cups.   This is again a derivation of the traditional drinking beer pong game.  It is a low-cost game easy to set up and there are a variety of ways it can be played.  One version has a table with playing cards seated face-down under each cup.   The cups are about ¾ths of water (or beer if you want to include drinking) and the balls are bounced with the goal being to land in a cup.   If a man misses a cup, he must remove an article of clothing.  If he is successful, the card is turned over and if it is a number between 2 and 10, he gets one immunity.  Once a cup has a ball landing in it, it is removed from the table (or, if filled with beer or wine, the winner can instruct someone to drink it).   If it is a face card he is granted two immunities, and if it is an ace three.   If a woman misses a cup, she passes the ball to the next player.   If she lands in a cup and it is a number card, she instructs one of the men to disrobe an article of clothing.  If she lands in the cup with a face card, she can instruct 2 men to disrobe an article of clothing, and if an ace, she can instruct three men to remove two articles of clothing.   Jokers or wild cards can also be used with specific awards or forfeits assigned to each.

Another version of this game extends beyond just undressing, although that too is a possibility.  In this version, post-it notes with writing are substituted for playing cards and are placed face down such that the players cannot see what is written.     Unknown to the players, the possibilities for the writing is virtually unlimited.   They can be a a truth or a dare, or, instructions to perform an act or to allow the player, if female, to instruct a any man of her choosing to do something.

Full-Monty Striptease Dance.  The very first official CFNM party was held by this author and a group of wonderfully mischievous ladies at a public beach adjacent to a clothing-optional beach (nudity was acceptable) called the One-and-Only Full Monty Party.     The men all did a striptease dance to a soundtrack of the Full Monty and danced as they disrobed.  There were four songs - Land of a Thousand Dances, The Stripper, You Can Leave Your Hat On and You Sexy Thing, .  The first song had the men dance while removing their tops, the second had them removing their belts and pants, the third had them removing their underwear and the fourth had them dance naked.    The following photo was taken of that event during the second song:

In addition, there is a plethora of adult party games that can be found through a Google search.   Many can be converted into a stripping game by simply using stripping as the forfeit.

Loser by Proxy    

Loser by proxy is essentially the same concept as "whipping boy".    During the days of monarchies, whenever a prince committed a transgression, a whipping boy, who was brought up with the prince, was brought in to receive the punishment on behalf of the prince.   Loser by proxy involves a  involves each woman having a man as her proxy for any forfeits from losses in games.    For instance, if stripping games are played, when a woman loses, the man or men assigned to her have to bear the results of her losing the game and strip on her behalf.   The concept can be spread across the spectrum of games listed her with a broad reach, including some of the more femdom activities make the "whipping boy" concept into quite a literal application.

Food/Drink Service      

The hostess sets aside times when she stops the activities then has the men take drink/food orders from the ladies.   They retrieve the drinks or food from the kitchen while the hostess reminds them that they are to continue such service when the ladies ask for it.  

Massage Therapy   

Massages should be integral to all CFNM parties, yet is often under utilized.  Nothing brings tranquility to a nervous female first-timer than a gentle, caring massage of her feet, hands, neck, scalp and shoulders.    The masseuses should take this art seriously as when done well they become one of the more valued guests.   Although a sofa, table, or, blanket on the floor works, a man that invests in a portable massage table jumps to the top of the A-list for invitees.    Massage skills must be learned as many aren't intuitive, and is why there are certifications for professionals.  Warning - men, women always know the difference between when a man is touching her with sexual intent, and, when he is touching her in a sincere attempt to bring therapy through massage.   Always strive for the latter.

There are many, many massage tools available from old-school rollers to electronic vibration devices, but discussing them is beyond the scope of this website.   Regardless, a smart man will arrive at a CFNM party with an arsenal of such devices of which he is adept at using.   Included in that arsenal should be an olive oil spritzer bottle and towels.   Skills can be learned by simply using Google to find education videos, and YouTube has hundreds.  Focus on such things as the areas around the spine and neck where tension can stiffen the muscles, and pressure points.   Learn the techniques of how to touch, including the proper configurations of your palm and fingers.

If there are more men than women, a time can be set aside for the hostesses to play soothing ambience music, lower the lights, light candles, and in this tranquil environment the men go to work.      After this, you'll witness the assembly of women transform to a state of bliss and any lingering toxicity of nervousness or concern will have gently floated out of the room.

Manicures and Pedicures   

Many women report that they were pleased to get a manicure or pedicure at a CFNM party.  As with experienced masseuses, men who know how to correctly give these are also in high demand.    Although more technical than just giving massages, proper skills and techniques may also be learned and can be found by doing a Google search or watching the many YouTube videos; however, if you are not able to learn these techniques to where you can execute them properly, it's best to provide other services.   But if you do learn to do this with skill and art, you may want to purchase the necessary supplies as well.  And if that is you, you'll probably highly desired by the ladies when putting together attendee lists.

Naked Iron Chef   

One way men and women can experience a delightful evening of CFNM is for the men to make hors d'oeuvres and/or cook dinner.   I personally had the opportunity to do this a few years when I was talking to a woman I knew and told her about eating healthy foods, and that I found a web page called “Cooking in the Raw”.   We laughed about it, and she said she’d love for a guy to do just that.   I offered to do it for her and two friends, and it resulted in an evening of CFNM fun.   One option is to organize an event that mimics the "Iron Chef" on the Food Network.   A menu is created in advance and each man must shop for the food items and at the party is given the task of making it for the ladies.   The judging commences when dinner is served.   This includes one deviation of the traditional fully nude male requirement is that aprons are highly recommended in the kitchen and when serving.

Whip Cream   

A traditional activity at bachelorette parties is the men having whip cream on certain parts of their body with the ladies licking it off.   An alternative for CFNM parties, particularly when the ladies seek the ultimate in servitude, is to have the whip cream on the ladies hands or feet and the men are tasked with the licking.

Talent Contest   

Prior to the event, each man is informed that he will have to participate in a talent contest.  Women have the option to also compete if they have a talent, or alternatively, be a judge.   The men may play a musical instrument, sing, do a comedy act/tell jokes, do a sketch, recite poetry, dance, do magic tricks, or whatever talent they want to showcase.   Of course, the men must perform the act completely in the nude.

Trivia Challenge   

Trivia challenge games are always popular ice breakers. For CFNM parties, trivia challenge games can be used in a number of ways.  They can be part of the initial stripping of the men wherein male contestants are asked questions and if guessed wrong, they remove an article of clothing.  Conversely, if it is a female contestant, a correct answer grants her the ability to have a specific man she chooses to remove some clothing.   Alternatively, the game can be played wherein wins and losses earn benefits or result in forfeits.   An excellent source of trivia questions is the website Trivia Plaza, which can be accessed on a smartphone during the playing of the game.

Nude Art Modeling   

Having the men model for live art drawing is one of the most popular activities at CFNM gatherings.  Sometimes the ladies are challenged to draw only the men's cocks and balls, and if multiple models are used resulting in each artist have multiple genital portraits, the ladies can challenge each other to guess which model matches which portraits.  The staging area and seating arrangement should be planned ahead, as well as assigning responsibilities for procurement of necessary art supplies.   Only professionally run art studios have their students buy supplies at expensive art supply stores, so an alternative is to purchase supplies at low-cost department stores, dollar stores or over the Internet.


Truth or Dare       ↔   

There are a number of games that include the traditional truth or dare.  If the game is for ice breaking, it is recommended to keep the truths and dares relatively mild with a number of non-sexual challenges in the mix.  Initially, the goal is to make everyone laugh and share the fun experience of something awkward, yet not too edgy (yet).  For instance, dares might include having the person do something silly, such as:

Awkward Truth Questions

  1. Dumbest pick up line you've ever used?
  2. Most embarrassing thing during a moment of passion?
  3. Have you ever been caught in the act of self pleasure? - details please
  4. Most embarrassing moment either being unexpectedly seen nude, or, catching someone else nude?
  5. It's totally not legal, but if it were I'd [fill in the blank]
  6. Have you ever spied on someone when they were undressed but never knew you were watching?  - details please
  7. When was the most turned on you've ever been and what made it so hot for you?
  8. What is the largest age difference between you and someone else you've had sex with?
  9. Do you ever watch porn, and if so, what is your most preferred scenario?
  10. If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite gender, what would you first explore or do with your body?

Silly Dares

  1. Recite a love poem to the hostess's cat/dog
  2. Make out with a large photo of a celebrity (hopefully not Justin Bieber)
  3. Create a dance using moves you've just made up (done to music played such as Sesame Street theme or Pachabel's Canon played on kazoos)
  4. Sing a nursery rhyme using actions
  5. Do your best fake orgasm while looking in the eyes of the person to your left
  6. Lick peanut butter or whipped cream off the fingers of the person next to you
  7. Give a campaign speech for mayor to an imaginary group of sea otters in front of you
  8. Some one feeds you M&Ms one at a time, after each you say "Thank you mommy/daddy!"
  9. Have the person stand, sing and act out "I'm a Little Teacup"
  10. Give your private parts a name and have it formally introduce itself to each person in the room

If the crowd seems to be heading in the right direction and something more exciting is desired, the dares can move from our "G" rating onward to "PG" or even up to "X".   They could have the women write their names on the men's buttocks or penises, spank the man to her immediate right, divulge the intimate secrets of their masturbation habits such as how many times did they did it this past week and/or what were they thinking about they did, what is the kinkiest thing they enjoy or always wanted to try, or, possibly have the man masturbate until he is fully hard while timing how long it takes him, etc.

Bags of Fate/Cartons of Catastrophe.  One manner of administering truth or dares can be in conjunction with games.   As forfeits for games, the loser must reach into, say, a "Sack of Shame" or "Bummer-Box", and pull out a written message containing a truth or dare.  There can also be a Treasure Chest with benefits bestowed the winner of a game (usually a woman).

Left Holding the Bag.   This game has the participants sitting in a circle passing the bag full of truth or dare notes while music plays.  When the music stops, the person left holding the big must read a note from inside the bag and comply with it. 

Never Have I Ever...[fill in the blank]   

Made popular by the Ellen Degeneres Show, this traditional party game starts with everyone in a circle.  The first player states an admission about something they have never done, ergo, "Never have I ever...kissed a total stranger".   Each player then holds up a note card, sign or paddle such as one below in which they admit they either have or have not done such a thing.  If they have, they must take a drink.   Although this generic version can be a fun ice breaker, it can also be adopted specifically for CFNM play.    By nature, CFNM is intended to fully expose all of the men's physical secrets to all women present while concurrently affording the women the protection of not reciprocating.   In the same vein, this game can enhance that inequity by also exposing the men's other secrets while not requiring the same of the women.   The game is played with one of the men reading an admission, such as "Never have I ever...held another man's erect cock".   The men then hold their card or paddle with the correct answer face down, and the women guess each man's answer.   If the lady guessing is incorrect, the question is put to the next man.  If she is correct, she earns a point (or right to request something of the man), and/or, he loses a point or some forfeit.   Question ideas that include those that are adult-oriented are easily found using a Google search. The questions asked can have no boundaries and be whatever the ladies desire to know about the men and their secret pasts, which takes concept of the men being "naked and exposed" to the ladies to a whole new level.

Wooden Block Stacking Game (a.k.a. Jenga)   

This game is the classic "Jenga" wood stacking game wherein a tower is built using wood blocks.  The game begins with the blocks stacked in a tower consisting of three blocks per row.  Players take turns extracting blocks from within the tower stack then moving them to the top (game instructions are available online).  Two versions of this can be used in CFNM parties.  The first version is skill-based in that benefits, awards, and/or abilities to require someone to do something (or receive immunity from such a demand) are written on the sides of the blocks so they can be specifically targeted.  If is something that a man would typically do as, say a service or perform an act, a female can extract that block and have that favor granted by whichever man she pleases, unless it has an arrow to the right or left, then that service/act is provided the man to which the arrow points.  Alternatively, if a male player extracts a service requirement, he can do it himself, or, designate another male player to provide the service, then, designate one of the ladies to receive it.   

The second version is based upon chance as the instructions, or, say a truth or dare, are written on top of the blocks such that they cannot be seen prior to extraction.  The edginess of the requests or tasks vary depending upon how edgy the women want the game to be, and it can even be tailored for those interested in CFnm (BDSM/femdom) type parties.  

The games can be purchased inexpensively on the Internet.  The "Jenga" trademark is printed largely on the sides of those blocks sold by Hasbro, which make them less desirable for CFNM parties; however, generic blocks that are clean without trademarks can be found by Googling "wood block stacking game".   If any of the guests have wood-working skills, they can be easily made. The game set includes 54 wooden blocks with each block being three times longer than its wide and one fifth as thick as its length. Jenga blocks use the dimensions 1.5 cm × 2.5 cm × 7.5 cm (0.59 in × 0.98 in × 2.95 in).

Live Music      

When a sound system is used, the hostess often gets a naked DJ to coordinate the music played.  But one option to canned music is to have live music performed by musicians.  One enterprising hostess was able to get four men of a barbershop quartet to sing in the nude at her CFNM party.  A naked all-male string quartet is an option, or, if females are part of the quartet or band, only require the men to be nude.  If a piano is available, a nude pianist is also a grand-piano idea!     

Tissue Box + Ping Pong Balls   

If you seek silly, this is for you.   

This game requires empty rectangular tissue boxes.   A string or ribbon is laced through each tissue box, then tied to the waist of each man with the box on his rear.   The boxes are filled with 10 ping pong balls each.   Music is played and the men bop about dance about while shaking their booties with the goal being to empty their box of the ping pong balls first. 

Dancing With the Stars Competition   

This one is fairly self-explanatory.   Ladies select their favorite naked male dancer to cut a rug with as they are judged and ranked on style.

Balloon Shaving Competition   

In this game the men hold an inflated balloon between their legs nestled up against their scrotums.   Shaving cream covers the tops of the balloons immediately in front of the men's genitals.   The ladies then race to shave the shaving cream off the balloons using razors.   If a balloon pops, the contestant is out of the race, but not before shaving cream explodes all over the man's genitals, which always brings much enjoyment and laughter to those women watching. 

Pass the Balloon   

Two or more teams are organized.   Balloons are passed from player to player without the use of hands.    Players hold the balloons between their chins and chests and pass them to the next players, who also only uses their chins and chests to grab the balloon.  The person at the end of the team's line to receive it must then drop it in a basket or box, and the first team to complete this wins.  If at any point the balloon is dropped, or, if the basket is missed, the balloon is taken back to the start of the line and the passing begins all over again.

One more risque version was suggested wherein the men hold the balloons between their legs nestled up against their cocks while the ladies sit in chairs or on a sofa and receive the balloons between their chins and chests.   The next male player player straddles her chair bending backwards while thrusting his pelvis towards her to accept the balloon, again between the thighs, then passes it to the next lady sitting.  This version sounds fun and hilarious, particularly given the awkwardness of her face being just inches from his package.  However, I've never heard of this actually being played, and question if it is logistically possible.   If anyone had played this version, please email us with the specifics at the email at the bottom of this page.

Pistol Packers      

Squirt pistols filled with water are disseminated to the ladies, which are kept for the duration of the party.  During the party when a lady wishes to get the attention of a specific man, she shoots him with a precision squirt to that part of him that will immediately get his attention.   For added effect, the ladies can keep their guns in a glass of ice water.

Line up in Order   

In this game, a lady is designated to rank the men on a certain attribute, but tells no one what the attribute is.  She then has the men line up in relation to how they ranked, and the other ladies then guess at what attribute she chose.   Different rankings might include a number of things - alphabetical by first name, the men's respective height, age, amount of hair, how far they traveled to the event, or for the more brazen, she has the men line up by the sizes of their penises or how robust their balls are.

Mr. Nude Pageant   

For decades there was a "Miss Nude World Pageant", but there was never a reciprocal equivalent for the ladies until a few years ago when one was organized in San Diego called "Mr. Nude Southern California".  What made it unique is that it was held without it being in tandem with one featuring female nudity on the same stage (rare videos of it can be found).   The men were judged on both their responses to questions by the all-female judging panel as well as their physical attributes.  It started with the men fully clothed and with each round the men stripped off articles of clothing until all male contestants were completely naked for the final rounds. 

There are many ways a "beauty" contest between the men can be held at CFNM parties. As it pertains to what attributes should be ranked, we refer you to our CFNM Village Survey  wherein women have indicated what such attributes should be.  As with any pageant, there can be general questions asked about the men's aspirations or desires, or, more specific such as how they intend to please the ladies with their presence while at the party, why the like CFNM and what makes them so special as to assure getting invited to the next party. Physical attributes are also judged and can be more mild in what is ranked to, of course, more edgy rankings of his physique such as his derriere, size and shape of his balls and even have him stroke himself followed by a ranking of his erection. The ladies secretly tally up how their answers, personality and physical appearance scored and announce the winner.

Broomstick and Paper Roll   

In this game, men and women are paired into teams with each team competing sequentially by being timed.   The lady holds a roll of toilet paper between her legs just below her crotch.  The man is given a broomstick or plunger, and holds it between his legs by squeezing his thighs together.  The man is blindfolded and spun around three times.   The woman gives him instructions navigating him left or right as he approaches her.  His goal is to stick the broom or plunger handle into the hole of the toilet paper roll.   The shortest time wins.  What ads to the hilarity of this game is the implication of how during sex it is often the woman that has to instruct the horny and clumsy man on how to do it right. 

There is a more saucier version that would not be an ice breaker as it would have a rating of two devil girls.  It includes forgoing broomstick but still using the toilet paper roll.  After the blindfolded man has been spun around three times, he must masturbate until he is erect, then, he attempts to insert his erect cock into the toilet paper hole as she navigates him.   If the women do not want the implications that it is a sexual activity between the man and women, the roll of toilet paper can be taped to the top of a table while the woman navigates him. 

CFNM Monopoly   

This game was devised by a hostess that held CFNM parties in Florida.   One of the hostesses took on the task to make a 20 foot by 20 foot Monopoly board out of sheets.    The spaces had different items and tasks; however, the tokens the ladies used to play were the actual men at the party.  In a way, it makes sense - the original game of Monopoly was invented over 100 years ago not by a tycoon millionaire, but instead, an enterprising woman by the name of Elizabeth (Lizzy) J. Magie Phillips.  So it's appropriate that it's ladies that once again bring it to a new level.   The squares and cards used are limited only by your creativity.

Big Swinging Balls   

Both men and women can play this game.  Nylon hoses are filled with two oranges then tied around the waists to where they hang between the player's legs and stretch down to about 6 inches off the ground.  Small balls or balloons are put on the ground in front of them.    The contestants then recite in as low a voice as possible "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I got big balls - here I come!".  Each contestant then squats a bit while swinger his or her "balls" into the ball or balloon on the floor trying to be the first to knock it across a goal line on the opposite side of the room.  

A more saucier version of this game is presented in the femdom CFNM games section.   It is only played by the men, and instead of nylons, cords are used to bind together the oranges (or baseballs/softballs), and those cords are then tied around the base of the men's actual balls.  The men race to get the balloon on the floor across the goal first.    The man who wins is allowed to untie the weights and sit the next round out.  The game continues to be played until the last two compete.

Simone Says   

The classic party game, Simon Says, or more appropriately "Simone Says", is adapted to CFNM party games with the men lining up as the ladies take turns giving them instructions rapidly (Google "Simon Says rules" if you've never played it).   The possibility of instructions are endless and can range from mild to wild.    Some of the more devilish ladies enjoy stripping away any remaining dignity of the men by having them perform silly or embarrassing tasks, which always fills the room with laughter.

CFNM Limbo   

This version of limbo has only the men playing while the ladies watch and judge.   The fun thing about this version is that the ladies sit in front of the bar, and as the men squat and contort themselves to make it under the bar, they must spread their knees wide as they undulate and bounce towards the ladies.   This rather ungracious contortion presents the ladies with quite an interesting view of the men and can lead to some humorous antics.  For instance, at one CFNM party, the man that succeeded in clearing the lowest bar was not declared the winner, but instead another man that had fallen out early on in the game.  The reason?  The hostesses had *secretly* told only the women that the limbo game was a ruse to play a trick on the boys.  In reality, unbeknown to the men the ladies were secretly judging a different thing altogether. When the men spread their legs in the direction of the ladies, the ladies were presented a quite a view of the men's packages allowing them to observe the entirety of the men's balls as they bounced and flopped about. This allowed the ladies to conduct their own contest, which was to determine which man had the biggest, most robust pair of balls.   It worked wonderfully and only when the ultimate winner was announced did the hostess tell the men the true purpose of the game, prompting some embarrassment from the men and laughter and applause from the ladies in appreciation of the hostess's clever trick played on the guys.

CFNM Olympics   

In ancient Greece, male Olympians always competed in the nude -  something many women wish would never have died out.  In fact, the word "gymnasium" is a derivation of the Greek word "gymnos", which literally means "naked" and describes how men were to train and compete in antiquity.   So why not bring the games back?

CFNM Olympic competitions can take a number of forms.   Having the men perform calisthenics such as jumping jacks, push-ups or squats can be quite amusing for the ladies to watch.  If an enclosed outdoor area is available, the options increase significantly. One hostess of CFNM parties in Florida told us of how the ladies had the men oil themselves down and wrestle.  Others played volleyball or badminton. One CFNM party featured croquet, and instead of wicket hoops, the men stand at the required positions with their legs spread.

Another woman who hosts CFNM parties in Oklahoma has a large enclosed backyard and pool and held CFNM parties wherein the men compete in obstacle courses.   To help us with this web page, she provide the following:

"We had a lap pool in our backyard that had a privacy fence around it. We got six hula hoops, a rope swing from the tree and they had to cross a balance beam we had put on two saw horses. So it was run through the hula hoops without touching them, swing across on the tree swing, walk across the balance beam to the pool and swim three laps and they were finished and the clock stopped upon their running up to the clock keeper and presenting their cocks.  It was hilarious watching their cocks and balls bounce about as they ran!"

The type of athletic competition possible varies widely and limited only by your imagination.  The level of intensity of athletic events, of course, depends upon the age and athleticism of the men. 


For those that do not have the space available for the CFNM Olympic competitions, there is still the virtual world of athletic competition. One hostess told us about a CFNM party where she had an Xbox, which for the non-techno types is an interactive computer game played using a wide screen television.  With Wii or Xbox, the men can compete in such actual games sold as "Barbie and the Three Musketeers" with the ladies watching the men sword fight in the nude to win the favor of a damsel, or, the men can attend "Boot Camp Academy".  In "Don King Boxing", the ladies can watch naked men fight each other in the boxing ring.  There are many applications to use of this new technology at a CFNM party, and limited only by your imagination.

Some have suggested that as virtual reality headsets improves, there may be an application for CFNM parties.   This author, however, is of the mind that the wonderful aspect of CFNM parties is the real-life physical presence of the participants with each other, which is antithetical to a virtual world wherein people have no real contact.  But this old-school writer would be happy to learn how such virtual simulations might augment party activities, so please feel free to write us at the email at the bottom of this page should you have any ideas.

CFNM Party Cash   

Similar to Monopoly, at the beginning of the party, each lady is given a bank account of cash by the Treasurer of the CFNM Central Repository, ergo, your hostess.   With this money, women can play games, bet, gamble, barter or wager other ladies on things such as how a specific gentleman will perform in a game of skill.  The ladies are also able to purchase items or services from the "House".   House services are provided by the men, and include such things as being waited upon, manicure, foot or shoulder massage, posing for a nude photo, purchasing him as a slave boy for an hour, or, whatever the hostess deems is within the established boundaries of the party.  Women can also pay the House to have certain men perform certain acts with those that are more "edgy" having a higher price.   Play money is readily available online in whatever denominations are desired.   You can also design and print the money yourself, just be careful it's not too real lest the U.S. Secret Service shows up at your party.   Templates for specially minted money for CFNM parties have been created, and are shown below.  They can be printed on 8.5"  X   11.0" letter-sized paper with for bills per page with both front and back templates available.  The bills are identical in size to U.S. currency, and if printed on good quality green parchment, which is available online, the bills will have a high quality look and feel like real money (just don't accidentally pay your babysitter with one!).   Due to their file size, they are not downloadable here, but can be obtained by sending an email to us at

Official CFNM Party Currency


Genital Origami   

Professed as an ancient form of art, genital origami became an international sensation when two enterprising Australian men created the theatrical show Puppetry of the Penis.  The show, which has played major theaters around the globe, includes the two men performing their act completely naked in front of the audience contorting their penises and testicles into shapes resembling such things as the Eiffel Tower, Loch Ness Monster, hamburger, a sail boat and many others.   With packed houses of mostly cheering women, cameras would project the men's genitals onto large screens as they performed their artistry up on the stage.   Challenge the men at your party to create their own genital origami art by manipulating their genitals in similar ways while a panel of lady judges ranks them.  To do this, you will need the official instruction book, which can be purchased here: Puppetry of the Penis - Genital Origami Instruction Book 

Find the Band-Aid   

In this game, a woman is blindfolded.   One of the men stands in front of her, and a Band-Aid is placed somewhere on his body.   The woman is timed as her hand searches his body for it.   Lowest time wins.

Find the Sweet Spot  

This game is similar to "Find the Band-Aid" above except the woman relies upon her sense of smell as opposed to touch.  A woman is first blindfolded.   Then, on one of the men a dab of chocolate, Nutella or a sticky sweet confection is rubbed somewhere on his body.   He stands in front of her while she uses only her nose to find the sweet spot then licks it off while being timed in the process.  Lowest time wins.

Treasure Hunt for Hounds   

The ladies go into a bathroom or bedroom where their modesty is protected, and remove an undergarment (bra or panties).   The men then leave the main room while the ladies hide them out of site, but no hidden locations can be more than three feet off the floor.  The men then return to the room and must stay on all fours as they hunt down the garments.  Upon finding a garment, the man must use his teeth to secure it and bring it home to its appropriate owner.  To do this he goes to each woman, and if hers she pets him on the head saying "Good Boy!".   The man who retrieves the most is the winner.

Body Painting   

Body painting is one of the more popular activities at CFNM parties.  However, it can be messy so the paint should always be water-based (of course!) and blankets spread on the floors in advance.   One hostess uses liquid latex, which is easy to pull off after the party.

Dashing Dick's Dress-Up   

Once upon a time, a man's dick decided he wanted to go out for a night on the town.  But he didn't know what to wear, and he now needs your help!  Because it's routine for ladies to help coordinate their men's dress, you're now asked to use your fashion sense and dress up your dashing dick.   He can be "Cool Carl" heading out for the beach, "Studly Stan" heading to the disco, or "Elegant Elwood" about to meet his lady at a fancy restaurant.   If the ladies want to really do him right, they can make little costumes and bring them to the party. 


The only twist to this Twister is that all the men play nude.   Both women and men can play simultaneously, or if desired, only men play as the ladies watch.    If the group your planning is expected to be larger than what the playing mat can accommodate, additional game mats can be taped together.  Alternatively, a white bed sheet sprayed-painted with the same colors using a corrugated cardboard stencil made from tracing a small dinner plate will work.   

Shutter Buggery   

As discussed in greater detail on our FAQs - CFNM Parties page, cameras and cell phones are typically not allowed in most areas of CFNM parties and there are strict rules preventing anyone from having their photograph taken when not wanted.  However, many women indicated in our CFNM Village Survey a desire to have memento photos of the naked men to share with their friends.  In addition, as the numerous photos on this page evidence, many men attending CFNM parties not only don't mind if their photo is taken, but also want such photos for their own purposes.   When those being photographed allow it, such photos can help attract future party attendees by including the photos in invites.  If the planners agree, this can be accomplished through using designated areas and specific times when photography is allowed, provided photos only include those who allow it.  In addition, for those individuals that want such photos of themselves but are concerned about who will see them, their anonymity can be protected by providing masks.  

Masks can be more than just a concealment of identity.  They can also be an opportunity to create artistic photos that celebrate the event.  Some have proposed a CFNM masquerade ball reminiscent of the one in Stanly Kubrick's 1999 movie "Eyes Wide Shut" wherein elegant high-end Venetian masks were worn by everyone while some had elaborate full costumes while others, aside from the masks, were completely naked.   When all are wearing such exquisite ornate masks combined with the contrast of elegantly dressed women side-by-side completely naked men, the visual imagery could be quite amazing.


Feeding the Baby Birds

Each man is blindfolded and sits in one of several chairs in a circle. Their heads are leaned backwards and they must keep their mouths wide opened similar to baby birds wanting to be fed by their mother. Music is played while the ladies walk on the outside of the chairs. Once the music stops, each ladies spits into the mouth of the man in front of her. The men must taste and swallow the saliva. At no time during or after the game do the ladies ever reveal to the men who spit into any of the men's mouths. After the men have swallowed, the ladies stand to one side of the circle and the blindfolds come off. Each man guesses which woman spit into his mouth. If he is wrong, the woman he selected tells him so and he must continue to play.  If he is successful, the woman he selected tells him so and he is allowed to leave the game and is immune from any punishments with the game thereafter, although he must keep the blindfold on as only the ladies should ever know the men that must swallow their spittle. The game can be expedited by giving each man more than one guess. The game continues until there is only one man left.

Blind Man's Bluff   

This is less a game than it is a ceremonial sensory experience.   The men are first put in a separated area and completely blindfolded.  In an adjacent room the women wait while ambience music plays and candles and incense burn.  Under the veil of complete silence - similar to the film reference "Eyes Wide Shut" in Shutter Buggery above, the men are led back into the room blindfolded.  Anyone that utters a single word or sound is immediately escorted out (this provides an atmosphere of strict adherence to ritual).    At no time is a man to witness anything occurring in the room, although all women observe everything.  The must stand perfectly still with their legs spread should length and hands clasped behind the head, or gently tied behind their backs. 

The ladies are then given the opportunity to selectively caress, touch, massage and/or fondle any man they want anywhere on the man's body they please and in whatever manner they so desire.   The women may use their hands or feet, or even the tip of a their tongues on, say, his chest or neck, to make him shiver.  Feathers, oil, lotion or even ice to enhance the sensual experience can be used.   For women that are more shy about approaching a man, it provides them an opportunity to physically experience any man she chooses in whatever manner she desires without his ever knowing it was her.   After the women have fully satisfied themselves, the men are led back to the adjacent room wherein only then can they remove their blindfolds.   What occurred during the activity must always remain a secret to the women, and no man is ever allowed to learn the secrets - even after the event. 

A variance for those CFnm parties that are BDSM oriented, the above could involve the women forming a gauntlet, and the blindfolded men walk between the women.  The women are not only allowed to touch, fondle or probe the men in whatever manner they like, but also to pinch, spank, whip or slap the men in the manner allowed for that specific party.

Tickle the Pickle   

In this competition, each woman is paired with a man.  The ladies sit in chairs as the men stand in front of their assigned lady.   Each lady has a large ostrich feather, which are inexpensive (50 for under $10) and available online. The ladies tickle the men’s pickle with the feather.  The lady judges closely watch the men’s penises to see which is the first to become fully erect, and the corresponding lady with the best tickling skill is deemed the winner.  

Biology Test   

This game was created by Kay of Kay's Planet (see our References & Links page for a discussion of her website), who has created videos of ladies playing it.  In the game, the female contestants sit in chairs with each having a naked male standing beside them.   The hostess then reads to the contestants a medical term for one of the biological parts of male genitalia.  The ladies then describe and/or point to whatever part of the man's genitals that the medical term is identifying.  The women are allowed to touch the genitals to, say, move the penis out of the way, or alternatively, the man can be instructed to do so for them, the discretion resting with the contestants.  The winner is the woman that scores the most points for correctly identifying those parts of the men's genitals named.   Some examples of such medical terms for parts of male genitalia: 

  • corpus spongiosum 
  • glans
  • penis
  • corpus cavernosa
  • corona
  • frenulum
  • meatus
  • sulcus
  • scrotum
  • prepuce
  • scrotal raphe
  • testicles
  • frenar band
  • perinium

Show'em then Grow'em   

Another game invented by Kay of Kay's Planet is one wherein the nude men present their flaccid penises to the ladies, who in turn guess as to his size when erect.  In this contest, the women write on a piece of paper each man's name followed by their guess as to the length of his fully erect penis.    Measuring girth can also be included.   The men then masturbate until fully hard followed by one of the ladies using a tape measure to announce his full size.  For each 1/8" a female contestant is off, she scores 1 point.   Like golf, the lowest score wins the game. 

Because guessing a man's girth is not as common, fun devices used specifically for comparing men's penis girth at parties can be obtained through the Internet, or, you can make your own (use creativity!)  One such product is the "Peter Meter", shown below in use.

 Who's Attached to That (by sight)   

This game was first introduced on Britain's rather cheeky Channel 4 on a program that aired a number of years ago called "Something for the Weekend".    It followed an unstated CFNM protocol because only female contestants played, who were fully clothed, yet the men were not.   The game involved a cabinet with doors behind which was hidden a nude man.   The man was familiar to her in the circle of people she knew, but his identity was not revealed.   A cabinet door a waist height was then opened presenting his uncovered genitals to her, the audience and the cameras.   Her task was to examine his cock and balls then guess as to who the man was.   After her guess was made, the cabinet was rolled away revealing the man standing there on stage completely naked.  The applause and clearly audible laughter echoing from the audience, particularly the females, suggests this could be a fun game for your CFNM party (image below is the contest actually being played at a CFNM gathering):

 Who's Attached to That (by touch)   

In this version of "Who's Attached to That", the ladies sit in chairs blindfolded.  Each man is quietly led to a woman's chair wherein she extends her hand, palm up.   The man then steps forward and places his genitals in her hand allowing her to explore them through touch, after which she must guess his name.   A variation of this includes allowing her one or more hints during the competition, which would involve his turning around and letter her touch and feel his naked butt. 

"Man, he's got BALLS!"  But does he really??     

In our CFNM Village Survey, 55% of the women expressed an interest in having a contest at a CFNM party wherein the ladies judged which guy has the nicest pair of balls.  And why not?   The masculine pride of men is often with the identification of the size of a man's balls.   The male ego is boosted when their machismo and bravado is validated through statements like "Man, he's got brass balls" or "That took big balls!"   Yet the opposite of braveness and strength for men is the pejorative term for female genitalia  - "He's such a pussy!" 

If a guy is such a macho man, doe he REALLY have big balls?  So in this challenge the ladies can put all the men at the party to test by actually measuring and comparing each man's balls with the others.  But the challenge is in the metrics.   Penises can be sized by a single measurement, but it's a matter of volume for balls.  There is a scientific way of measuring the size of a man's testicles using an orchidometer (Google it - has nothing to do with orchids).    But this ain't science.   Two techniques can be used and are demonstrated by the ladies in the photographs below.  One involves using an inexpensive plastic caliper ruler and the other a tailor's flexible tape measurer, both of which can be purchased on the Internet for under 3 dollars each.  Of course, the simplest way is for the men to line up facing the ladies, lift up their penises and present their balls for the ladies to subjectively judge, done to a chorus of "Do your balls hang low, do they wobble to and fro?  Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?"

"Carpe Ilium!"

Question: What do you have when you have two green balls in your hand?
Answer: Kermit the Frog's full attention!

One of the more challenging things hostesses face is when they want to get everyone together for an announcement shouting "Can I have everyone's attention please?" only to be ignored and drowned out by the cacophony of people making merry. Aided by the support of her sisterhood in attendance, this technique will provide the hostess and ladies a fun and effective way of getting everyone's attention. We've all heard the Latin phrase "Carpe Diem" (seize the day), well "Carpe Ilium!" is Latin for "seize the genitals" as "ilium" was sometimes used in Ancient Rome to describe both the penis and testicles. All females attending should be prepared for this call to order and when the hostess shouts "Carpe Ilium!", the ladies immediately reach down and firmly grab the balls of the two nearest men, regardless of whatever those men are engaged in at the moment of the summons. While maintaining their grip on the men's testicles with enough force to keep their attention, the ladies then escort the men to the area of assembly. Only upon a man demonstrating his full attention to the speaker are his balls be released.

The easy accessibility of the men's balls to the ladies throughout the event present other opportunities to control the men's deportment. As a means of "crowd control", the party rules may provide that any woman is free to grip and squeeze the balls of any man who is being inconsiderate or not showing proper respect for the ladies. An amusing story of how one lady used this technique effectively resulting in joyful approval by the ladies is told in An Interview with Ms. Diane.

Cock Coiffure    

At one CFNM event, the ladies hosting told me they planned to shave the pubic hair and balls of the men attending.   Because I had never shaven down there, they suggested I experience it and prior to the party we met.  The cool shaving cream combined with the sharp razor warmed by hot water was a sensation I never expected.  As the sharp and ever-threatening blade glided across my scrotum, the touch of cold air on exposed skin sent a chill up my spine.   They made the decision to shave all hair off my jewels and cock that was now erect, and, all pubic hair above as well.   After the amazing titillating experience of their multiple hands and cold sharp steel on me, we all looked upon their completed work to admire it, and despite my already having been completely nude, all of us gazing at my genitals now completely shaved bald was an arousing feeling of being more naked in front of women than I had ever sensed before, and it was beyond words just how wonderful that was.   Our CFNM Village Survey revealed that the vast majority of women coming to a CFNM party want the men either trimmed or completely shaved down there. What better way to meet those requirements than for such ladies to provide their shaving skills toward helping the men meet the ladies' expectations, and doing so while at the party such that all can watch and share the experience?


There are many old myths tying the size of a man's cock to just about every other appendage on his body.   Our past CFNM parties have sought to either confirm or bust some of these myths.   One myth challenged by our ladies was whether the length of a man's penis when erect can be determined when it is viewed in a flaccid state, thus identifying which of the men are "showers" (big swingers initially but not much growth) versus "growers" (small initially, but big when erect).   Another myth we sought to confirm or bust had to do with the notion held by women that they can estimate the length of a man's penis by simply looking at the size of his hands.    To verify this myth, our ladies conducted experiments wherein after the men masturbated and became erect, the ladies measured the erect cocks, measured the men's hands, then wrote down the results.   The resulting measurements were then tabulated for statistical comparison.   But because the mission of the Village is for fun and empowerment of women - as opposed to reporting scientific results (and just how "scientific" are the results after 3 shots of tequila?) - we won't publish the results but instead challenge you to conduct your own experiment.  

Here is a photo of a lovely female guest measuring the hand of one of the studly male attendees while conducting this experiment at one of our CFNM parties.

Ring Toss    

The ring toss game is one of the most popular games at CFNM parties.    The ladies are given plastic or rope rings (a.k.a. "quoits"), which are inexpensive and readily available online in a multitude of colors and sizes.  5" to 7" in diameter should about right.  The men either stand or lay in front of the women.  The ladies then toss the rings onto the men's erect cocks for scoring points.  Of course, the men must masturbate for the game to work; however, one hostess told us that this necessary part of the game afforded the ladies to watch and learn the varying techniques  each of the respective men uses when he masturbates, which for the ladies made the game all the more delightful.  Another application for the rings or quoits after the game is similar to our "Laundry Man" game wherein the men line up and masturbate, then the ladies hang the rings on the men's erect penises.   As the men lose their erections, the rings will fall with the last one holding up his ring wins.  Some men confided that they cheat by taking Viagra prior to the event, but if it provides amusement for the ladies, such cheating is welcome!   

Laundry Man    

This competition offers the ladies an idea about how long each of the men can stay hard.   The men line up and masturbate making themselves hard.  The ladies then hang coat hangers on the men's erect cocks.   As the men begin to lose their erections, the coat hangers will fall.   The last guy that can keep the coat hangers hanging wins.

Corks & Forks   

The tines of two metal forks are pushed into the opposite sides of a wine bottle cork near its bottom.  It should be done such that when the bottom of the cork is placed on the end of one’s extended finger, the forks will keep it balanced and from falling.   After several of these corks & forks objects are made, each lady is given one and then paired with a man followed by the men masturbating to make their cocks hard.  After the men are fully erect, the ladies balance the cork & forks on the heads of their men’s penises.   Once in place, the ladies cannot touch the objects.  They are then tasked to do whatever they can to keep the corks  from falling, which means touching the men in ways to keep aroused and erect.   The ladies are allowed to touch the men’s erect cocks and even hold them to keep the corks from following, provided they never actually touch the corks or forks.   The woman that can keep her cork from falling the longest wins.  

Plaster Casters    

In the 1960's, Cynthia Plaster Caster became famous by amassing a large collection of plaster molds of famous rock stars' cocks.  Making molds of your male guests' cocks can provide your lady guests a very unique and unusual party souvenir to take home that might even be of use to them!   One option is to have a contest wherein the ladies vote on the man's cock that will be used for the mold.   Kits for making molds of your favorite cock can be purchased through a number of sites on the Internet, including Clone-A-Willy  and  Create-a-Mate , which result in rubber dildos identical to your model's size and shape making a great keepsake for the ladies, but without their having to deal with everything else attached to it.   A lower cost approach would be purchasing the molding materials separately, which are readily available online or at hobby stores. If the cost of the molding materials exceeds your party's budget, have the individual lady guests purchase their own kits in advance.  It is recommended that the men being cast completely shave all pubic hair including that on their testicles and penises, and a good lubricant should be used.   In addition, you should have a plan as to how to keep the men erect as the molding materials harden - either by stimulus or medication (be creative!).

Super Size Me    

Do the devices that claim they can lengthen a man's penis work?  Have you ever been curious?    Some of these devices are pumps, others are extenders or traction based.  Although created for male-only usage, your CFNM party can invite women to also have an opportunity to play and experiment with them using the men's penises at your party.    The length of a man's penis is measured with precision by the ladies, or if multiple devices are available, a select group of men's penises are measured and written down.   After measurements are taken, the ladies experiment with the devices on the men for the prescribed application period.  Afterward, the men's penises are once again measured.   You can experiment with different device design concepts or use the same one on different men for a fun variety.   After the party, certain men can take them home and use them over an extended period of time until the next CFNM party when the men report back to the ladies for further measurement. 

Fetish Fashion Show   

During one CFNM event in which I was involved, I was contacted by a woman who sold fetish wear and offered to bring her men's product line to our party to allow the ladies to play and experiment with them on the men.  I have since learned there are a number of women that have small businesses around the country that sell such apparel,  and have parties for women wherein fetish toys and erotic wear are brought to homes and demonstrated (my how Tupperware parties have changed!)  If one such lady is in your area, she might want to attend your CFNM party to display and sell her products.

With an arsenal of various devices such as chastity cages, penis length augmenters, g-strings, cock rings and dick pouches, the men can don the erotic accoutrements and model them for the ladies, or if desired, the women can become familiar with them by putting them on the men themselves. 

"Minute Man" Competition     

Men during the American Revolutionary War earned the title "Minute Man" when they could rise out of bed and be dressed and armed within one minute.  The goal of the CFNM "Minute-Man" game is a different way off assessing the men's abilities to rise to the occasion, and essentially pits the prick teasing skills of the females against each other.  This game was first seen on HBO's Real Sex during an event called the Texas Flirt-Test.   Each woman was paired with a nude male contestant who had a Texas flag draped over his cock.  The women could do anything they wanted to make their male contestant hard except touch his cock.  The first flag raised designated the lady that won. 

The difference for our CFNM parties is that the men have no covering over their cocks, which is actually more fun.  In fact, our CFNM Village Survey revealed that a majority of women attending a CFNM party want the opportunity watch the transformation of the men's penises going from a flaccid to a fully erect state thus knowing that contrast for each man attending, and this competition satisfies those women's interests in a delightful fun way.  The female winner is given a tiara, which is purchased on line or at any costume store, and is crowned "Queen of Priktisia".   For added humor, the men present her with flowers amidst a round of applause showing appreciation of her skills. 

Masturbation Games & Competitions

Commentary: One of the most edgy activities for a CFNM party includes having the men masturbate - not just to obtain an erection, but to take it all the way to climaxing. Although our CFNM Village Survey revealed that a majority of women interested in CFNM parties would want activities scheduled that had the men masturbating, planning that activity might dissuade at least some of the more inexperienced first-timers from attending, and, some women do not consider it an enjoyable thing to see. Alternatively, this author has spoken with women that not only want it, but insist it is an "absolute must" for a CFNM party agenda.

So pre-party planning should include open discussions and communications with prospective attendees addressing this matter (more detailed discussion on whether to include this activity is addressed on our FAQs - CFNM Parties page). Because of this, we give this activity the highest devil lady ranking.

The following games and competitions all include masturbation with ejaculation as an integral part of them. Differentiation should be made as to whether women can be physically involved, or, only having the men do it solely to themselves. Some women - not all, but some - view women masturbating the men as a form of open sex  and therefore should be prohibited due to standard CFNM party rules. This author has attended such CFNM parties, however, the women were uninclined to stroke the men not as much due to the definition of "open sex", but alternatively because they saw it as a "service" the women were providing the men, which is contrary to the purpose of the CFNM creed of men providing service to the women.   They instead wanted to be able to instruct the men to do it to themselves as it was a show of female empowerment with the "service" being the men opening up their secret world to the ladies showing the women how the men masturbate themselves, and doing so solely because the ladies told them to.  In this latter approach, ladies often use the more indelicate term of watching the men "jack off" as opposed to "masturbate" as it appropriately characterizes it as being specific to men doing it to themselves as opposed to women doing it for the men. In accordance with the Female-First Doctrine, having the men jack off for the viewing pleasure of the ladies fits well within established protocol for CFNM gatherings, and is thus a proper and perfectly appropriate scheduled activity for any CFNM party - either voluntary or mandatory for the men - again, provided the ladies want it.

Quick Draw McGraw. Sort of an obvious competition, this has the men lining up facing the ladies while drawing and aiming their "guns". The men jack off and compete to see which one can shoot his gun first. Accuracy can also be judged.

The forfeit for the man that loses is the  responsibility of cleaning up the spent bullets (this pressure assures all men will do their best to perform).

Masturbation Olympics - Shot Put.  Since the days of Homer, men have been competing to see who could shoot their shot the furthest.   One lady blogged that this was the final game at her CFNM party, and described the process as first laying a line of masking tape on a hard floor.   Each man is given a turn to stand at the line making sure his toes are not over it.   He then jacks off and shoots his shot as far as he can, with one winning technique being the man thrusting his pelvis as far forward as possible at the time of ejaculation.   The lady judges then write his name on a piece of masking tape and places it next to the farthest drop of his sperm.  As each man approaches the line, the ladies cheer their competitors on.  After all the men have competed, as with the other competitions the losing man must clean up after all the rest.

Demonstration of Male Masturbation Devices.  A couple of women once requested if they could observe some of the men at a CFNM party use “fleshlights”.  At the time I had no idea what they were, but Google gave me the answer.  Their questions evidenced their curiosity about how men use these devices, and CFNM parties provide a great opportunity to open up the secret world of men's sexual activities and fantasies usually hidden to women by inviting them to witness such things men do.  For men inexperienced with these sex aids, they can experiment with them on themselves and learn about their use as the ladies watch and learn as well.  There are a plethora of sites online where they can be purchased with some shown below.   It is recommended that the devices used for the party be clear plastic or clear silicon as its purpose is not just for the tactile sensations it provides the men, but also the visual experience for the ladies and their being clear allows the ladies to see into the device and observe how the erect penis shaft interfaces with the device. They can also observe the head of the penis as it ejaculates, which gives the show a nice ending climax.    

Target Practice.  In this jack off contest, the men are judged solely on accuracy.   Various targets can be devised, and score is based upon the sperm closest to the bullseye.  A hula hoop can also challenge the men to make the distanced. 

A Bit Dicey.  This game can either have the men jacking themselves off, or, if women are involved, the women are stroking the men.    A designed lady rolls two dice.  The male player (or female player if women are involved) must stroke his cock the number of times equal to the roll of the dice multiplied by 10.   First man to ejaculate is the winner (or lady if she’d doing all the work!), and is out of the game.  The game continues until two players are left.  Upon the final player being ruled out, the remaining man who has not yet ejaculated is the loser, and his forfeit is to clean up the mess made by all other male players to the satisfaction of the hostess.  

Milkmaid Competition.  For this game, a sturdy card table is helpful.  The table is placed perpendicular to the female audience.  Two to three men get on the table on their hands and knees lengthwise.  On the opposite side of the table from the audience are the female contestants, a.k.a. "milkmaids".  Each female contestant is assigned a man-cow wherein she grabs his “udders” and begins to milk him into her milk pail (plastic pails are available at dollar stores).  The first lady to produce milk wins.   If numerous women are competing, the men can do it in shifts with a time clock used to determine which milkmaid was the fastest.

Mr. Big-Shot Producer.  In this competition, the ladies compete to see which man can produce the most amount of sperm.    Prior to the start, the men line up and hold up their penises presenting their balls for the ladies for inspection, which at their discretion, can include squeezing them to assess firmness.   Based upon the size and feel of the men’s balls in combination with whatever other physical attributes the ladies expect will determine the virility of the men,  they write down the name of the man they think will cum the most.   The men then jerk themselves off into disposable clear plastic cups, which may require the ladies to hold at the propitious moment.  If it is not readily apparent which man is the big-shot producer, a small scale (kitchen or mailing scale) can weigh the cups.

Beat the Cock to Beat the Clock.  No, it’s not a BDSM thing - "Beat the Cock" is yet another creative idea invented by Kay from Kay's Planet (see our References & Links). In Kay's videos, the female contestants, who are all fully clothed, sit in a chair and Kay asks them various trivia questions. They score points if answered correctly with a certain amount of points needed to win the game.  The "clock" is a completely naked male contestant that stands next to her and is given instructions to continually masturbate as the game is played.  If she earns enough points before he ejaculates, she wins and receives a cash prize and he must immediately stop masturbating with his forfeit being case of the blue balls.  But if he ejaculates first, he wins and she loses.  The game has the spectators pensive during the race, and upon her winning or his sudden explosion, the audience is prone to laughter and cheering. A variation for your CFNM party may include a challenging task the female contestant must complete before the man climaxes.  This may include one where she deals 5 cards until she gets a hand with a pair of face cards, or perhaps rolling two dice until she gets a lucky 7.   Other challenges might include her having to transfer butter beans from one bowl into another by only using a straw and sucking on them, or, transferring grains of rice using only chopsticks.   The types of games of challenge are only limited by your creativity.

Round Robin Rub-Out.   In this game, the ladies sit in chairs facing each other, each with one nude man standing next to her. Each lady takes a turn and has 60 seconds to make him climax following the standard rules of CFNM parties – i.e., she cannot disrobe, nor let her mouth or lips come in contact with his cock. The judges monitor the tip of his penis and if it evidences any precum wetness or dripping, she is granted a one-time extension of another 30 seconds.  Once a squirt of sperm is observed, which is evidenced by some amount of projection, she is granted another 30 seconds, or, until he has fully ejaculated after which time she is declared the winner.   The game can continue with the rest of the men until the last two are remaining with the ultimate losing male, again - our Mr. Blue Balls, being required to do the cleaning.  Helpful Hints - for the ladies:  Advance planning as to where and when the above activities will take place is important for hygiene.   Bed sheets on the floor as well as men providing their own towels to sit upon will help, as will antibiotic soap at the sinks.   Sanitized wipes should also be available. Helpful Hints - for the men:  All men have a "refractory" period between ejaculations during which time the amount of available sperm is lower.   If you learn you may be required to compete in any of the above activities, it is advised you avoid masturbating a day or to in advance of the party - this will help assure that when pressure to perform is on, you'll be able to give a show that is sure to please the ladies.

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