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General Advice about Games and Activities

The most successful parties always feature activities that maximize involvement of all the guests.    General advice as to strategies for incorporating them into your party are presented in greater detail on our Panning and Organizing CFNM Parties page.


Source for Party Ideas (women only, please)

Maintaining a proper ratio of female attendees is the hardest aspect of hosting any CFNM party.  All activities should be planned around what would provide the greatest interest of the prospective female attendees while always taking into consideration their level of comfort in participating in them.   Men may contribute suggestions, but their suggestions usually prove to only be those which cater to their own interests while lacking consideration of how women may view them.   In accordance with the reasoning set forth in the Female-First Doctrine, we are only including on this website those CFNM party games and activities in which women have expressed an interest.   We have also relied upon the female responses to our CFNM Village Survey as a source of activity ideas.


Different CFNM Orientation = Different Activities

As discussed elsewhere on this website, CFNM parties have evolved into markedly different types with their attendees having very different orientation and reasons for attending.  The evolution and distinction between these varying CFNM orientations is discussed in detail on our FAQs page and elsewhere on this site.   Suffice it to say, activities that may be appropriate for one can be very inappropriate for a different type of party.  The complexity of planning activities increases when the orientation of guests blend interests that pertain to multiple orientation,  include a blending of one type to another.  For this reason, we are have segregated CFNM party activities into three distinct categories, as follows:

Traditional CFNM - This is the first version of orchestrated clothed-female/naked male parties officially called "CFNM" (all letters capitalized) to occur, and was the one this author and others envisioned when we created the concept and term.  It is most commonly understood version of CFNM outside of the BDSM world, and the one that is a focus of an international documentary on CFNM currently being produced in the Netherlands.    In this version, the nudity of the men is presented for the ladies to experience in whatever prurient manner they enjoy.   Women interested in the this type of CFNM gathering enjoy the eroticism of seeing and experiencing the naked bodies of men while concurrently knowing they will never have to reciprocate with any disrobing or sexual interaction.  

CFNM Tea Parties -  Prior to the creation of the "CFNM" concept and term, tea parties were organized in northern California that provided only females would be invited as guests, and all service was provided by an all-male servant staff, who had to provide services following strict protocol while also being completely naked.   CFNM tea parties are more oriented to female domination as are traditional CFNM parties, but do not include activities intended to satiate the sadomasochistic interests of many BDSM enthusiasts.  CFNM tea parties provide that only females are guests while all men provide service. 

CFnm Parties - Over time, the term "CFNM" was adopted by certain BDSM enthusiasts to describe the dress protocol for their sadomasochistic play activities.    These activities involve the Female Dominant/male submissive dynamic, typically abbreviated as "D/s" with the lower case "s" for the men designating inferiority; hence, the evolution of the acronym "CFnm".   In general, women that enjoy CFnm are less interested in the eroticism of looking at naked men, but instead, seek enjoyment through the domination of men, and the male nudity requirement serves to emphasize the subordination of the male gender while concurrently making the men feel more psychologically vulnerable and helpless.   CFnm gatherings vary between enthusiasts, and range from the mild to the wild, and tame to insane.   Some focus solely upon male servitude, including CFnm tea parties (a blending of tea parties and CFnm), whereas others are fully immersed into all the flavors of sadomasochism that one can envision, including activities designed to cause significant levels of pain and psychological humiliation to the men.  

Not only are the type of activities markedly different between CFNM and CFnm, so are the people that enjoy one versus the other.    Activities and games for one are often considered highly inappropriate for the other.   Alternatively, there may be overlap wherein the interests of the women straddle both types thereby warranting activities normally associated with both versions.    Thus, it is important for those orchestrating CFNM parties to first determine what they want as well as the group of attendees they want to attract.


Consenting Adults Only; Common Sense & Good Judgement Required

No woman or man should every be pressured into doing something that exceeds their comfort levels. Because this website is intended to educate others about the diversity of activities that exist in the world of CFNM, we have attempted to be all-inclusive and comprehensive on the subject matter.   We have attempted to be tolerant of those that have varying orientation, and present their suggested activities absent any judgement from us about those that enjoy them.  Note:  we do not recommend or endorse any specific activity presented herein nor are we implying the their safeness.   Anyone accessing the pages with activities presented must rely upon their own common senses and best judgement before engaging in any activity that may have physical or psychological risks involved. 

Party Game and Activity Ideas Separated Between "CFNM" and "CFnm"

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